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Dear community,

First, I wish to thank all of you who gave so generously when I appealed for support last November. Your generosity was overwhelming. You have my heart felt thanks and I pray God blesses you for stepping up to help with this important work. With your support we are currently averaging 16,714 people coming to DivineOffice.org to pray every day. 2,255 of you are providing support with an average amount of $2.75 each month.

The Divine Office prayer community is something special with people of all cultures, rich and poor, all praying together around the globe. We are one body making a difference glorifying God and intervening for the salvation of the world. So we are asking, only those who can afford to help, and are not doing so now, to please give, a little or a lot, according to your ability to do so. Your contribution enables thousands of other people to pray with us and brings about miracles in the lives of so many.

Please signup for a monthly contribution if you haven’t already.

May God’s grace be with you all,

Dane Falkner, Divine Office producer and God’s servant

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    • Maria C. Hernandez, please continue to pray with us. Our very mission is to bring the Liturgy of the Hours to everyone everywhere regardless of their ability to pay. If you see us asking for financial support it is from those who can afford it and by doing so we can bring prayer to even more people, especially those without the means to support this effort. It would be a tragedy if we lose even a single person because they feel obligated to pay. Please stay and pray with us.

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