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  1. I am using the website page for the Divine Office. After an upgrade with Microsoft Silverlight the Audio Bar player disappeared and I can only download the Podcast or play in a new window. Any way to restore the Audio Bar Player? Thank you for your help.

    • Hello Mark,
      We switched to an HTML5-only audio player on January 10, since the previous one wasn’t working correctly on Windows. We tested on a variety of browsers on Mac, PC and mobile devices and the current player should work fine for most people.

      You should now see a grey “play” button below the prayer title. Clicking it should reveal the native web player for your browser.

      Please let me know if it works for you. If it doesn’t, let me know what OS and browser you are using to access the site.


      • Mauro,

        The new one doesn’t work for me either. It goes through the motions of downloading, but I get no sound. I use Safari as my browser. I know my home computer is older; this is a Mac OSX 10.5.8 and it’s no longer updatable to the latest browsers, although it works fine otherwise. Is there anything else I can try?

      • You should be able to update your Mac at least to 10.6 (Snow Leopard), either case you should try running a more recent version of FireFox or Google Chrome as a replacement for Safari. Both these browsers will work with the player (and might work better then the old version of Safari that shipped with 10.5).

  2. Hello and thank you for this website—just what i needed and prayed for—this is my jubilee year devotion—

    I purchased the Kindle fire app—twice i think—-but it will not load from the cloud to my device—any clues for getting this onto my Kindle Fire? Your site says it is compatable—but I am begining to think not?

    thank you again for your consideration of this issue

  3. Why is everything that is not Catholic suspect? If we are praising God, Father, Son, or Holy Spirit are we not on the same page? Many prayers and music honor the Triune God, and isn’t that enough? We are not discussing theology, only praise. I suspect God loves Protestant praise and Catholic praise. After all, what is the definition of catholic? I suspect God generously and lovingly accepts everyone’s praise.

    Yes, this is a Catholic forum, but shouldn’t we as Catholics be Christian (i.e., Christ-like) in our attitude toward that which does not go against our beliefs?

    • I saw nothing “bashing” in what was said, it’s a legitimate question. And I totally agree with Nathan who said “Also, it can be very painful for former Protestants to be thrust back in Protestantism when they’ve sacrificed so much to become Catholic.” Because that is exactly me. In fact I grew up not only protestant but with ignorant parents who were Catholic bashers. I grew up in an off-shoot of the Nazarene Church that seriously bordered on being a cult “Bible Missionaries”. They beat the song Amazing Grace to death and I can’t stand it because of what I went through growing up.

      • PrdCthlic, just wanted to say that I’m sorry to hear about the pain you went through. I’ll pray for you and your parent’s healing. I appreciate what the people do here for this prayer ministry and I appreciate you reminding us all why we should not only avail ourselves of Catholic resources, but remember the sacrifices so many have given just to be Catholic. I thank God that He has given us the beautiful gift of His Church. God bless.

    • I forgot to add that it’s suspect because they do not have the fullness of truth. They have only 2 valid sacraments out of 7, the 2 which do not need validly ordained priests which none of them have. They do not believe what we believe except that there is a Trinity unless they’re LDS (Mormons) and then they don’t even believe that. They believe, as my mother puts it, that Mary was just a vessel nothing more. They don’t believe in the Holy Eucharist, even the Lutherans who do (though they don’t have valid holy orders to get it, thank God) think He ceases to exist once Communion is over and throw the remains out, which is why I thank God they have no valid holy orders they would be committing horrible sacrilege. So yes, there are a great many reasons, and I could add many many more, why things non-Catholic should be automatically suspect. Just sayin’ 😉

    • I don’t think people are saying that they suspicious of Protestant worship. I think what they are saying is that they want to worship in a Catholic way because they are Catholics. If I heard a Protestant say something like, “I’m not comfortable with praying the rosary and it doesn’t bring me closer to God. I prefer to sing ‘Onward Christian Soldier’ in the orans position in a gymnasium while holding hands with other Protestants,” I wouldn’t be offended, nor would I think they are dissing Catholic worship. I don’t expect Protestants to worship like Catholics or vice versa. I expect Catholics and Protestants alike to respect each other’s way of usual worship by allowing it and not rudely attacking it. I want to praise God in a typical Catholic way because I am Catholic and that is what orients me towards God most effectively. Protestant style worship brings me out of that space. Why can we not honor our way…why are we so restless for change and novelty? Catholics are attacked so much already. We should have places where we can just be peacefully Catholic, even on the internet.

  4. “Why this tumult among nations,
    among peoples this useless murmuring?” Ps 2:1

    Instead of discussing which hymns are Catholic and bashing those that are not, why not be thankful to God for the dedicated individuals who provide the music with which to praise God.

    • It’s generally not constructive to try to shut down polite conversation. If someone has a question or a concern, it seems better that they voice it and get more information than sit and wonder/stew silently.

      I didn’t see a lot of ‘bashing’ in that conversation. Questioning or raising concerns is not bashing. Even voicing disagreement is not bashing. It’s just a healthy, adult conversation. As for myself, I am interested in helping and waiting to hear more from Dane if leg work or donations would be helpful to that end.

    • Why this useless tumult over a legitimate question? What exactly did anyone say that was “bashing”, please point it out specifically. To be honest, if I wanted to hear hymns from protesters I would’ve stayed in the protesting “reformed” church i was raised in. God may be pleased with their praise because that’s all they know where they’re at but being “ecumenical” does not mean we have to weaken our teachings and faith to make them feel better about themselves and try to make converts. Why should we use protestant hymns from people who hated the Catholic Church and her teachings and spread lies about what she believed, that just makes no sense whatsoever. If you think I’m wrong about the spreading lies and hate, you’ve obviously never read any history books on the Reformation or it’s aftermath or even encountered anti-catholic protestants today. It was the only way they could get people to leave the true church and join their reformation, by lying. What was it Bishop Fulton Sheen said, “There are not one hundred people in the United States who hate The Catholic Church, but there are millions who hate what they wrongly perceive the Catholic Church.” Hmm, wonder why all those millions wrongly hate what they perceive the Church to be O.o My point, if it wasn’t already abundantly clear, is why settle for protestant hymns written by anti-Catholics (of course they were anti-Catholic or they would’ve been Catholic and not Protestant) reinterpreted to fit our theology when we have 2000yrs of hymns compared to their 500?

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