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3,218 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Thank you Divine Office staff and contributors. I love to hear the distinct voices of each of your readers. I’ve been praying with you for about two months. Started RCIA inquirers in January. Your work is such a help and a blessing as I move toward God who has been calling me to His church for several years. Attended mass for the first time in January and the Liturgy of the Hours really helps me to be where God wants me to be spiritually. I will pray for God’s will to be accomplished in the copyright problems you are encountering.

  2. Each day I look forward to my time with the Divine Office and the peace it brings to me. However, this morning I awoke with the worst attitude and felt alone. During my morning walk with Willow, my dog and companion, I prayed for mercy and that I would not meet anyone as I wished to be alone withe Christ and pray for his mercy and help. When we got home, we live in a +55 community, I did my morning chores,Left by my wife who is in school learning (at 71 yo) to become a home health care person) I then went to my favorite place The Divine Office”. As you all led me through prayer I physically felt the PEACE of Christ come over me. I can’t explain how much you have helped me through the years, especially today as through you Christ has comforted me (I am 79 yo). May the Peace of Christ be with you now and forever. My soul thanks you.

    Jack aka Grandpa Jack.

    • Thank you, Mr. Rhinesmith — I was feeling a little lost and bewildered too for a time. I’m glad I’m in such good company.
      Best wishes,

  3. Hello Dane, I am a long time user of your Web and App site, and just wanted to offer my solidarity and appreciation to you and your team at Divine Office for your work and effort. Your post yesterday about the Copy right issue you are going through at this time, was absolutely awful. I copy below the comments I made on Daria Sockey’s web site Coffee and Canticles which I would like to share with you:

    “Thank you for your post Daria; personally I find it unbelievable and incomprehensible that those who hold copyright issues for the content of the Breviary and other spiritual material should prejudice an extraordinary apostolic initiative to the detriment of us users, who only want to praise and love God, as He asks of us .
    It’s another example of how far the world is drawing away from Our Lord; so what we have to do, is to pray more, and more, and more, and offer each Hour for the generosity and conversion of these people, who put obstacles in the way of the Apostolate. It’s as if the “gods-that-are” have never heard that we are in the year of Mercy, and one day Daria we and them, will all have to respond to our Blessed God for our actions.”

    Even though I live far away in Chile, If you need any help with R&D and/or translations, please send me a mail to [email protected] – and I would most certainly like to oblige if I can. Be assured of my prayers for you and the team who are now in my ICU ofr prayers !!!

    With best wishes, Norman W. Hartley – Santiago, Chile

  4. Rainshadow ~
    I have some exciting news to share with you! If you could contact me at 1-207-777-1626 (EDT), I can give you further information. The Missionaries of the Holy Spirit are located in Oregon and they will help you.

    • Thank you, Chloe! I will give you a call in the next few days. I am not perfect yet at being able to make all the Hours in the Book of Hours, but it always seems like the prayers and readings are a response to what is going on in my mind. I LOVE this site. I purchased some other books along the lines of the Book of Hours, it’s like I just can’t stay away. I’m in a type of fast, simple foods like rice and lentils, silence, meditation. I am on Facebook some every day if you’d like to dialogue there. My name on facebook is Kelley Monaghan. I am not doing the chat sort of conversations there, but responding to posts and posting things that catch me up in whatever God is saying. I don’t know when I will be “done.” But when I am I will call you. I just feel God HERE. Breathing. Speaking. Pointing. I am blessed. I don’t want it to end.

  5. Don’t know if anyone on the development team has noticed but it appears the “people now in prayer” counter is broken. It has been stuck at 541 for a couple of days now. Not a critical issue to fix; just letting you know.

    • Actually, I don’t always look to see how many are praying, It’s nice to know that there are others praying tho.
      I must say that this mornings prayers were so well read. My compliments to you on doing it so well.
      God bless, Bobbie K

  6. Thank you for the kind greetings Chloe and Carol <3. Does anyone know if there are instructions for becoming Catholic online? I can't attend classes in person but would love to know if there is something possibly online I could do. I just feel so at home in the book of hours, it moves my heart when I keep these sacred ways.

    • Welcome Rainshadow, My advice to you is that you talk to a priest about your wanting to become Catholic and maybe he can make arrangements for you to get instructions.
      Also you may want to get The Catechism of the Catholic Church. If you have access to a catholic radio station there are so many programs there that have a wealth of information. EWTN can be heard online. It’s a very informative radio station. It won”t take the place of formal lessons but it is a beginning.
      Again if possible talk tp a priest,
      God bless,
      Bobbie K

    • Rainshadow ~
      EWTN has a program called The coming Home Network and they also publish a monthly newsletter that is wonderful!
      Bobbie K’s advice is excellent. Where are you located?

      • Hi Chloe,
        To reply to your question, I’m very rural, about 50 miles up into the Blue Mountains of Oregon. There isn’t anything like a Catholic Church around here. Something I could do online would be a huge help. I appreciate the responses to my question. :)

      • You might consider Bishop Robert Barron’s DVD series “Catholicism”. Another program and it’s free, is “Decision Point” from Dynamic Catholic. It’s design for those preparing for Confirmation and is a series of ten minute sessions on various topics. Matthew Kelly has a lot of good books and DVDs available at Dynamic Catholic website A good book is “Christ Among Us” which the priest used when I became Catholic. It’s kind of a question and answer Catechism. It is unfortunate that you cannot attend R.C.I.A. as it is a small group journey of faith process. Perhaps a priest or a deacon could meet with you on your schedule and help you discern whether God is leading you to the Catholic faith. Know that I will keep you in my prayers as our Lord guides you on your journey of Faith.

  7. I just want to leave a few words of thanks to all those who work so hard on DivineOffice. The sung psalms have made the Easter week solemn and jubilant for me! And the selection of hymns for Easter week is excellent! Keep up the good work!

    • I am with Jeronimo in expressing my deep heartfelt appreciation for this website. I can’t even imagine how much work must have gone into putting this together. It is a spiritual work of art. THANK YOU!!!!

  8. Welcome Rainshadow What a lovely, moving comment. I know several non-Catholics who love the Divine Office and use this site daily. I am so happy that you are joining us. This is a gift for all!

  9. I just discovered this today and am overwhelmed with gratitude. I am not Catholic, I’ve never lived in a place that was conducive to that, but have felt such a deep draw. I have heard of the Book of Hours but the places I have found it on line were difficult because – not being raised in the church – I didn’t know any of the songs or customs. All I can say about this discovery here today, is that I have been blessed. It has been beautiful, absolutely beautiful. The songs, the readers, even the silences.. my heart has just been so moved. Thank you thank you thank you.

  10. The inclusion of Sinead O’Connor’s version of Regina Caeli as the Marian hymn at the end of Night Prayer is shocking. She was ordained as a priest in a denomination not in communion with Rome and has been very public about it. She is also quite blasphemous in her speech and regularly denigrates the Catholic Church. She speaks against the Magisterium. While the DO text says it is a version sung by monks – the audio recording is most definitely Sinead’s version. The best that could be said is that the inclusion is in very poor taste. I will no longer use this website and advise anyone I know against it. There are many other options to pray DO which support faithful Catholics who love God and His Church. Her singing has no place in a LITURGICAL prayer.

  11. I would like to reply to some of Chloe’s comments. First, what are some of the other web sites? This is the only one I know of that uses Christian prayer and 4 volume Divine Office. If this section is not to be used for critiquing, then what is its purpose-Praise/compliments only? I don’t mean to be abrupt and I enjoy this web site but there are many times I turn the volume down. It is nothing against you, it’s just not for me at that time.

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