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    • Bevnp1. So sorry, I was attempting to thank Cipolla for his/her comment on 19th July, giving a link to a wonderful short talk about the Office of Compline, broadcast on Vatican Radio. If you are interested, please see that comment. I have listened to it many times already.

      • Hi Sheila,

        I’m really happy you liked the recording! I’ve been listening to Msgr Philip Whitmore’s “musical notes” on Vatican Radio for several years and the Compline meditation is one of my favourites. I also like the Thomas Tallis setting of Te lucis ante terminum. One of the best recordings I’ve heard of it was by John Rutter & the Cambridge Singers, from Lighten Our Darkness: Music for the Close of Day. That album is filled with great music including, Jacob Handl’s Pater Noster and John Sheppard’s In pace, in idipsum, just to name a few.

        Another one of my favourites with Msgr Philip Whitmore is this one:

        Get me on the topic of sacred music and I’ll go on and on, so I better stop now. Hope you enjoy this link as well.

        God bless,


    • Bruce ~
      You have the option of reading the Divine Office silently instead of listening to the podcast. I think I am correct in saying that our subscribers to this web site find the music uplifting.

  1. The CLAA’s Weekly PRINTABLE guide to the Liturgy of the Hours will be available again starting this week–a great supplement to your use of, and free. If you’d like a one-page, printable guide for your weekly prayers, just add yourself to our mailing list and it will be delivered every Saturday evening. God bless!

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  2. Whilst I love all of the Divine Office readings, hymns and prayers, I have a particular fondness for Compline/Night Prayer, especially the Sunday version. The beautiful music, the readings and the voices of the readers make every word come alive for me and I go to bed truly resting in Christ’s peace. Thank you so much!

      • Thank you so much for the link to Philip Whitmore’s Compline meditation, I’d never have discovered that without you! I do love the Thomas Tallis setting of Te lucis ante terminum. If you have any similar links, please share them with other Divine Office followers!

  3. I have been using Divine Office for quite some time now. Recently I bought an Onyx Boox T68, an E-Ink e-reader that runs on Android 4.04. Divine Office works well on it, but I have one suggestion. Would it be possible to offer the option of a white background? That would make the readability even better! Thanks for your consideration.

    • Several people were affected with an update made to our Android, Kindle, and Nook apps about two weeks ago. This update was necessary to respond to hacking attempts on our servers that affected our apps. We made our app more resilient, but also introduced a bug. This has been fixed and is working well. The fixed application is available as a free update. Please update your app and let us know if you are still experiencing issues.

      If you are still having issues or need any other help then please open a ticket at

      On a positive note, we also fixed the cause of previous outages and updated the app to perform better on all the new devices that have come onto the market since we introduced the app. This should make it very stable and reliable.

    • Does anyone know why I can no longer get Liturgy of the hours on my notebook any more? All I get is No Content message.

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