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  1. Thank you so much for printing the words of the soloists for ‘In the Lord I’ll be ever Thankful.” Love the background chant and love the solos!!

    • Mazzios, the Concluding Prayer is taken from the Collect Prayer of the Mass. With the new English translation of the Roman Missal the Collect Prayers and hence the Concluding Prayers use the new translation. While the Liturgy of the Hours books do not yet contain these new concluding prayers and no supplement has been provided containing these new prayers, the Divine Office, after much research, have elected to use the new translations.

      Here is an article published that expresses our viewpoint:

      ROME, 18 OCT. 2011 (ZENIT)
      Answered by Legionary of Christ Father Edward McNamara, professor of liturgy at the Regina Apostolorum university.

      Q: As you know, the English translation of the Roman Missal, third edition, soon to be the norm, has new translations for the texts of the collect (opening prayer) for use at Mass. What will be their status for use at the Liturgy of the Hours, once the third-edition translation is the norm for Mass? Is it (a) forbidden, or (b) mandatory, or (c) permitted, but not mandatory, to use these new translations for the Liturgy of the Hours? Permitting their use seems advantageous, in that these improved translations would improve the celebration of the office and show its unity with the Eucharist. However, mandating their use would seem burdensome, since breviaries are not printed with these texts. Yet the text for the Liturgy of the Hours has its own ecclesiastical approval; this would suggest that use of the current (older) translation be continued. — B.K., Oakland, California

      A: Although there are no precise official norms regarding this, I would say that the most probable possibility would be our reader’s third option: “permitted, but not mandatory.”

      In general, the closing prayer of the Liturgy of the Hours at morning and evening prayer is the same as the Mass collect. This is not an absolute rule as, for example, a priest can celebrate a votive Mass or an optional memorial and pray the office of the day. When All Souls’ Day falls on a Sunday the office follows the Sunday even though the Mass is of the Commemoration. However, all closing prayers used in the office are also found in the missal.

      Since we are dealing with two alternative translations of the same prayer, both of which have received official approval, I see no difficulty in using the new translation if one so wishes. As yet, there is no booklet containing only the new collects. Even if there were one, it could prove somewhat awkward for recitation of the Divine Office. For these reasons it would not be mandatory until the eventual publication of an updated breviary.

      Indeed, it is to be hoped that, having finished the missal, the English-language authorities begin to undertake the gargantuan task of preparing a new version of the Liturgy of the Hours. The current edition for English speakers outside of the United States hails from the 1970s and is missing all the additions to the liturgical calendar, such as the new saints.

      A single text for the entire English-speaking world would also be most useful in these times of constant travel.

  2. I have just started using this site to pray the Divine Office. I notice that during the daytime, the web site automatically brings me to the current day prayers, but in the evening, it shows me prayers for the next day, and I always have to remember to click the ‘Yesterday’ link to get to the correct day. Is anyone else getting this behavior?

    I live on the west coast. I wonder if the web site is pre-programmed for the east coast time zone?

    I notified ‘Feedback & Support’ of this issue about a week ago, but haven’t heard back from them yet.

    • russdirks-I live on the east coast and have the same problem. I also sent a message to feedback and support a couple of months ago and have not heard back either. This is something relatively new, I think, because I have been using this site for several years and never noticed it before.

      • Ok. Thanks for the report. At least I know it’s not just happening to me. Thankfully there is a fairly easy work-around for the issue.

      • Granmaj, feedback is the right way to get answers. Sorry we are so slow in answering. My “day job” has me completely overwhelmed. But I can’t complain because the day job makes up for the shortages in contributions supporting this site so my day job is a blessing to us all.

        The server is keyed into one of the USA timezones. I don’t remember which. We will explore making it work off your local timezone.

    • Hi Russkirks,

      Welcome to our prayer community! Your guess about the programming of the site is correct. It automatically switches based on one of the USA timezones. I will see what it takes to have it observe the visitors timezone. If it isn’t much work we will make that happen.

      Welcome and God bless!

  3. You are right. I selfishly commented on something that is difficult for me but clearly special to others. I will learn to lower my volume so that I can stay in a prayerful attitude, and I will strive to check my tendency to voice my opinions which are not helpful to others. Thank you for your comments.

    • I have tried to remember that the “voice” we have was given to us by God. I’m sure my voice can drive people nuts (:))
      Please pray for me and I will pray, for you. Important thing is loving and caring for one another. There is so many things to speak out against………………abortion, murder, etc. and so many to pray for. I volunteer in a residential home for addicted women and the one common thing I’ve found is they never had any one praying for them. M

    • Please pray for me, as I will pray for you. Words often are read different than meant and I know you really meant no harm………………I volunteer at a residential home for addicted women (most came from prison and some are pregnant) one of the common denominator’s is that in their lives no one prayed for them……………..

  4. I suspect this is not a comment to be posted, but I do hope that those in charge will read it and accept its sentiments in the spirit in which it is written which is one of gratitude for the DO you give us and appreciation for ALL the people who create it for us each day. As the readers recite the beautiful scripture, the diversity of those readers is apparent and, I believe, enhances our participation, whether verbal or silent. For me, the measured neutrality of the readers enables me, whether I am praying silently or out loud with the reader, to respond with my own individual emotionality. After all, the feeling content of scripture, how we react with feeling to it, is an important part of prayer. There is a reader, however, whose own emotionality interferes with those of us praying. There is a dramatic, artificial quality to her reading, feeling frequently like a Shakespearean drama, that distracts many of us and interferes with our own reading and praying of the office. Today’s reading of Psalm 51 is a good example of this. I am certain this reader is offering her own emotional reaction to the words, but by avoiding this indulgence, the other readers leave room for all of us to pray in our own individual ways.

    I know I am not the only one who feels this way, and I wonder if that particular reader were to understand how distracting her dramatic reading is for others perhaps she might strive for a more neutral reading of the prayers. I hope you know I am not wanting to be critical, but I do think an adjustment by this reader would be very helpful for many of us.

    Thank you for your consideration.

    • I appreciate your comment but frankly, I find her voice like that of an angel and it helps me pray better. Isn’t it wonderful to know that we can agree to disagree. Wishing you God’s choicest blessings!

    • You may not have meant it as criticism but it is. If her voice truly bothers you lower your speakers………………..but move on. I’m sure there is many things people may say about all of us. This is community and when we prayer in community we accept all of the voices that the Lord has given people. God bless you and may he accept the sacrifice you offer as a “gift”, not criticism.

    • Oh dear Carol God Bless + you. I praise God we have such beautiful & delightful readers, I love ‘her’ style of reading, she has a real sense of feeling and attachment to it, keep it up girl – please, “…be not afraid, I am with you.” Saith the Lord!
      I am a regular of this blessed site, and praying has become a delight to me.
      God Bless + all who follow Jesus, Amen

    • Hi, “skull shehu”! I would say that we indeed *can* change the world by the Mass, as it’s the sacrificial offering of the Son to the Father for the salvation of the world. Incredible graces flow from it. These graces must grow in us as well, enabling us to achieve true repentance and growth in the Spirit; then we becoming “little Christs” who do the Father’s will to, as you said, get out there and bringing the Church, the Body of Christ, to others.

  5. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to pray the Divine Office with you this day. By His amazing Grace I have found this site. Amen Yours In Christ Jesus Brother Roger

  6. I am so happy with the Divine Office you guys do, so we’ll done :) I love it. Marina Kirigin-Voss sings so beautifully, thank you M. I would like to voice my opinion about ‘background’ music, oh please don’t detract from the spoken prayer, this is something that seems to be happening a lot in other prayer sites and it puts me in an area I don’t like – too much distraction!! Prayer is a sacred space! Keep it simple please. God bless you all.

  7. Slightly confused where to leave comment. Just wanted to say that DO yesterday (9/7/15) was beautiful…full of diversity…clear, well-paced readings, beautiful new accents…prayerful without the dramatic reading…so helpful. Thank you so much.

  8. I appreciate the counter of those in prayer that you have added to the website. I have had the impression when I was in prayer that I was not praying alone. As such I would always add the ACCLAMATION for those praying in community.

    However, I could not wrap my mind around the concept of a Christian Catholic praying alone. I was not sure how this was done with the communion of saints, guardian angel, patron saint, ancestors deceased, souls in purgatory etc..

    Praise the LORD!

  9. I pray for all of my spiritual brothers and sisters here at Divine and I ask your prayers for the success of the nation-wide Public Square Rosary Rally being held on October both at 12 noon in each time zone. I am a Rosary Rally captain and I hope to have a large crowd in front of Holy Cross Church in Lewiston, Maine.

  10. Please pray for me and my family members, the Igbondo’s for God’s Love in our family, and for my mother Terfa Igbondo for quick recovery and good health. Thanks and God bless!

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