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2,926 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Are you using a different Christian Prayer book? The pages you list for the readings are not the same as in the Guide and definitely are not the correct ones in my book.

    • Yes, I noticed that the daytime prayer was not the same on the Divine Office site as the daytime prayer for Thursday in Christian Prayer as well. Just trying to keep my ribbons and placements up to date in case I lose power or can’t get on line for some reason. I love the site but have to be prepared just in case there is an interruption of service for some reason so just making sure I keep up.

  2. Beautiful chanting of the Divine Office on Sunday. Thank you. The Evening Prayer hymn Regantem sempiterna was especially beautiful. Thanks for the English translation of same which was a great help to the likes of no-Latin experts like myself who appreciate the reverence and beauty of these Latin hymns even if we don’t understand the words.

  3. I love the app on my phone, I came to the web site to download yesterday’s reading about St Nicholas to share with my CCD students. I can’t find it online and wish you either posted the “About Today” on your tabs or included a search button:(

    Thank you for all your hard work and Merry Christmas to you all!

  4. Thank you so much for this great service, Dane and the rest of the staff! It has helped my prayer life so much. I’m having some very minor issues. First of all, I thought the Gloria is not supposed to be sung during Advent. I could be wrong. Also, the Gloria that is played on this website is the translation used before the current Roman Missal. Thanks again!

  5. Dane, I very much appreciated the audio you posted for ‘About Today’ for Nov 30, the first Sunday of Advent.

    I found it very informative, and I especially was grateful for the reminder that, during Advent, yes, we await the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ, but that Advent is also a time for us to come to Him!

    Thanks so much to you and the rest of the team. Blessings as you continue to provide such a tremendous gift to me and to many others!


  6. I can’t believe the headlines I saw this morning “Cyber Week Shopping” Usually the first screen tells us something about the day we are celebrating. When we are trying to get away from the materialism that batters us from all sides and then when I come to prayer I’m greeted with that headline. Are we celebrating Cyber Week or Advent? Are we preparing our hearts or are we simply buying, buying, buying as the media would want us to do. I know that you need funds to operate this wonderful website and service and I pray for your success. I have been using your prayer service almost since its inception and have tried to be faithful in making donations. I will continue to pray and support you, but please stay away from the commercialism. May God Bless you and fill your hearts with the love of our Lord Jesus Christ this Advent Season.

  7. Hi , I need help. Just purchased the iv volumne set of the Liturgy. Am confused about the order i which it is read. I find the guide that came with it confusing. Can anyone help me Thom

  8. Thank you. The chanting of the psalms at the weekend was beautiful as was the reading – very well done. It is wonderful to be able to conclude with the Te Deum. All this is very helpful for praying.

  9. I use this app regularly and love it, but there is one thing that I dislike about it. That is that the daily psalmody from the psalter is always placed at Midday prayer. Now normally it can be placed at whichever of the three daytime places you want, but not always. For those who regularly pray all 7 hours such as myself, some days the daily psalmody is directed to a specific hour. For example, on Friday Week II, if you look at the 4 volume set after the psalms but before the 3 daytime readings and prayers, it says that at the other hours, the complementory psalmody sections II (midday) and III (midafternoon) should be used, suggesting that the psalmody is to be in midmorning for those praying all 7 hours. The purpose seems to be to prevent the same psalm from being recited at multiple hours, and on Friday II, the psalms for complementory psalmody I are used during evening prayer. I wish that the app accounted for this, as it makes it difficult for me to use it for the daytime prayers during such days.

  10. Hello! I have a question. I thought we are entering year B this Advent. Why does the intro says year A and has the reading from year A (Matthew)?

  11. The hymn for Evening Prayer : “Creator of the Stars at Night” performed by Erica Provinzano is quite nice but somehow it feel a bit inappropriate for liturgical prayer. I would love to hear more from the monk and nuns.

    • Hi Chloe,
      Yes, I would also like more hymns sung by monks and nuns. It would be great to hear some Gregorian chant and other more traditional hymns. I was thinking for Advent I would love to hear
      Rorate Caeli. It is a beautiful hymn. If you type it into youtube you’ll see many recordings. In the Ambrosian Rite they sing it after the Gospel during Advent. Christe, Redemptor omnium is
      another one I really like. Westminster Cathedral Choir’s recordings are my favourites, however there are many other great ones.

      • Hello, Stefano!

        Thank you so much for suggesting yet another wonderful piece of music, Rorate Caeli. Keep them coming …

    • I too, would like to hear more of the chants from the monks and nuns. After all that is how the Office is meant to be prayed. Cathedral Choirs are wonderful in Cathedrals and soloists are wonderful in concert but nuns& monks are even more wonderful in prayer. After all the Office is prayer. For what it’s worth, just an old deacons thoughts. God Bless!

      • Hello, Sheila! Always great to read your comments and get your feedback. Rorate Caeli is a wonderful hymn. It includes passages from the prophet Isaiah that were read the 1st Sunday of Advent. If you ever get a chance, I recommend listening to it with the text and English translation in front of you. It can be a very moving experience. I’ve also used the text on its own for Lectio Divina.

      • Hi Deacon Ken, thank you for your comment. I think you’re so right. It really does depend on the context. I had the opportunity to spend a weekend at a Benedictine Monastery and pray the Divine Office with the monks in the church. There is something about being in the presence of the monks and hearing them chant the DO that is really moving and brings the prayers to the highest level.

      • I want to sing along with the music but often don’t know the music or melody. I know it must be difficult to get ‘hymnal style’ music for contemporary things but surely there must be a way to get the basic tune for the chants and traditional hymns? Probably a lot to ask but maybe there are others who feel this way too.
        As it is, if I really can’t follow I end up turning the volume down and sort of making up my own tune but then I’m back to praying alone again. ( smile)

    • Hello and welcome! On our website we provide text and audio content for each liturgical hour. See the top of the page. Play the podcast and follow the readers in prayer. After a while and with the help of the Ribbon Placement you will understand how the different sections come together, what is the correct sequence. God bless!

    • You should have seen me when I first got “Christian Prayer” and tried to figure out what week we were in, where to place the ribbons, what the ribbons were even for, how to figure out when I was supposed to say the various parts for saints or martyrs and I was constantly flipping around the book, lost and confused!! When my priest told me about this site I was thrilled I could go on line and not only always be on the right spot but had other people to pray with… You’ll eventually get used to it. But then again I am using it on my desktop computer- not an Iphone. Welcome!

  12. We are waiting for Apple to approve our bundle that allows everyone to upgrade. We expect it on Dec 1 or Dec 2. It will allow existing Divine Office iOS owners to upgrade for $4.99.

    • I can’t get the right hour to come up. In the old app I can just touch the hour I want and it comes up in the “book” as well as the recording. In the new, when I touch on the hour I want I can get the recording, but I have to thumb through the entire day (after an advertisement for the very app I am using!) to get to the hour I want. Very annoying! I don’t like it at all.

    • I’ve watched the youtube video twice to make sure I didn’t miss anything, but I’m not seeing the “complete bundle” option. Thoughts?

      • It is probably because you are not logged into iTune & App Store on your device. Go to Settings, iTunes & App Store and see if your Apple ID shows you logged in.

      • Is the upgrade still supposed to be $5? I went to the App Store the day it was introduced, watched the video two or three times, but there was no $5 offer, only the regular price. Going there again today, there is no change. It shows as $15. Although it would make me very sad, I will not pay as much to upgrade as I did for the original app.

    • None. If you own our application already, you will need the bundle to improve it. If you buy it today you will get it already improved and at a discount.

      • I don’t see the bundle being advertised on i-Tunes. How much does it cost and when can I order it?

      • I have DO original for over a year.
        So I just bought and downloaded the DO2 for 14.99 … By reading your reply, the upgrade to do would be more than the do2 bought today. Was this correct? So now i just need to delet the original off the ipad.

      • Deborah, you now own 2 Divine Office apps. The new and the old version. You can make use of both, there is no need to delete the old one, it runs good even without the bundle upgrade. Just install them on different devices, make someone a gift :). As I said, you can make use of both. God bless!

    • I love the new version. I now own 2 version! Which is fine… Hopefully you got all the $$ so i consider it a thanks for the app. It has really helped me get in contact with my spirituality! It seems that do2 did away with do1. When i go to the apple app store it is no longer listed. Which is ok with me. I love the 21 day download because i travel eith my rv and cannot always update!


    When I searched for Divine Office in the apps store, I found Divine Office 2 for $14,99. I couldn’t find “Divine Office Upgrade Bundle.” Did I get the wrong app? Is the price $14.99 for current users? Thanks,

    God Bless you and your ministry.

    Jim Gill

    • Divine Office Upgrade Bundle is waiting to be approved by Apple. It will become available December 1 or 2. $14.99 is for new users. We can’t wait to make the announcement, we worked so hard on this. God bless!

      • So is the Divine Office I downloaded today different? The iTunes price was $14.99. Should I also download the bundle when it comes out?

      • Yes Jim, if bought today with the discount price you have the upgraded version. The bundle is necessary only if you have our older version and want to upgrade.

  14. Two quick questions: (1) when will the new ios app be issued? (2) Will it allow the user to “rewind” 30 seconds to re-listen to a passage? (sometimes I encounter external distractions while praying/listening and it would be helpful to be able to cleanly rewind…)

    Thanks, Robert

    • Hello Rob, First, the release will be in a few days, we are waiting for news from Apple. Second, yes, it will be possible to skip back 20 seconds or ahead 30 seconds. Thank you for praying with us!


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