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3,008 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Birgitta Lindsey’s Hallelujah from yesterday’s morning prayers is very beautiful. I remember hearing it before, but it was the first time I sat down and read the words. The last verse got me all choked up.

  2. I thoroughly appreciate the App for Android, but discovered that it also includes mid-morning and mid-afternoon prayer, two not readily apparent on the website or podcast availability. Are they located somewhere else for access and downloading? Blessings

  3. Is anyone else having the problem with “unrepsonsive pages” on their Macbook Pro? I have only been able to get the Divine Office to load 3-4 times or so in the past 2 weeks and with great difficulty! I contacted support on this twice over that time but still have not heard back. HELP. I miss praying the office regularly!

    • Jann,
      Most of the time I’ve had issues like that on my Mac it has turned out to be one of two things:
      1. Java needs to be upgraded or uninstalled and re-installed.
      2. Using Safari. I have found Safari to be very buggy and I never use it anymore. If you are using it, try Chrome or Firefox.

      • jmcdhome,

        I’ve tried all of your suggestions and the Office pages still keep crashing! I’m using Chrome. Any more ideas? (I won’t use Mozilla anymore as I joined the boycott when they pushed out Brendan Eich).

        I emailed the Help Page two times, over 3 weeks ago but still have not heard anything back.

        HELP PLEASE!

    • Jann,
      Is this crashing happening only on the Divine Office site or other sites as well? Also, what operating system are you using?
      Best wishes

      • Oblate,

        I am using Chrome as a browser and my Macbook Pro is a 2010 so it’s Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.8. This loading problem/ crashing issue only happens when I try to load the Divine Office pages.

      • Jann,
        It is difficult to diagnose computer issues remotely, but here are 3 things you might try.
        1.Try opening the DO website with Safari instead of Chrome.
        2. Download the free EtreCheck tool (Do a search.) It will provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your computer and highlight (in red) any issues that need attention.
        3. Try pinging (Do another search!) the DO website. This could help you diagnose any network issues.
        Best wishes

  4. Thank you for the beautiful morning prayer this morning. Thank you for the slower reading pace (of late, I seem to have noticed) – I find the slower pace, a more deliberate reading, makes for a deeper prayer. I have been reading from your site for almost a year, and I am so very grateful for it. Thank you for having created this site. May God continue to bless you all. Thank you.

    • I just wanted to give everyone a heads-up. When I went onto the site this morning using Firefox, I had the same issue. I could hear the Invitatory Psalam with no problem, but the Office of Readings was constantly buffering. When I switched to Internet Explorer, I was able to use the audio with no problems. I was also able to hear the audio for the hymns very clearly.

      • I often have this same issue these days when accessing the prayers through Firefox. Thank you so much, treeoflife77, for mentioning this, because it is one of those things I’d intended to bring up sometime in the last 6-8 weeks or so that I’ve been experiencing this issue, and just haven’t gotten around to yet.

        My solution has been maybe a bit simpler than the one you found: On any of the prayers that stay “buffering” for longer than a few seconds, I right-click the “download” link just under the link to play the prayer, and it opens in a new tab and is then available to play just fine. I hope this helps, but someone who works on the site may wish to see what changed in the way the site operates under Firefox. :)


        ~ Jazzy

  5. Is there no way to see the Hymn from a week or more ago? I should have taken notes, because I had planned to reflect on it at greater length, but now can’t find it, not even in the books.

  6. There is a connection recognizing all of the millions of men and women priest, sisters, nuns and religious who are doing this same Divine Office daily. It’s our community, the community of the world.
    This is truly powerful for me! I was once in the religious life. The “noise” is not here. It’s just me and God now like the desert fathers.
    I distract no one by the way I am inclined to speak to God, to react to God’s response, to “see” God’s presence.
    What an incredible gift and incredible answer to a prayer long forgotten. I now have the time, privacy and resources to participate in everything I’ve been taught, everything I learned in the last 61 years.
    Thank you for this site; for the beautiful hymns, the clarity and quality of voice and your adherence to Catholic structure and rubrics. I will share these thoughts with others as I continue to pray the five offices daily.

    • I believe it’s the 1963 Grail translation of the Psalms and the 1970 New American Bible translation. I believe the translations of the three canticles come from a separate source (the International Consultation on English Texts?), but I don’t have my breviary handy to confirm this. In any event, the whole composite is the 1974 Divine Office translation sanctioned by the International Commission on English in the Liturgy.

  7. Good morning all,
    one quick question…I love the chanting and the singing of the psalms, and was wondering why it is not done as much as before on Sundays. Is it because of Lent that we do not chant on Sundays?
    Otherwise many thanks for all, I tune in everyday at least once!
    Pax et bonum

  8. Hello, I am using the four volume Liturgy and I use it alongside the recordings for each hour. Could you tell me where the concluding prayers for Morning and Evening Prayer are to be found? They are not the same as in my version of the Liturgy.

    Also why do you skip some of the psalm prayers as in your recording of Morning Prayer this morning (2/24)?

    Thank you for your response and thank you for this wonderful app. I use it every day.

  9. I will be leaving on a pilgrimage to Fatima, Lourdes, Medjugorje, and Avila in 10 days so I won’t be praying online with all of you. I will, however, be remembering all of you in my prayers ~ especially our Divine office cantor community.

  10. I bought the app for this over 2 years ago with which I could access LOH while on a trip. Last year sometime our signal for Internet was gone for awhile and restored, but I’ve been unable to access the app since. Does anyone have a clue as to how I can find it without paying again? Thankfully if there’s WiFi I can use where I’m at, I can get into this site. I might add that I’m 70 and totally computer illiterate. I use an IPAD which actually does not help.

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