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2,660 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. I must say that the psalms and prayers were well read this evening. Well paced and easy to follow and pray with. Thank you for your dedication. God bless,

  2. Let us at some point in our busy days, pause to offer this prayer to God, for the conversion of the USA.

    Heavenly Father, we humbly pray that you will send the Holy Ghost into the hearts of the American people and rekindle in us the fires of faith and love; may we return to you with a whole heart? Inspire us, O Lord, to end abortion in this nation and all nations of the world and teach us to love and appreciate children and protect them and respect life. We ask this together with the prayers of intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Patroness of America; St. Joseph, St. Michael, St. Gabriel, and St. Raphael; St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. John Neumann, St. Katherine of the Mohawks, St. Katherine Drexel, St. Damien of Molokai, Ven. Fulton Sheen, and the North American Martyrs, and we make our prayer through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

  3. Hello Dedicated ministers of the LOTH:
    This is my first post on the site, but I have been subscribing to your podcast for almost 3 months, praying the office with you for that time. I feel I know all of you by the wonderful character of your voices (it’s like my ‘friendship’ with the NPR reporters)! It allows me, an individual, to connect with the communal nature of the office in a visceral way that would not be possible without a community at my side. Thank you for that. Your dedication is MOST appreciated!!
    I recently purchased the 4 volume LOTH set from the Catholic Book Publishing Corp., NY (1976) to follow along, pray along with you, and to pray when I don’t have access to the podcast. While I am not surprised when there are deviations (nor am I really concerned about those), I have noticed that very few of the final “Prayers” at the end of each hour have lined up with the recorded ones prayed by all of you. Might I ask, where are those prayers coming from? I actually find them quite beautiful and imagine they must come from somewhere! Could it be my edition? Or perhaps they come from the Christian Prayer single volume edition?
    Thank you for your kind ministry, your dedication, and your voices. Their reverence and tone are always lovely and the Spirit moves through them.

    • Dan, welcome to our community. The concluding prayers that differ from your printed set of LOTH are from the Collect Prayer of the Mass. This is where most of the concluding prayers have come from, traditionally, and with then new translation of the English Missal we have kept that tradition by using the Mass Collect Prayer as our concluding prayer when they exist.

  4. I would like to ask for prayers for rain for most of the Southwestern US. We in West Texas, Eastern NM and other states are in our 7th year of a very very bad drought. Thank you. Love this site! Especially the beautiful, beautiful music.
    Judy Johnson in Wolfforth Texas near Lubbock, TX

    • I prayed for your petition. We are having an abundance of rain in S. Alabama. Would love to share it with you, but as I can’t I am praying for you. We have our seasons of drought also and it is miserable.
      God Bless,

      • Thanks Bobbi! I have a sister who lives in Decatur, Alabama up above Birmingham who I visit once or twice a year. She lives 30 miles from EWTN’s shrine at Hanceville so I go to daily Mass there when I visit her. Thank you so much for your prayers because we got RAIN last night!

    • Hi Judjohns,
      I also go to the shrine when I get a chance. I went there for my Holy Year of faith pilgrimage.
      As for the rain, all I can say is THANK YOU JESUS.

      • Yes Bobbi, thanks be to God! hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of drought for us.

    • I immediately thought about the story of Joseph from the Old Testament, the Seven years of bounty, followed by seven years of drought. Is there a monastery in your area that you know of? I only ask because I am looking for a good place to go on a nice long extended retreat, someplace that I can listen deeply to what God is calling me to do with my life from this point onwards. Thank you for your prayers and for your request for prayers, it is my pleasure to be able to pray for that for you….Heavenly father, please let it rain upon the people of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico and bring their time of drought to an end, what can you tell me about Christ in the Desert Benedictine Abbey?

      • Dear Cahmark27: I have a very dear friend who was a Benedictine monk at Pecos Benedictine Abbey (Santa Fe) and who spent a small amount of time at Christ in the Desert, as well. He is now a counselor and spiritual director in our diocese. I do not think he would mind me sharing his email address with you. His name is Dr. Larry Holley (he is a PhD in History, Yale, 1974) and he can be emailed at Good luck finding a great place for retreat!

    • I have been praying for everyone who has been suffering from bad weather.
      I also want to let the Divine community know that I will be praying for all of you in a special way during my visit to Rome for the canonizations of Bl. John Paul II and John XXIII.

      • Chloe, it sounds like you will have a remarkable experience. We welcome and appreciate your prayers.

  5. Thanking the Lord this morning for keeping my son safe. He is in the 1st Medical Brigade at Fort Hood, TX where four soldiers died as the result of a shooting spree that also left the shooter dead. My son was there at the time, although he did not see it. He and his family are safe, though shaken.

    Pray for all involved, the families of those who died, including the shooter’s family, who I am sure is devastated. There are a lot of injured. If you could also remember my son, who is not a Christian, or a Catholic, but a neo-pagan. That the Lord may use this tragedy to bring him back to Jesus once again.

    • Dear Cathoholic: Soooo thankful your son and his family are safe. What is going on there at that Fort? So much tragedy lately. I will pray for your son that he will come back to Christ and for the shooter, and his family. Sooo sad people are soo suicidal and angry and take it out on innocent people. Hope your wife is recovering well and you and her are fine.

    • Thank you for posting this prayer request and giving me the opportunity to pray for you and for your son. I was in the military, the Army to be specific and I know that it was due to the prayers of others and God’s grace that I made it through without being deployed anywhere acutely dangerous, though not all were as fortunate, and so there is a special place in my heart for soldiers in these situations. Please pray for a fellow Christian’s daughter Sharon, whom is stationed in Turkey and who is in need of prayers for safety and discernment of God’s will for her life/future decisions like whether to become a medical doctor or a nurse or PA or some other heath care professional…or some other direction altogether.

  6. Readers – Thank you so very much for your dedication, devotion, perseverance, compassion for your work and the professionalism in which you read. Each of you are a blessing. I have never gotten the whole benefit of the Hail Mary until tonight’s reading. To the gentleman who read it so beautifully – Thank you.

  7. Hello everyone out there! I am new here and so glad I found you. I was using the universalis website but I like this site better because it has the podcast, so I feel like I’m not alone when praying. I love the hymns that are sung too. I have not had any problems with this site. I’m just glad to be here to pray with you! God Bless.

  8. I have the iPhone app and love it! Only problem is sometimes it doesn’t tell you the ribbon placement, but other than that, I absolutely love it!

  9. Hi

    I am new to the site. On Sunday the 3rd week of Lent you had a beginning summary of what the first three weeks of Lent stood for. I am trying to find it and not having any luck. Can anyone help?

    Thanks, Guy

  10. Both yesterday and today, when viewing Divine Office there is no content for the current day. Selecting yesterday or tomorrow, content is present, but coming back to today there is still no content. This occurs on both Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. After logging on, the content is present. Is this intended?

      • Thank you patti for that bit of information-also, i noticed that during evening prayer – they did not say the ‘psalm prayer’ out loud, but it was written. Does anybody know why? I read “morning prayer’ to myself so dont know if it was omitted being said then also.

    • I received the no content message and the podcast was not working. I have been coming to this site for a long time and this is the first time that I had both of these issues come up. I come because of the beauty in the liturgy of the hours and it has been disappointing not to hear the voices and music which make me feel as if I am in community and not alone. I have never had to download the podcast to hear the liturgy before and it seems to take away from the time of preparation for the prayers. It has to be done with every prayer time.

    • Hello Anthony, I just found that on “Good Resourses” section on the right hand side “Coffee and Canticles” site there are 3 different LOTH sites you can pray in case you cant get’s version. They have ibreviary, univeralis, and theirs(not sure if same as You just have to sign in-very easy. Its an extra option. I dont care for universalis,my self, but i know a couple priests use ibreviary, Thought this might help somewhat in case you still cant get divineoffice after logging in. or changing date,

  11. I want to thank the staff of Divine Office. org for all you do. Don’t know what I would do without your site. I love all the different hymns for each hour. Even though I’m not required to say the Office of Readings I do for meditation at times. You all do such a marvelous job!

  12. Hi there! Been a regular user of your site for many months and I recently noticed it’s become in a way more of ‘closed and private’ site. Initially, I thought the site was under maintenance or something. My suggestion is for the site to be easily accessible for new enthusiast and anyone who is searching for sites like this.

    • Hello, I’m sorry for the issues: we had to enable a system to speed up the website on our server and that was causing the site contents to be invisible to anonymous users unless you specify the full date in the URL (like it does for tomorrow and yesterday links) — We are now testing a new caching system that should not have this issue. We need this because as our community grows the server load is growing as well and the site becomes unresponsive during traffic peaks.

      If you do see this happening, please note this is not our of our own free will: we are not closing the site to be “private”, we are facing technical difficulties and you should report the issue to us through our support site.

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