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I wish you a blessed Lent and I want to thank all of you who gave so generously when I appealed for support last November. Your generosity was overwhelming. You have my heart felt thanks and I pray God blesses you for stepping up to help with this important work. With your support we are currently averaging 16,714 people coming to to pray every day. 2,411 of you are providing support with an average amount of $2.79 each month.

The Divine Office prayer community is something special with people of all cultures, rich and poor, all praying together around the globe. We are one body making a difference glorifying God and intervening for the salvation of the world. So we are asking, only those who can afford to help, and are not doing so now, to please give, a little or a lot, according to your ability to do so. Your contribution enables thousands of other people to pray with us and brings about miracles in the lives of so many.

Please signup for a monthly contribution if you haven’t already.

May God’s grace be with you all,

Dane Falkner, Divine Office producer and God’s servant

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Hymns Needed: Contribute by Providing Audio Recordings

Mauro Dalu on July 15th, 2012 | no comments yet

Here are a few hymns that we are asking our community to provide. Please note that by providing these hymns we need to know who to credit and we need permission to use them with unlimited license and without requiring royalty payments. Thank you!

001-On This Day, the First of Days — sheet music
002-Brightness of the Father’s Glory (high priority) — sheet music
003-Sion, Sing (high priority) — sheet music
004-Morning Has Broken (low priority) — sheet music
005-Darkness Has Faded (high priority) — sheet music
006-When Morning Fills the Sky — sheet music
007-Lord Whose Love in Humble Service — sheet 1 sheet 2
008-Praise, My Soul, the King of Heaven (low priority) — sheet music
009-Sing with All the Sons of Glory — sheet 1 sheet 2
010-I Sing the Mighty Power of God — sheet music
011-All You Nations (high priority) — sheet music
012-This Day God Gives Me (low priority) — sheet music
013-God Father, Praise and Glory (high priority) — sheet music
014-All Creatures of Our God and King (low priority) — sheet music
015-O God of Light (high priority) — sheet music
016-We Turn to You, O God (high priority) — sheet music
017-Christ is the World’s Light (high priority) — sheet music
018-Breathe on Me, Breath of God (high priority) — sheet music
019-From All That Dwell Below the Skies — sheet music
021-Fther, Lord of Earth and Heaven (high priority) — sheet music
022-Holy Spirit, Come, Confirm Us — sheet music
023-Come, Holy Ghost, Who Ever One (high priority) — sheet music
024-Help Us, O Lord (high priority) — sheet music
025-Lord of All Hopefulness (high priority) — sheet music
026-Lord of All Being Throned Afar (high priority) — sheet music
027-Almighty Ruler, God of Truth (high priority) — sheet music
028-Firmly I Believe and Truly — sheet music
029-Lord God and Maker of All Things — sheet music
030-Most Ancient of All Mysteries (high priority) — sheet music
031-Faith of Our Fathers (high priority) — sheet music
032-Now Thank We All Our God — sheet music
033-O Christ, You Are the Light and Day (high priority) — sheet music
034-Lord Jesus Christ, Abide With Us (high priority) — sheet music
035-The Setting Sun (high priority) — sheet music
036-O Father, Whose Creating Hand — sheet music
037-For the Fruits of His Creation — sheet music
038-When, In His Own Image (high priority) — sheet music
039-At the Name of Jesus — sheet music
040-Love Divine All Loves Excelling (high priority) — sheet music
041-Now Fades All Earthly Splendor (high priority) — sheet music
042-Day is Done (high priority) — sheet music
043-O Worship the King — sheet music
044-Romans VIII (high priority) — sheet 1 sheet 2
045-Let All Things Now Living — sheet 1sheet 2
046-Father, We Thank Thee — sheet 1 sheet 2
047-We Plough the Fields and Scatter — sheet 1 sheet 2
048-We Praise you, Father, for your Gifts (high priority) — sheet music
049-Holy God, We Praise Thy Name (high priority) — sheet music
050-This World, My God (high priority) — sheet music
051-Now at Daylight’s Ending (high priority) — sheet music
052-All Praise to You, O God, This Night (high priority) — sheet music
053-The Master Came (high priority) — sheet music
054-On Jordan’s Bank — sheet music
055-Maranatha (high priority) — sheet 1 sheet 2
056-Come, Thou Long-Expected Jesus — sheet music
057-Be Consoled, My People (high priority) — sheet 1 sheet 2
058-Hear the Herald Voice Resounding — sheet music
059-The King of Glory — sheet music
060-Wake, Awake, the Night is Dying (high priority) — sheet 1 sheet 2

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