The Audio Liturgy of The Hours produced by Divine uses a selection of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), Alternative Christian Music (ACM) as well as music and choirs from the Catholic tradition.

Featured Artists

Melinda Kirigin-Voss

Melinda Kirigin-VossAn accomplished soloist, composer, arranger, and instrumentalist, Melinda has recorded three solo CDs and has also performed on numerous ensemble albums. Melinda is currently the Director of Music at SS. Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church in Lemont, IL, and also works as a professional vocalist, pianist, and organist throughout the Chicago area. Continue reading…

Erika Provinzano

Erika ProvinzanoErika Provinzano conversion was so radical, that from that day she devotes her entire life to evangelization, with her husband and their small daughter Elisa. She created several canticles and psalms specifically for our Divine Office Ministry. Continue reading…

Cathedral of the Madeleine Choir

Cathedral of the Madeleine ChoirThe Madeleine Choir School, a mission of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Salt Lake City and a service of the Cathedral of the Madeleine, is an elementary school established in 1996. The school continues the cathedral tradition of preparing young people to engage the culture with the Catholic intellectual, artistic, moral and religious tradition. Continue reading…

Complete list of artists

Those who sing pray twice -- St. AugusitneEvery artist whose music has been featured on Divine Office Audio Liturgy of the Hours is referenced in the description of the podcast episodes. All music featured on our podcast can be found on or on Amazon MP3, apart from the three featured artists above.

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  1. Greetings from Alberta, Could you tell me of some traditional Catholic Hymn CD’s? The songs we sing at Mass on a regular basis. Thank-you Ronald Kp.

    • Hi Ronald,

      Great to see a fellow Albertan on DO! I’m actually in Ontario though at the moment. If you’re looking for music we sing at mass, I find it’s helpful to search by composer/artist like Bernadette Ferrell, Dan Schutte, Scott Soper, John Michael Talbot, John Sarta etc. If you’re on iTunes you can just purchase the hymns you like and make your own compilation.

      A cd I have that’s really good is Christ Be Our Light by Bernadette Ferrell. It has a couple hymns from Breaking Bread that you’ll probably recognise. Dan Schutte has also composed a ton of hymns that are used at mass like, God’s Holy Gifts, Sing a New Song, Glory and Praise to Our God, Here I Am Lord, City of God, Etc

      If you like Gregorian Chant, I think one of the best cds is Gregorian Chant: Salve Regina, Benedictine Monks of the Abbey of St Maurice & St Maur.

      Westminster Cathedral Choir and John Rutter and the Cambridge Singers also have some awesome recordings.

      As we’re in Lent I would also like suggest Allegri’s Miserere mei, Deus and Thomas Tallis’ Spem in alium.

      Hope that helps. All the best.


  2. Can anyone identify the female artist who sings “Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, Come”? This hymn hasn’t been used in the Divine Office in a while, but I’d still like to locate the copy I often heard early this year. Many thanks.

  3. I’m trying to get the correct lyrics for as many of the night prayer hymns as I can – particularly the Marian ones at the end. I’ve been working on The Virgin’s Slumber Song but I’m stuck on a couple places. Could someone out there give a careful listen next time it plays and fill in my holes. And, of course, correct any mistake I might have made. Thanks

    This is what I have:
    The Virgin’s Slumber Song
    AND ON A LITTLE BOUGH ___________________________



  4. Hi. Is the “Hymns Needed” list up to date? I see songs I’ve heard in this site at various hours. Do you want different versions?

  5. I really desire the words and singer to a song I heard early Lent season I taped it on an old fashion recorder but it did’nt come out to clear. It goes something like this- Do not be afraid,lift up your voice….. That’s all i can recall .Would greatly appreciate a hand here.Your sister in J &M

  6. Is anyone familar with a song played early Lent, I believe early Feb. with the lyrics similiar to Do not be afraid,Lift up your voice. I taped it off an ancient tape recorder and it didn’t come out to clear. Would greatly appreciate any help with the lyrics and singer. Thanks brother or sister in J&M. Leslie

  7. Before they change it, does anyone know the song that closes out Sunday night’s compline? Its a choir of some sort. If I remember rightly, there are details on only the first song, not the last. thanks…

  8. I am looking for the artist who sang the Hymn on February 5, 2013- Morning Prayer. Something about gathering…..short memory here. It was beautiful.

  9. Midday Prayer 1/13/2013
    “The One Who Clothes Himself With Light” by The Schola Cantorum of St. Peter the Apostle.

    Taken from:

    The One who clothes HImself
    with light as with a robe
    deigned, for our sakes, to become as we are.

    Today He is clothed with the streams of the Jordan
    even though He has no need to be purified.

    He refashions us through the cleansing
    that He receives.

    What a marvelous wonder!

    He creates anew, without fire,
    and refashions without tearing apart.

    He grants salvation to those enlightened in Him:
    Christ our God, the Savior of our souls!

  10. Lyrics for Midday Prayer December 20

    Taken from:

    Viewing lyrics for O Quickly Come, Great Judge of All by The Schola Cantorum of St. Peter the Apostle.

    text: Lawrence Tutiette (1825-1897)
    tune: Melchior Vulpius, harm. J.S. Bach
    descant: Bart Bradfield

    O quickly come, great Judge of all,
    For glorious will Your coming be.
    All shadow from the truth will fall,
    O come and heal that we may see!
    O quickly come! for doubt and fear
    Dissolve like cloud when You are near.

    O quickly come, true Life of all;
    Death’s mighty pow’rs do still abound;
    In ev’ry place sin’s shadows fall,
    On ev’ry heart sin’s mark is found:
    O quickly come! for grief and pain
    Shall never cloud Your marvelous reign.

    O quickly come, O come and save!
    Reign all around us and within.
    Let sin no more our souls enslave,
    Let pain and sorrow die with sin.
    O quickly come! for You alone
    Can make Your scattered people one.

    recorded by the Schola Cantorum of St. Peter’s in the Loop on “Music for Advent II,” published by The Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN, 1995

    • @psalm118verse24

      Thank you so much for your contribution. Your lyrics are now on today’s Midday Prayer.
      Have a blessed Advent!


  11. I am having trouble down loading the daily Liturgy…is this my phone or do others have a problem as well.
    And the song with the words “Breath on me breath of God ….
    thank you, God bless your great work.

  12. This morning the following broken links appeared in my iTunes download:

    OR Sat 12/1/12
    EP Mon 12/3/12
    EP Tue 12/4/12
    EP Wed 12/5/12
    EP Thu 12/6/12
    MDP Sun 12/10/12
    EP Sun 12/10/12

    This happens day after day in iTunes downloads. It has become annoying.

    Is there no way you can fix the problem? Sounds reasonable that if you put out a link on the internet, you would make sure there is a file to go with it. If there is no file, then you logically would not publish the link.

  13. So disappointing that you were unable to spare the time or the personnel to fix the broken link for the Office of Readings for Saturday of the 34th week in Ordinary Time for rss, feedburner, iTunes, this website, et al.

  14. Hello. The link for Office of Readings for Saturday of the 34th Week in Ordinary Time is not working anywhere. Likewise, the link for evening prayer for everyday of the first week of Advent, which keep appearing everyday in myiTunes downloads, do not work (err=404) which means “file not found.”

    Can you fix?

  15. Can you please tell me what choir sings the Te Deum in the ipad version of the Divine Office? Or where can I get a music sheet for that particular Version of the Te Deum? Thank you very much.

    • @svmolina3 – You probably need to give more info in order for DO to answer your question. They use several versions of the Te Deum. I can think of at least three myself. They would probably need to know which day you heard it on, and assuming it was during the Office of Readings, whether at the beginning, or if on a feast day, at the end before the concluding prayer.

  16. At first I didn’t like the use of “background” music at evening prayer, but now I’ve grown to find it very nice. Can anyone tell me what those pieces are? Sometimes it’s a violin piece, sometimes it’s a piano piece, but both are beautiful.

    Thanks for the Divine Office Podcast. It’s changed my life.

  17. Hey! I did some research and found out that you have the wrong song for Sunday night prayer. “A Radiant Light” is different song from “O Radiant Light”. You have the Christmas song, sung by the Madeleine Cathedral Choir. Which I absolutley love and was pleased to be able to find and download. The lyricsa are simple.

    A Raidaint Light
    A Holy Light shines on us today
    For nto us a child is born
    Unto us the Lord is born!

    So you will probably have to change the song, keeping th lyrics
    Keep the song and change the lyrics.

    I personally love the song for the night time because it is soothing and restful sounding, my child who is autistic says it relaxes and soothes her! Thanks for allyou do!

  18. I am looking for anyway to download for my personal use only the song used for Sunday’s night prayer…”O Radiant Light” , by the Madeleine Cathedral Choir. This helps my autistic child relax and sleep!! Please how can I get this? i will give a donation. J

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