The Audio Liturgy of The Hours produced by Divine uses a selection of Contemporary Christian Music (CCM), Alternative Christian Music (ACM) as well as music and choirs from the Catholic tradition.

Featured Artists

Melinda Kirigin-Voss

Melinda Kirigin-VossAn accomplished soloist, composer, arranger, and instrumentalist, Melinda has recorded three solo CDs and has also performed on numerous ensemble albums. Melinda is currently the Director of Music at SS. Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church in Lemont, IL, and also works as a professional vocalist, pianist, and organist throughout the Chicago area. Continue reading…

Erika Provinzano

Erika ProvinzanoErika Provinzano conversion was so radical, that from that day she devotes her entire life to evangelization, with her husband and their small daughter Elisa. She created several canticles and psalms specifically for our Divine Office Ministry. Continue reading…

Cathedral of the Madeleine Choir

Cathedral of the Madeleine ChoirThe Madeleine Choir School, a mission of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Salt Lake City and a service of the Cathedral of the Madeleine, is an elementary school established in 1996. The school continues the cathedral tradition of preparing young people to engage the culture with the Catholic intellectual, artistic, moral and religious tradition. Continue reading…

Complete list of artists

Those who sing pray twice -- St. AugusitneEvery artist whose music has been featured on Divine Office Audio Liturgy of the Hours is referenced in the description of the podcast episodes. All music featured on our podcast can be found on or on Amazon MP3, apart from the three featured artists above.

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128 thoughts on “Music

  1. Thank goodness I can get the office on my laptop. I purchased the app 3 times of which one got deleted from my kindle , the other to my other phone and doesn’t have service and the 3rd to my new phone. Off which I can’t use in Europe . I hope that I can get in office on my win 8 laptop in Europe at a wifi locations. These prayers have really help align me in faith with holy mother church and the preaching at mass.

  2. The Evening office tonight (Sept 6) was beautiful.. It seemed that the singing was not so high pitched. I sometimes don’t listen to all of it when I hear the singing because of the higher pitch , I find it is not as relaxing and soothing for meditating (in my opinion) as the lower pitch. Thank you for this site. I use it often.
    I love to hear Melinda sing, she has such a beautiful voice.

  3. I find the site quite wonderful. Many times I just listen, other times I read and listen and other times when time is short, I just read.
    Thank you for your ministry! I have you on my phone and I Pad..
    God Bless you as your ministry goes forth and grows
    Deacon Bill

    • I agree with you. I have felt that this ministry has helped me to not only pray the hours regularly, but I sincerely love the sung parts on Saturday and Sunday. I would love to find the music for the Te Deum that they use.

      • @serve_fidelis we published the Te Deum to amazon and iTunes if you want to find it there. The reason our version doesn’t exist elsewhere is that I heard the music sung somewhere and then went searching for the melody and was able to match it up so some ancient tuen. Then Melinda (our chantress) took what I found and adapted the tune for use in the Te Deum. Melinda is an amazing talent. She has perfect pitch and recognizes all the notes she hears. I have a paper and pencil version of the music she created to help her record it. I am not sure where that paper is, but I will find it one of these days and share it.

  4. i find the soprano singing quite ugly and can therefore not utilize the site repulsed to the trained ear of a lifetime of study of acoustic purity and vibration. Really a disappointment!

    • …I wish that I could sing as beautifully as the soprano! Seraph, are you perhaps in the midst of serious difficulties that might negatively impact your perception of life, your relationships with others, and your ability to pray?
      …Please note, significantly, that the psalms are sung on Sundays and solemnities, but otherwise are simply recited. So you will not be encounter the soprano voice on the majority of days. So don’t give up on this site too soon!
      …God bless you, Seraph. Peace.

  5. What was the name and who was the artist of the Morning Hymn to St. Joseph back on March 19th (I think).

    Peace and Prayers!

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