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About Today for Sts. Cornelius, Po & M, and Cyprian, B & M


September 16

Saints Cornelius, Pope and Martyr,
and Cyprian, Bishop and Martyr


Saint Cornelius was ordained bishop of the Church of Rome in 251. He fought against the Novatian schismatics and with the help of Cyprian was able to enforce his authority. Driven into exile by the Emperor Gallus, he died in 253 at Civitavecchia. His body was brought to Rome where he was buried in the cemetery of Saint Callistus.

Saint Cyprian was born of pagan parents in Carthage around the year 210. He was converted, ordained, and subsequently made bishop of that city in the year 249. By his writings and his actions Cyprian guided the Church through difficult times. In the persecution of Valerian he was exiled, then martyred on the fourteenth of September, 258.

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