A Christmas Letter

Monica on December 24th, 2016 | 29 comments

And this shall be a sign unto you; you shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes,
lying in a manger. – Luke 2:1-12

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Even at this late date rolls of wrapping paper are on many of our dining room tables along with the assorted bows, ribbons, and tape dispensers of gift giving. Although some of you may be terrible wrappers – too much paper and too little tape – I suspect you all savor the experience of adorning the Christmas presents with a personal touch. As you maneuver the scissors and scan the gifts, you may imagine how the recipients will respond when the wrapping paper flies up into the wind revealing the surprises nestled beneath those two-dimensional stars, trees,and reindeer. Doesn’t it do the soul some good to lovingly prepare and deliver a bit of Christmas joy?

Luke invites his audience – that’s us – to take a good look at the good news wrapped in swaddling clothes. As we gather with shepherds, angles, wise men, and well-wishers near the foot of the crib, we join mother Mary in pondering the significance of the beautiful gift cooing in our sight. What does this surprise mean for us? How should we respond to Grace unfolding before us and all people?

Perhaps we start by telling the beneficiaries of our packages and greeting cards that that are valued and loved by God and by us.

May the light and wonder of Bethlehem fill your heart with joy and love.

Peace be with you always,
Dane Falkner
God’s servant and producer of Divine Office

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29 thoughts on “A Christmas Letter

  1. Thank you for helping the vision impaired at this website. Though I am not blind, I cannot pray by using the prayer book – cannot cope with the size of the print in there…..all the printing is at the correct size, each time and ready here.

    Jo Khoo (End)

    • My wife died recently after seven years of Motor neurone disease. I tried to keep her spiritually alert with a healthy mix of video and audio, music and speech, both new and old. Your version of the office played a very important part in this. I thank you for your dedication. I too would like to attach a face to name. God bless you all. Clive Moore in Carlisle, Cumbria, England

  2. God deepens in us love for Him, knowing how he cares for our Church Fathers as we pray this Office of Readings.
    Praise Him for enriching our spirit through the 2nd Reading in OR with the teachings of our Holy Fathers and the holy Saints.
    Thank you to all concerned for bringing this to us
    Jo Khoo

  3. Divine Office.org is God’s blessing and care through all of you working together for us to pray..
    As an old lay person and with problematic vision, i do appreciate that through you all, i can participate in Office of Readings too.

    Thank you very much.
    May God bless you!

  4. this morning I gave the following reply:-

    “With apologies for this very belated reply. When I realized of late that I was being being contacted and the replies that I have sent were, maybe not correctly sent to you by me, I have tried again.”
    Thank you. Jo Khoo

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