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The martyrdom of Saint (Pope) Sixtus II and his deacons By Richard de Montbaston et collaborateurs [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

August 7

Saint Sixtus II, Pope, and Companions, Martyrs; Saint Cajetan, Priest

Optional Memorial

Today marks the optional memorial of Saint Sixtus II, Pope and his Companions; as well as Saint Cajetan, Priest. Saint Sixtus II was elected Supreme Pontiff in 257 AD. In his reign, he mediated between Rome and the Asiatic and African churches over re-baptizing heretics. Also, during this time, Emperor Valerian issued a decree persecuting Christians and forbidding them to assemble. Saint Sixtus II held to the Faith and, with a group of 6 deacons, was martyred during a gathering honoring the Lord. An oratory was erected where these men were killed and remained a place of worship until the 8th century. [1]

Saint Cajetan founded the Congregation of Clerks Regular in the 16th century. Quite bright, Saint Cajetan held degrees in both canon and civil law, working in the courts for Julius II. After Julius’ death, he left the courts and turned to social care, establishing hospitals. A return to virtue became his driving force, though, as he saw a lack of values present in religious and secular circles. After his ordination, he formed the Theatines; who would become a shining example of monastic, yet active ministry. He was canonized by Clement X in 1671. [2]

Written by Sarah Ciotti
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