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About Today for St. Ignatius of Antioch, B & M

October 17

Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop and Martyr


“Yes, one and all, you should form yourselves into a choir, so that, in perfect harmony and taking your pitch from God, you may sing in unison and with one voice to the Father through Jesus Christ.”[1]

St. Ignatius of Antioch was born in Syria around the year 50 A.D. According to tradition, he was the third bishop of Antioch, after St. Peter and St. Evodius. During a persecution, St. Ignatius held to the faith and was sent to Rome to be executed. En route, representatives of many churches welcomed him. On this grueling journey, he wrote seven surviving letters to various churches in modern-day Turkey, to Christians in Rome, and to his fellow bishop Polycarp. His letters are important witnesses to the life and thought of early Christians. In them, he emphasized Christian unity- centered on the bishop and the Eucharist, and stressed the reality of Christ’s humanity and divinity. [2][3]

Written by Sarah Ciotti
Reviewed by Fr. Hugh Feiss, OSB, STD

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5 thoughts on “About Today

  1. Lord God, I pray that I you make me worthy to be one in your service. As I reach for the Priesthood, Bless me Father. Let me only speak Your word, do Your deeds, offer Your Blessings and walk Your path. I dedicate my Priesthood to You, to Your Blessed Mother and to the Holy Infant of Atocha’. May You always hold my in your mighty hand Lord. Amen.

  2. Holy Lord, I pray for each and every person you created to your own image and likeness, let them all know your Holy word and bow down before you. Please Lord never give up on your people. We ask this by the precious blood of your Beloved son, Jesus Christ. Amen

  3. St Ignatius has given his name as a title to Eastern Orthodox and Syrian Orthodox bishops of Antioch to this day; so we pray for the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, Armenian. and . Assyrian and Protestant Christian communities in Syria today, those in Damascus, Aleppo, Qamishli, Hama and Homs and in the countryside. St Ignatius, martyr for Christ, pray
    for the Chrisians for Syria today. We remember those who have joined you in martyrdom for Christ. I write as a former Anglican chaplain in Lebanon and Syria.

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