Merry First Day of Christmas

Monica on January 10th, 2017 | 4 comments

Merry First Day of Christmas!

Dear community,

Here begins a series of small articles inspired by the theme of "The Twelve Days of Christmas" the English Christmas carol that enumerates in the manner of a cumulative song a series of increasingly grand gifts given on each of the twelve days of Christmas.
We intent them to be small gifts from us to all of you.

The First Day of Christmas ~ A Partridge in a Pear Tree

The carol goes:
"On the first day of Christmas
my true love sent to me:
A Partridge in a Pear Tree"

We imagine that the "True Love" one hears in the...

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A Christmas Letter

Monica on December 24th, 2016 | 22 comments

And this shall be a sign unto you; you shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes,
lying in a manger. – Luke 2:1-12

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Even at this late date rolls of wrapping paper are on many of our dining room tables along with the assorted bows, ribbons, and tape dispensers of gift giving. Although some of you may be terrible wrappers - too much paper and too little tape - I suspect you all savor the experience of adorning the Christmas presents with a personal touch. As you maneuver the scissors and scan the gifts, you...

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A Thanksgiving Letter

Monica on November 24th, 2016 | 21 comments

O give thanks to the Lord, call on his name, make known his deeds among the peoples. Sing to him, sing praises to him; tell of all his wonderful works. - Psalm 105:1-2

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

Let us join the psalmist in offering thanks and praise to God for the manifold blessings that continue to nourish our faith and enhance our community. My prayers of thanksgiving include words of deep appreciation for our newly formed board of directors. I remain humbled by the tremendous gifts the board members bring to the Divine Office. Clearly, the Spirit is moving among...

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Directors for

Monica on September 22nd, 2016 | 34 comments

For he is like a refiner’s fire and fuller’s soap. He will sit as a smelter and purifier of silver.
And he will purify the sons of Levi and refine them like gold and silver, so that they may present to the LORD offerings in righteousness. - Malachi 3:2b-3

Dear Divine Office Community,

A community shaped by Christ’s model of sacrifice is a community equipped to endure the fiery trials of life. As you all know we have endured great challenges over the past year. Like a purification by fire, our challenges help us grow stronger and more faithful to our...

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Homily for the Canonization of Mother Teresa

Monica on September 5th, 2016 | 7 comments

Homily of His Holiness Pope Francis
Holy Mass and Rite of Canonization of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Saint Peter’s Square, 4 September 2016

“Who can learn the counsel of God?” (Wis 9:13). This question from the Book of Wisdom that we have just heard in the first reading suggests that our life is a mystery and that we do not possess the key to understanding it. There are always two protagonists in history: God and man. Our task is to perceive the call of God and then to do his...

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Updated regarding 501(c)(3) status, music, and permissions

Dane on May 27th, 2016 | 75 comments

Dear Community,

A week ago we began the time, money, and resource intensive process to transfer the Divine Office Ministry into a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. We (me and legal experts) have completed our filing paperwork and it will be signed this weekend and submitted early next week. Once submitted, the process is expected to take a few months leading to our expected approval of 501(c)(3) status. I expect all contributions made this year will be tax deductible, but that is only my uneducated opinion.

In the past week I had a good discussion with the permissions office of GIA where we...

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Please help us with music

Dane on May 22nd, 2016 | 86 comments

Dear Community Members with Musical Talent,

We have an opportunity to dramatically improve the quality of Divine Office by improving our music. In our efforts to procure permissions for all of our music we are finding that there is a wealth of beautiful music in the public domain, but few recordings exist. Its really no surprise that a Church over 2000 years old would have masterpieces in the public domain. These beautiful hymns presents an opportunity to bring back lost treasures.

Most of these public domain hymns are relatively simple as they were intended for worship by religious communities, not choirs. If you...

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Registration issues are solved

Monica on April 30th, 2016 | 58 comments

Dear community,

We have implemented today a new registrations and login system, it had glitches that we now solved. All of you who tried to register or log in today unsuccessfully, please TRY AGAIN.

If you can't get your password reset email then please send your requested password to support (at) And please use a password with numbers, symbols, and upper and lower case. There are good reasons to use secure strong passwords everywhere.

Please know, we are doing the very best to assist you through this process and have you as members of Divine Office community.

Thank you for...

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Divine Office, challenges and changes

Monica on April 20th, 2016 | 51 comments

Dear Divine Office Community,

We have been a ministry dedicated to bringing the Liturgy of the Hours to everyone everywhere for many years. We grew out of an RCIA Committee to become facilitators of thousands of people who pray together. I have dedicated more than 10 years in God’s service to this work. In that zeal to serve and naivety we acquired some permissions, but we are missing some key ones. We have been asked, understandably so, to close off our ministry to new people while we go through the lengthy process of acquiring all permissions for this service and...

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Pro-Life Rosary Prayer Intentions

Monica on January 20th, 2016 | 8 comments

Dear community,

Coming soon, January 22 (January 23 this year) is the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. Praying the Liturgy of the Hours, you can always just pause the recording during the intercessions on Morning or Evening Prayer and add a personal intention. But we are also proposing something a bit different, hoping to inspire your prayer life:

Pro-Life Rosary Prayer Intentions

The Joyful Mysteries
The Annunciation:
For parents facing an unexpected pregnancy, that they lovingly accept the precious life God has entrusted to their care.

The Visitation:
That the...

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Merry Twelfth Day of Christmas

Monica on January 4th, 2016 | 5 comments

Merry Twelfth Day of Christmas!

The gift today is Twelve Drummers Drumming!
The twelve drummers drumming symbolize the twelve points of belief in The Apostles' Creed.

The twelve points of the Apostles Creed are as follows:
1. I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth.
2. I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord.
3. He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the Virgin Mary.
4. He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried. He descended into hell.
5. On the third day he rose again.
6. He ascended into heaven...

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Merry Eleventh Day of Christmas

Monica on January 4th, 2016 | 4 comments

Merry Eleventh Day of Christmas!

My True Love gave to me ~ Eleven Pipers Piping!

The eleven pipers piping represent the eleven faithful and loyal Apostles (minus Judas who betrayed Jesus).

Today we celebrate the Feast Day of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.

Patron of in-law problems, against the death of children, widows, death of parents, and opposition of Church authorities

Two hundred years ago, Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton founded the Sisters of Charity of St. Josephs’, the first new community for religious women to be established in the United States. She also began St. Joseph’s Academy and Free School, the first free Catholic School...

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Merry Tenth Day of Christmas

Monica on January 3rd, 2016 | 4 comments

Merry Tenth Day of Christmas!
My True Love gave to me Ten Lords a-Leaping!
The Ten Lords a-Leaping are the Ten Commandments.

These ten beneficial laws were given by God to show us how to live a better life now and please God forever. Jesus Christ explained that the Ten Commandments and all of God’s laws are based on God’s most prominent characteristic: LOVE.

God gave humanity the Bible to reveal His way of life—His way of love. The do’s and dont’s of God’s Ten Commandments show us how to apply love in every aspect of life. Jesus Christ summarized all of...

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Merry Ninth Day of Christmas

Monica on January 2nd, 2016 | 5 comments

Merry Ninth Day of Christmas!

The gift on the Ninth Day of Christmas is Nine Ladies Dancing!
Those nine ladies represent the Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit!

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control.

We pray today that you will be able to share these gifts.

Also on the Ninth Day of Christmas we celebrate the lives of St. Basil the Great and St. Gregory Nazianzus (Nazianzen) both Bishops in the Catholic Church.

St. Basil was a man of vast learning and constant activity, genuine eloquence and immense charity. This earned for him the title of "Great"...

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Merry Eighth Day of Christmas!

Monica on January 1st, 2016 | 10 comments

Merry Eighth Day of Christmas (and Happy New Year to all!)

On the Eighth Day of Christmas my True Love gave to me…..Eight maids a-milking.
From a literal sense milk was a luxury in the 15th and 16th century because with no refrigeration it would spoil quickly.
So milk, in and of itself, was a generous gift.
The eight maids a-milking represent the Eight Beatitudes, a wonderful and generous gift to Christians everywhere.
Jesus promises us happiness. In fact the word "blessed" means "happy." The Beatitudes are at the core of Christ's teaching.
They fulfill the promise made to the Jewish people by pointing...

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Merry Seventh Day of Christmas

Monica on December 31st, 2015 | no comments yet

Merry Seventh Day of Christmas!
On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me Seven swans a-swimming…

Who knew swans a-swimming would create so many images and so much discussion?!

The seven swans a-swimming refer to the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit - Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Respect for the Lord. Basically, these are attributes given as a gift by the Holy Spirit to all receptive people. People are receptive when they live as close to God as possible - avoiding sin through prayer, studying the Scriptures, and engaging in the Sacraments - yes,...

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Make Prayer your New Year’s Resolution

Monica on December 30th, 2015 | 10 comments

Happy New Year!

Make Prayer your New Year’s Resolution! Make your spiritual growth and the nurturing of your faith the goals of the new year. The driving force towards any objective should always be God our Father. Honoring Him in mind and body, renouncing our pride and vanity, praying to Him for wisdom in all regards and not becoming daunted with occasional failures.

If Prayer it's already a New Year’s resolution or if it's a striving, a desire to make it a way of life, join community of prayer. We ask those of you already members to spread the...

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Merry Sixth Day of Christmas

Monica on December 29th, 2015 | no comments yet

Merry Sixth Day of Christmas!

The Sixth Day of Christmas falls on December 30th.
The gift on the Sixth Day of Christmas is Six Geese a Laying.
The eggs of the geese hold the promise of fertility and life to come; which reflects the maintenance and expansion of God’s creation. Six geese a laying represent the six days of creation.

1st Day: Creation of light and its separation from darkness

2nd Day: Creation of the firmament and division of the waters

3rd Day: Collection of waters (sea) and formation of dry land (earth); creation of plants according to their own likeness

4th Day: Creation...

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Merry Fifth Day of Christmas

Monica on December 28th, 2015 | 1 comment

Merry Fifth Day of Christmas!

The “five golden rings” represent the first five books of the Old Testament called the Torah or the Pentateuch (and generally considered the most sacred and important of all the Old Testament): 1) Genesis, 2) Exodus, 3) Leviticus, 4) Numbers, and 5) Deuteronomy, which gives the history of humanity’s sinful failure and God’s response of grace in the creation of a people to be a light to the world.

The Fifth Day of the Christmas season, December 29th, marks the feast of another martyr, St. Thomas à Becket, archbishop of Canterbury, who was killed because...

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Merry Fourth Day of Christmas!

Monica on December 28th, 2015 | no comments yet

This gift on the Fourth Day of Christmas represents the four Evangelists - Matthew, Mark, Luke and John - because they spread everywhere the good news of the Gospel.
The four collie birds (blackbirds; often mispronounced as "calling birds”; optional spelling colly, colley, curley).

Today we also celebrate the Feast Day of the Holy Innocents

Matthew 2:1-18 tells this story: Herod was “greatly troubled” when astrologers from the east came asking the whereabouts of “the newborn king of the Jews,” whose star they had seen. They were told that the Jewish Scriptures named Bethlehem as the place where the Messiah would be...

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