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3,545 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Dear brothers and sisters,
    Many years ago when the Divine Office was being recorded, I discovered a wonderful dedicated group of people, lead by Dane Falkner, and found inspiration to help out. Over all I had 33 Catholic websites add the Divine Office link to their websites.
    With the growth of technology, which I do not have any cell phone, or i Pads, or hand held devices in my elderly age, I could only watch the rapid and technological growth spreading this prayer to millions of people. Oh my contribution was minimal, and I hope benefited Dane Falkner’s wonderful development in the technological age in some small way. God bless everyone. The Lord can do wonders if we ask with a sincere and contrite heart. Let’s promote the Divine Office’s growth and support with our prayers.
    Please pray for me and my health issues. Also for the 100th Anniversary of the Feast of Fatima. May Our Lady help the world in its fallen ways. Peace and Goodness be with you always.

    • I love Divine Office in my old age it’s VERY helpful however I would like less drama. It would make it more meaningful. But I thank GOD for everything no offence please

      • Gill, as an octagenerian I can appreciate your comment. As a suggestion, why not try turning the sound off and reciting the prayers like we did back when we were using the book and could still remember the hows and whys of flipping back and forth. Turn the sound up, tho for the hymns and chants, they are inspiring. Peace and Good to you and to all.

  2. Hello Fr Clifton. I live in New Zealand so I am much earlier and each morning when I log in I have to change the date as the site is still on the previous day. When I forget I always receive a note to say I am on yesterdays date and have the chance to change it . That note comes up in a light grey shade and can be overlooked. Please look out for it.

  3. Near the top on the right hand side it says “Pick a date”. I find that sometimes works when clicking ” tomorrow” on left top doesn’t.

    • @JosG, to report issues like this, I have found that if you click on the light blue button in the lower right works well. It is the one that sometimes says “Ask A Question”. Seems like it sends an email to Monica because she responds quickly when using that. Thanks for taking a moment to help make this site better.

      • Thanks for the tip. However I am not sure whether a problem is with the site or with my computer. I have an old, rebuilt laptop that I got cheap to have as a backup. I keep it in my prayer corner; use it just for Divine office. Its performance is rather flaky. The site usually works fine on my desktop in another room.l

    • I am having an issue with audio too. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I get a long blue arrow and have to click on download on another page. It plays then but on a black screen and I can’t follow along with the text! Maybe someone can look into that. I am using a tablet. It was fine several months ago.

    • Hello, when there are troubles with the audio files on the app, please send a message through the bug reports link in your app, so that we’re provided with debug information. We recently made some changes that will allow us to have more information about the issue and thus, a more efficient way to solve it. Thank you. God bless!

  4. I am a priest in India, and our day begin much earlier than yours!!!!! so whenever I try to change it to “tomorrow.” I get back to the original page of registering myself again, with the password etc , and back to the date like today 6th Jan. for us it is 7th Jan. PLEASE please, I depend on you instead of turning pages of my breviary.

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