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4,046 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Thank you, Oh Heavenly Father for answering my prayers. You answered my prayers in a way that is so perfect, in a way that I could not imagine. Your plan covered so many bases that I did not think of. Glory be to you Heavenly Father, to you my Savior and Redeemer, Jesus and to you Holy Spirit.

  2. I pray the Divine Office in the morning and in the evening I log into this wonderful site. I find it really helpful to simply listen and absorb the prayer. Thank you to the team. May you all be richly blessed.

  3. im not catholic and yet i pray liturgy of the hours. love it. its beautiful. i love my catholic brothers and sisters, i am going to a nondenominational church but consider myself a baptist.

  4. This is my first encounter with this site and I’m hoping to learn more about the Hours, or Office, and the Church as I have recently started attending my local Catholic church, although my past experience was in the Eastern Orthodox Church. I have my own prayer practice which is special to me and I hope to keep it in some form. I haven’t been confirmed yet and I don’t have a sponsor. I’m confused on what will happen next, if anything.

    • When I joined the Church 22 years ago it was a spiritual journey to get to that Easter. It wasn’t always easy and there was much I had to come to terms with. But, all these years later I’m still here. Keep your prayer practices too! What you bring adds to the Church as well!

  5. I really liked this comment from edenj..We ask him to pray against the deceptions that are influencing us and the entire world, including the Church. Help us to experience Your affirmation when we are honest, give us courage to resist lying as a means of self-protection, and inspire our minds to recognize the truth when we hear it

  6. My soul is thirsting for you LORD. Be with me this day as my beacon, my guiding light. I thank you for all your blessings. In Jesus name. Amen.

  7. I use this service daily and what I most appreciate is the great feeling of FAITH and DEVOTION that the Divine Office team bring to the psalms

  8. Thank you for providing this service. I use the app daily for prayer time. I love to sing along with the hymns and the sp9ken responses. I started by seeing the morning and night prayers on YouTube. God bless you.

  9. Appreciating all mothers this Mother’s Day weekend. Those who have given us life, those who step into a maternal role when needed, and those who nurture and share their gifts with the world. Bless them all to grow in faith and let the love of our Blessed Mother continue to protect and guide them. Blessings,Melissa

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