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3,852 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. By the way, I always wondered why most people never insert the antiphons between the verses of the psalmody. I did that for every hour I prayed the first few years.

  2. Shel, I live in Connecticut so I called Mary Heart Crusaders. I asked them for an email address. The man was very nice and said you can send them an email with this address: [email protected] I hope you are able to find what you need. God bless.

  3. I have enjoyed listening to the Divine Office. I am alone in prayer and I feel a sense of community when I pray the Divine Office. I especially enjoy the hymns. I often find myself reflecting on these hymns throughout the day. Thank you to all who make this possible. I pray we will all listen to the voice of God in our lives and follow where he leads us. Peace to all!

    • I agree, Rebecca. I too “am alone in prayer”… This place is such a gift for those of us who don’t have other options. I don’t always come here to pray, but this has given me the habit of keeping the hours. I will copy out a psalm by hand, or write out my own praying into a book, but when I need that sense of voices beyond my own raising to God, I come here. I always consider it such a gift that this place is here. I get blown away by complaints about something offered as a gift. I will add you to my prayers today as we come to God in our alone places.

  4. I agree with Chloe. This is a beautiful ministry that is there for all of us. I believe these men and women are providing a beautiful gift and am so appreciative. We come from all walks of life. Jesus accepted all of us and invited us to come walk with him just as we are. We are so slow to embrace change and accept it. Be thankful in ALL things always. What would Jesus say to us this Holy Saturday?

  5. Pfffffff, let us be grateful for what we recieved and don’t complain as old Israel at the waters of Marabah…….always complaining without getting the essence of our salvation Be beloved children of the Father, brothers and loved ones by our Lord Jesus and strengthened and enlightened by the Holy Spirit. May God gives you discernment this Easter and His nearness to rejoice in.
    Naji [email protected]

  6. Agree with emanresu3 and others in regard to dramatization of the Readings. I have a hard time with the British accent as well and find it distracting, however well read. I simply am not used to it. Happy Easter to all at Divine Office and all who use this site.

    • Comments posted on this guest book should be of a spiritual nature and uplifting to those who read them. If a person has a problem with the voices of the wonderful people who give of their time and talent to make the Divine Office available to us, then may I suggest that going to another website for the Divine Office would be the thing to do.

      • Don’t be critical of those who want to express an opinion. Opinions contribute toward making this wonderful website even better. You are always the first to quash others. Not in the Carmelite way.

    • The problem seems to be greatly exaggerated. If you hear a voice(s) and prefer not to hear it/them, the response is simple.

      Mute it, that’s all.

  7. None of us are perfect and we view the world through the experiences and situations in our lives. I am most appreciative that those who create and maintain this Ministry of recording and making available the “Divine Office” are giving a Gift beyond what we may understand or appreciate. Jesus died for each and every one of us. Today we commemorate His Death and Sunday we will celebrate His Rising from the dead. Enter into this Mystery and Thank God for all He gives us! I especially want to Thank This Ministry of the Divine Office for all the effort you undertake and hurdles you encounter and overcome to give This Wonderful Gift ! God Bless !!!

    • I want to give a heartfelt ditto to your comment Deacon Griffin, ofs, let us praise and enter into Our Lord’s Passion for all the intentions of His Sacred a Heart who is so rejected by many and Immaculate Heart’s intentions, especially the scourge of abortion in our world and for people to find their way back to God.

  8. On this Good Friday our taught should be on Christ and Mother Mary. I cannot imagine how much She suffers along with Her Son. I guess I am guilty of caring more for how the Divine Office is recited, rather I should be grateful for all those who donate their time. Some times “ Old Age “ May cause one to not be grateful, rather than appreciate all who donate their time in making this Office. As we Resurrect with Jesus on Easter Morn, I invite you to offer your Holy Mass ( as I will ) for all who bring to us the Divine Office.
    This world is so confused and complicated. Our prayers should be for what our President calls “ Making America Great “ rather
    than the little thing that are meaningless.
    Happy Easter from an Old Man waiting for Jesus to call him home.

  9. May everyone have a most blessed and Holy Week this week, especially Easter Sunday Peace to our families and consolation to those homebound/nursing homes, and lets pray for those in our families and friend circles who are missing out on all the graces of Holy Week and the whole year for repentance and conversions, Thank You all at DivineOffice, com you do a fantastic job and have a most joyful Easter and Easter Season.

  10. Correct the sound is optional. Use it please.Stop for a moment please just a brief moment please and remember today those in torment who would give everything to hear the spoken word of God. Who read their Bibles in secret for fear of being imprisioned..beaten..and who knows what else. They would give anything to have access to this gift of the Divine Office. But here we are sitting on fancy cushions…on expensive pews magnificant churches ..expressing our first world problems ..oh the reading is so dramatic…oh the singing is not up to scratch…oh go to a monastery and learn how to read like it should be read…blah blah blah…how spoilt we are Lord and how ungrateful too… Let us even if just for today…cry with Mary at the foot of the Cross…be Simon and but above all NEVER forget how much God loves us. To the readers and singers and all involved in making this an amazing wonderful place to nourish our souls…Take a are wonderful. Thank you and God Bless you. With all my love. Jacinta.

    • Oh my goodness, Ms. Nagoor ! I’m afraid you are sadly mistaken in presuming that all of us are “sitting on fancy cushions” or “in expensive pews”. I humbly assure you that you do not speak for me in that regard, nor the MANY members of religious orders who use this site.

  11. The sound is optional. If the “dramatic reading” is bothersome, turn the sound off after the hymn. Do keep it on for the hymn, though as that sets the mood for contemplation. Be thankful to these good folks for all that they do in making these readings available. Peace and Good, Jerry

    • I don’t find her too distracting at all, but then I am new to this. It is Holy Week, what would Jesus say about all of this? Shouldn’t we be focusing on love of what He has done for us all? I understand that some people find it very distracting, but for myself, I have attention issues due to severe pain, so I am Very grateful for this site. God Bless Divine Sorry if I have offended anyone, just my thoughts. Let’s enter into His passion and life giving Ressurection. Think of all the hours it took to create this site. God Bless everyone who uses this site….

  12. For some time now I have been requesting that the readers use a monotone for reading, and pause only briefly at the end of the line as they do in the monasteries. These are not “poetry” readings. It is the Divine Word, and each word has significance, When someone puts a dramatic reading into the words, it hinders the meaning each person may derive from any other words. The emphasis on any given word may vary in the heart of the listener depending on that individual at that particular time. Please encourage your readers to attend a monastery if there is one nearby to hear the cadence and effectiveness of monotonic reading. I very much appreciate this site, and am grateful to those who perform this service. God bless you all.

    • I fully agree have spoken about it sometime ago but nothing will change. I also turn off at times when just can’t put up with it. But it may be difficult to find people to read and it seems she is always there. Peace

      • I turn off also when it gets too distracting. She has taken this on as a ministry. Means well, but yes it is distracting. One of the male readers also, however God bless them for their efforts.

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