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3,672 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. I’m using your format of the Divine Office to teach a group (EnCOURAGE) of Catholic adults Evening Prayer, hoping they eventually adopt the Liturgy of the Hours as part of their daily devotions.

    As my French grandmother would say, “Merci beaucoup!”

  2. Whoa! Jacinta in New Zealand, beautifully said, love your post it was everything that was on my mind but couldn’t express it as well as you did. My prayers are with you and the great team of Divine Office. I live in Florida, wish I could send some of our sunshine to you; though I think you are the sunshine to the people in your life. God’s blessing!

  3. Hello God, It’s me Jacinta from Wellington , New Zealand. You know where that is. So if you are looking from the sky we are right at the bottom next to Australia.So I’ve been meaning to ask You what happened to Summer. We never had one you know.It was the Kaikoura earthquake so bad that the sea bed rose. Fancy that. Then really bad weather mostly. So much to complain about but there are bigger events that need my prayers so I am so grateful that I can find some alone time with this AMAZING Prayer Site that helps nourish my soul. I go to Holy Mass as often as I can during the week. I spend at least half an hour with Jesus at the Blessed Sacrament and attend Mass every Sunday.I recently met a Missionary Priest currently based in Pakistan. Wow . That was humbling. I then got to read about the Voice of the Martyrs. I realized how trivial pronunciation or words in a prayer, the way a Psalm is read or even sung for that matter , who reads, etc..etc.. All the things we find fault with. I realized we have a Site we can read in private or public. I got to love the tireless people behind the scene that make this site work. Thank You for them God. Yes Thank You. Bless them and us who depend on this site. Protect those who can only worship you privately or secretly. And protect me from anyone who will be annoyed with me after reading this post. I LOVE You so much.

    • Oh, yes, you are so right! So much to be thankful for. I am Linda from Texas. God knows where I am, too! Love this site so much, as well. This is how I learned to say the Liturgy of the Hours. You didn’t have a summer, and we didn’t have a winter up here. We are having a glorious spring, however. There is so much to pray for, so much evil. I’ve taken mysel off facebook and most other sites and just stick to those that uplift my soul. The Office of Readings has included Revelation, and I wonder if Babylon is less allegory and more geography. So much prayer needed; so little time. I have to keep reminding myself that God’s got this. Keep calm and pray on!

  4. I am just going to say something that has been on my mind for quite a while. We are a community that is supposed to be united in prayer through Jesus Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit. When there is bickering and complaining based on preferences that do not really matter it is a source of division and is ultimately a scandal to our Christian Faith. I Want to personally thank the team for their time and effort in putting this site together. I have Cerebral Palsy and would not be able to pray the liturgy of the hours if this wonderful ministry did not exist. May The Blessed Virgin Mary Queen Of Peace and Help of Christians pray for us. May God Bless You and your families abundantly . Happy Easter as well Alleluia

  5. Please keep a great friend in prayer who has been given a terminal diagnoses and is filled with faith knowing she can still be healed if it is Gods will.

  6. MKB’s comment regarding her preference for the psalms being read rather than sung was not deserving of the quip, “You have the option not to use the pod cast.” MKB’s thoughts were respectfully conveyed. There seems to be a pattern of quick criticism on this site when a difference of opinion occurs. In Christ-like fashion, let’s respect each other and be kind when we don’t agree.

    • Why is it that speaking frankly has become ofton critized. If I donnot care for the pslams to be sung I just turn off the music and read it. No need to request others presenting their method of prayer to suit each preference. Espcially when the signing is the original of praying the plasms.
      Our blessed choice is to use this well produced format or find another.
      Personally this is the most reverant way to pray the Hours. No need to struggle under which next is needed . …….
      And the hymns are spectacularly done reverantly and in the recommend chant of VCII.
      This is a most spiritual way to resight the Hours.
      Thank you for all the diligent work being done to follow guide lines of our Great Apostolic method for worshiping our great God in the most proper manner; especially for the lay population.
      Sue Hamilton

    • I agree with you , Mary . I once expressed a polite opinion that I found dramatic reading distracting ; and I was actually bullied on this site for weeks by one particular person , before it was dealt with . To the point where this ” Christian ” was saying I must be mentally ill ! By their fruits you shall know them .
      I don’t usually comment on here any more after that experience. .. This is an exception

      • moirajean–Amoung the many things I like about this site is the number and variety of people. It is a community of real people. We can pray together and love each other in the Lord. There are several times when I turn off the audio: May we all love and pray foe one another in CHRIST.

  7. Thanks for all you do Dan in keeping us informed. Good to know. I also prefer the most traditional for Divine Office and Mass. The new is OK for personal listening on own time., to me anyhow, Thanks again for ll you do.

  8. I know this is asking a lot, but I would really love it if there was an option to have the psalms recited rather than sung, especially during Easter Week where it impacts all of the hours all week. I appreciate the hard work and talent of those who have chanted these but sometimes it is hard for me to listen to – e.g. if I am having migraines. I also find it harder to pay attention to the meaning of the psalms when they are sung. Thanks for all you do.

    • MKB-The psalms are usually song during the octave of Easter
      and sometimes through out the Easter season. You have the
      option not to use the pod cast.

      • Thanks, Alicia. I was simply making a request, recognizing that it was not a reasonable one! Because my brain was afflicted during much of Easter week, both reading and listening to chant was hard for me, whereas listening to the hours being read would have been helpful. But I know that they cannot design something just to accommodate me. 🙂

    • MKB, while I understand your situation, I happen to love the chanting because it reminds me of the monks in the monasteries and the religious who chant the Divine Office instead of just praying it. I guess that’s why I love the Latin Mass, with the Gregorian chants of antiphons and psalms. It definitely has a soothing, calming effect on me. I happen to have a CD which has nuns chanting the Divine Office during Easter, and I enjoy listening to it.

  9. Would it be possible to sing the Benedictus? Our OCDS community is having difficulty to find the proper pace in which to sing it on our formation day. Some sing it as if at a race and others as if at a funeral.
    God reward for your good work.

  10. God Bless you for this site! I am going through a difficult time with my mom being ill and receiving treatment that makes me a little more than nervous. Praying the Hours keeps me centered on Christ throughout the day which has given me the hope and light that I have needed at the right time. I enjoy the audio, it makes me feel like I’m praying within a group (which I know I am, with everyone “now praying”). The hymns are so beautiful and I appreciate each for their own uniqueness. Even though chanting or singing the psalms in morning and evening prayer adds time, it has been gratifying for me. I love you all and pray for the continued success of this ministry.
    Yours in Christ and Mary,

  11. Speaking of music, while I have generally enjoyed the Hymns used (though this past week some have been a bit long and tedious), I have found the singing of the Psalter…how can I put this nicely… quite bad. Recommend you keep to having the psalms read, not sung. My honest opinion, not meant to insult, but to improve.

  12. Dane, I didn’t use the audio in the evening prayer as I am in the hospital and unfortunately audio not available here. I just saw the written version which has alleluia in it. My apology for assuming it was sung. God bless this ministry. We certainly need it. Bobbie

    • Bobbie, Monica handles the content on the site and I forgot to tell her that Kathleen produced this special Lenton version at my request. Thanks for making me aware of it. May God help in your healing.

  13. I see several comments regarding music and wanted to post a few quick points about it. First, most of the hymns you have been hearing for the past several months are the hymns intended for and used in the Divine Office for over a thousand years (and you will see some of these in the next translation). Second, Catholic music is being created in modern times, but not for Divine Office, what you hear is intended primarily for the Mass. Third, (imho) there is a substantial profit motive that biases publishers to publish their own new music and not the treasures already within the Church. Forth, the vast majority of what we think of as traditional Catholic music didn’t exist before our parents were born. Before that we used our Church’s true masterpieces, which today we wouldn’t consider as such, let alone think it was our traditional music, but it was! The music we use is as traditional as it gets.

    Blessing to you all and may you all have a Holy Holy Week!

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