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3,971 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Welcome to potential Knights of Columbus members. Please join us in this wonderful prayer of the Church. The world needs our unceasing prayers. God bless.

  2. Good Morning!!

    I just wanted to thank you for your info on using the date in your address, works great!!

    Thank you again for this beautiful ministry!!

  3. I noticed you did nnot have the pages listed.

    Today Monday, January 11th we Begin Volume III
    All from Monday Week I, Page 702,
    Office of Reading Mon, 1st Week of Ordinary time Page 53
    Night Prayer Monday, page 1275I have an extra ordo if you would like it.

    Blessings & Prayers

  4. Enjoy using the application whilst traveling – will the audio sections soon return for all the hours? I recently purchased the application for my iphone and found it very good . . . but I bought it for the audio feature. God bless your work. Ora et Labora

    • We had a small bug on our system that missscheduled some of the audio files. That should be working again.

      The content that you can expect to see is as follows:
      Invitatory Psalm – audio and full-text
      Office of Readings – audio on solemnities and full-text
      Morning Prayer – audio with some days full-text
      Midday Prayer – text only
      Evening Prayer – audio with full-text
      Night Prayer – audio with text outline

      We are working hard to have Office of Readings in audio form for Ordinary Time, but can’t promise it yet.

      We are also reworking much of our Morning Prayers to bring them more inline with our new format.

      This is a lot of work and we are doing our best, but the one thing you can be assured of is that there will be more and more and better and better all the time.

      Thanks for joining us in prayer!

  5. Thank you for producing Divine Office. I use it each day on my iPhone. I particularly like the application which allows us to see dots where others are praying. I truly makes me feel a part of the great community praying in other parts of our world.

  6. Happy New Year Dane and everybody. My wife and I enjoy starting our day with morning prayer.

    The past couple days the full text of morning Prayer has the Canticle of Mary instead of the Canticle of Zechariah. The audio file is fine. Probably just a cut and paste error in the template.

  7. Those who use the 4 volume LOH set, a reminder. A free email website that has pdf sheet with a week’s worth of Liturgy of Hours, by page numbers for each item. It is a printable two sided sheet that fits right into the book. It is free, or a charitable donation can be made. It is very useful.
    [email protected]

    Peace and goodness always.

  8. Could there be a Palm WebOS application?

    Also, could there be a way to include the Roman Calendar on the site? So that if for 1/4/10 one wanted to pray the office in the name of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton and not simply the office of the 2nd Week of Christmas?

  9. Thanks so much for adding the ribbon placement information on the podcast. I just received the 4 volume set and I was a lttle lost at first. I was used to the Christian Prayer single volume set.
    Thanks again,
    Larry A. Franz

    • There was some discussion about using a Blackberry in the feedback area of our site so you may want to see if anything has developed.

      What may work is for you to use a podcast client. There are many good ones. Then subscribe directly to our podcast feed.

  10. Good Morning!

    I have a few questions, please. Why are some of the links not working, it says play but nothing happens? And also, how come there is only night prayer?

    • If you find a link that does not work then please let us know, but if you are referring to the tabs on our site then they work, but there is not always content. You will see in the feedback area that we discuss the content delivery.

      During the Christmas season we are a little less complete then we would like because of conflicts with our own families and Christmas events, but we are working hard to keep on the minimum, which is Morning and Evening Prayer.

    • I just added our feed to Zune. Try searching for Divine Office and when you find it, please leave us a positive review to help others find us on the Zune. Happy Advent and Christmas!

  11. God Bless all of you who bring this treasure online. God will reward you immensily.
    Merry Xmas and a Happy 2010 filled with praises to God. Our prayers will bring God back to the center of peoples lives.

  12. HI everyone,

    I notice that itunes is missing parts of the daily office
    in recent times. If you could fix that I (and others)
    would really appreciate it.

    Peace to all who work behind the scenes this Christmas
    and 2010.

  13. I have tried to teach myself the Divine Office and it has been so difficult for me. I found the Divine Office on ITunes and now I listen to it on my iPod. Thank you for doing this and now I can listen to the hours on the hours that everybody is praying. God Bless all of you. Please have a very Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful New Year in the Name Of Our Lord.

  14. Those who use the 4 volume LOH set, a reminder. A free email website that has a week’s worth of Liturgy of Hours, by page numbers.
    [email protected]

    Simply sign up for the email, and you will find every prayer, by page number, easily. Peace and Goodness always. It is a printable two sided sheet that fits right into the book.

    To simply get the latest issue, go to this website:
    Click on “Print this Week’s Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours”
    Peace and goodness always.

    • Hi, Morning Prayer and Office of Readings are not recorded. Guess I must be ahead of the you all because of living in Sri Lanka, hence the delay.
      God bless
      Love and prayers

      • @Marianne Johnpillai,

        Dear Marianne, Due to circumstances of the website manager
        for [email protected] , he has had to have people pay a small fee to have the bulletin available. I do not know why the Morning Prayer and Office of readings were omitted. His wife prepares the list. It usually is for the Ordinary Office reading and not so much for the Feasts, etc.
        You can contact him, and he will reply to you. He is a very nice person, and works hard to encourage the Catholic faith.
        Pax et Bonum

      • @Marianne Johnpillai, Morning Prayer and Office of Reading audio has now been posted. I am sorry we can’t get it out early enough to serve all time zones, but we are reworking all of our Easter content and the work load is simply overwhelming. You will find that everything is much much better during Ordinary Time.

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