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3,618 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your Divine prayer sight it helps to “Pray without ceasing” as our Lord wants for us.
    God Bless you 100 fold……

  2. Saint Joseph or San Guiseppe, as we call him in Italian, is one of the quiet characters in the Bible, but nonetheless, a very important one. His gentle spirit is such that he relied on his Faith in making his next move. Wherever God told him to go, he went. What a great inspiration! Saint Joseph, pray for us!

  3. First, off, thank you so much for all you do. I love using the Divine Office Ap and website and this has helped me pray the Liturgy of the Hours on a regular basis. Your site is very straightforward whereas other sites seem confusing to me.

    I teach RCIA at my parish and was going to introduce the Catechumens and Candidates to your ap and website but we could not find the ap any longer. Any idea when this might be available again?

    Thank you so much and God Bless!

  4. I’m dizzy from so many problems. Let us talk about our reflections upon Saint Paul’s words on suffering by St. Leo the Great comments. It came to mind that if we don’t purposely direct our sufferings for someone specifically, as for me my wounds won’t turn into rays of peace for my healing and into the rays of glory for the healing of others.

  5. I use The Dicine Office every day. Never missed a day. It’s a GREAT help rather that saying it alone. I am GRATEFUL for all who work at doing this everyday. It takes discipline and is work. I must say I am not. Crazy about the music but I understand the reason it’s expensive to use music that is for a better word registered. However the DIVINE OFFICE is a BLESSING and I can’t u derstood why more people. ( Priest ) don’t use it I recommend it highly Fr. Gill

  6. I have my daughter & a dear friend who are waiting patiently to be able to receive divine Are new people available to join now & how do we go about it?
    God bless this ministry

    • Hello Dolores, I’m sorry, we do not have a date yet for when this work would be available freely. I humbly ask that we pray to our Lord for that intention. Thank you! God bless!

  7. I agree with Barbara that a photo of our leaders would be wonderful but it should be put on your Facebook page rather than this site.
    Chloe aka Marie Clotilde of the Sacred heart,OCDS

  8. What is the protocol for when to recite the hours when attending Mass: before or after? For example, if I normally recite Vespers at 5:30 but attend the Sunday vigil Mass at 5:00 do I pray the Office before or after?

    • I don’t think it matters. In fact, in my Congregation (Sisters of the Good Shepherd), we have weekday Mass at 5 p.m. One of the local communities prays Evening Prayer together after Mass; the other local community prays it at 4:30, before Mass. Do whatever makes the best flow for you, based on both your temporal and spiritual realities.

  9. Dear Leaders of the Divine Office on the podcast,

    Your ministry is deeply appreciated and as a Secular Carmelite I pray the Divine Office every day. The podcast that you so generously provide, makes me feel like I am praying the Office with a community of believers. You have no idea what this blessing does for me! Would you consider posting a group picture of our leaders to make it an even more virtual reality of community praying together?

    Thanking you in advance for your consideration.

    Gratefully in the Divine Will,

    Barbara Straszewski
    Amen Alleluia of the Divine Will, OCDS

  10. I just wanted to say “God Bless You and Thank You” for providing such a wonderful service.
    I use your PC Website when at the hermitage and your Android Tablet App when on the road so I can stick to my regular schedule of participating in the Divine Office which you and your crew so wonderfully put together.
    I have also found lately in participating in your Divine Office readings for those souls in purgatory a great addition especially when on the bus or train when looking at a much longer trip.
    That is really all I wanted to say here. I wanted to give you a little praise because sometimes we forget to say how thankful we are to those people that bring something so special into our lives each and everyday.

    Thank You Since 2010
    † Brother William

  11. Hello Cathy, this is not from any fault of our own or yours. It is the browser you use that is caching the "welcome" page in place of the correct page. It should be enough to press shift-reload (CTRL+R for Windows) on any given page to force the browser to load everything from the server instead of using the copy stored on your local computer. If that doesn’t work, please try this:

    A simple search with google for how to empty browser cache for, let’s say, Safari on iPhone, will get you the instructions you need if that link I sent is not useful.

    There is an "around the issue solution" but only if you can’t manage to delete the browser cache. Scroll to the end of the page you do manage to open and access the prayers from the links at the bottom of the page.

  12. Hi,
    Yesterday (2/27) and today 2/28, I cannot get the audio to play. Is this a glitch on your end or is it me? I have never had difficulty before. (It comes up, looks normal, says it is playing at 00:00, but does not actually start.) Thanks.

    • I also have trouble with the audio. Sometimes it plays and sometimes it doesn’t. If I click tbe download it goes to a black screen and plays the entire audio but can`t see the text to follow along. Love the hymns! Am learning beautiful traditional hymns! Please fix the audio!

  13. Hello Monica, I have a similar question, Today’s morning prayer, February 27th, I had different Psalm-prayers in my single volume. I couldn’t find the ones used. Am I missing something?

  14. I need a little technical advice. I am learning to pray TLOH by using my volume of Christian Prayer and the website. Last night (Sunday, Feb. 26), I could not find the final prayer for the Evening Prayer. It was indicated that it was in the Proper of the Season, but it just wasn’t there. I did look in other places, thinking I had momentarily lost my mind (always a possibility), but still no joy. Any hints on where it might be found? Thanks!!

    • Hello Linda,

      The concluding prayer of many of the Hours is taken from the Collect Prayer used in the Mass. With the new English translation of the Roman Missal the Collect Prayers changed and so changed many, but not all, of the concluding prayers we provide. Here is our guideline:

      "The Committee (for Divine Worship) further suggested that certain other substitutions could also be made, but noted that these adaptations were optional and not required. For example, there are many instances in which the concluding prayer at various hours of the Liturgy of the Hours coincides with the Collect at that day’s Mass. A person who recites the Liturgy of the Hours privately or who leads this prayer in common is free to use the new translation of the prayer if so desired, but would equally be free to continue using the older version printed in the breviary."

      • Dear Monica, thank you for that explanation as in the future it will keep me from frantically flipping through pages looking for a prayer that isn’t there.

        Having said that, it is still very disconcerting when this happens. May I request that when you all use the updated prayers from the Missal that this fact be noted and the appropriate page number in the Missal listed at the top of the page for the hour in question- just as you currently do for both the 4-volume LOTH and the 1-volume Christian Prayer.

        Kind Regards,

        – Dawg

    • That appears to be true for many days in the four volume set. I can’t find an instruction for it , but I think the same prayer is used for both Morning and “Evening Prayer on these days.

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