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3,765 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. I love , it makes praying the D.O. so much easier, and the beautiful songs etc make it so enjoyable when praying alone. Thank you for what you do.

  2. I pray with enthusiasm at DivineOffice.Org daily! I especially ENJOY the special “bonus” readings from important figures in Church History included in the OFFICE OF READINGS! What a pleasure and joy! In 364 days’ mass-during-the-year with Good Friday off, I would, probably, never hear homilies with such profound and pertinent wisdom!


    God Bless You for Your Inspired Work!

  3. I am in India, Mumbai, and have a problem downloading “tomorrow” ….. i get your opening page, which states do you want to sigin {yes] then do you want to log out?????

  4. Greetings in the name of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Please to remember to pray for our TIV brothers and sisters in Benue state of Nigeria, that the good Lord in His mercy should come to their aid, and all other persons in need of God mercies!

  5. Monica,

    Now that you have your 501(c)(3) designation, I would like to begin donating annually from my charitable fund, rather than directly on a monthly basis.

    Could you please provide your EIN and mailing address, and tell me how to accomplish this change.

    Thank you,

    Henry Hermann

  6. Hello all. It seems there is a glitch managing the reminders section of the app in my iPhone. The app would crash…..anyone experiencing this?

    • Yes that is exactly the same issue I had. I deleted the app from my phone then re-downloaded from my purchases in the APP store. I got rid of the reminders and the app has been working.

  7. Having issue loading the iPhone app. I also looked to re-download the app however I could not find it on the app store? Is there a way to correct the app?

      • I can’t open the app on my iPhone or iPad the last two days. I don’t think the app is available in the iTunes app store anymore. Don’t delete the app unless you’re sure you can re-install from a backup.

        This raises a second question. How do we re-install the app if it is corrupted if the app is no longer available in the iTunes Store?

        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year all!

      • Hi – I was having the same issue. My app suddenly stopped loading two days ago. Follow these steps to fix it. 1) Delete the app. 2) Go to App Store 3) Click your profile picture. 4) Click on Purchased > My Purchases 5) Re-download the app from here. It worked for me. Hopefully for you too. God bless.

  8. I am asking for prayer for my Mother who is 94 years old and is in Heart and Kidney Failure. She is resigned to the Will of God.

    I also ask for prayer for a young man who is plagued by Alcoholism and Depression. Please pray for this man to be healed and for his family who are also suffering.

  9. Wondering why Divine cant go public? Just prayed Vespers with some priests at an event and each participant received a booklet consisting of Evening Prayer, Dec. 15, 2017, Friday of the Second Week of Advent, printed from the Acknowledgments page at the back of the Vesper’s booklet had all the copyright info. From ICELAND, etc.

  10. I absolutely Loved the rendition of Joyful We Adore Thee” by Johanna Montealto which was sung today at Morning Prayer. This Ministery is a Great Gift to All of Us! I pray each day for those who dedicate their time and energy to creating and perpetuating this opportunity to Praise Our God Together !

    • HI from Mr Patch in the UK, I also loved Joyful We Adore Thee and Joanna Montealto sang it beautifully. I was so inspired by itthat I wrote the lyrics down. I have played Ode to Joy on the Church organ as a voluntary, but having the lyrics as s hymn was abdolotrly fantastic. Thank you Divine Office

  11. Thank you Lord for this minisstry and all its marvelously talented staff and generous contributions snd to those who don as te to help keep this ministry going strong. May sll pray for all priests all over the world, especially those servin in dangerous areas of war, famine strife and persecution and death , ill, infI r m and elderly, aespecially those gravely I’ll like Father Apostolic of EWTN. And all religious and seminarians

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