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3,703 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. I appreciate each and everyone of the volunteers who freely give their time and their talents to this great endeavor. I believe that this site is not an easy task to produce nor maintain. I am grateful to have this opportunity at my fingertips with no fuss involved…very seamless;no distractions which makes it easier to be one with the Lord.

  2. Kathleen has a beautiful voice, but I would like more variety in the chanters/singers. How about Srs Briege and Mary or Johanna or male singers, also more latin chants. Office of reading has different voices which I find less distracting. Thank you Jesus for this site,
    ps, I would encourage more contributions. I send a small monthly contribution that is automatically debited from my account, don’t even miss it. God Bless, BobbieK

    • I love Rebecca voice too. But I’m having a hard time finding her music online. But I do miss Melinda. I assume the reason we don’t hear her much anymore is part of the whole copyright thing. But either way I’ve been very very happy with the song selections lately. I love the ancient hymns.

  3. If you like Kathleen Lundquist’s chants sung here, you can thank her by clicking on her name (shown in red) that will take you to her web site.

  4. Thank you for this wonderful ministry. I was received into the Church a year ago last Easter, and to be able to join in the ancient voice, praise, rhythym of Christians has deepened my spiritual life beyond words. Literally: I am eternally grateful! God be with you; Peace be with you.

    • Congratulations on your reception into the Church. You have found the LOH quote quickly and will be a great blessing in your life as you proceed. Stick with it for you are on a great adventure and pray confidently.

  5. I used to find some of the readers annoying until I began to envision them as seen through the eyes of our Lord….now I hear only their love for God and this wonderful ministry….Thanks to everyone for contributing to this holy experience and making it possible for me to share it with you.

  6. Thank you for providing the opportunity for more people to pray the Office. God bless you for your time and efforts.
    Deacon Tim

  7. Hi! Thanks for your great commentaries and synopses of Saints’ lives! Today, you said that St. Maria Goretti would rather die than be abused, but that’s not true at all. St. Maria loved her life, her family, and most of all her God. She was willing to endure poverty, humiliation and yes, even the suffering of constant abuse by the Serenellis. What she would not endure, in fact, was committing a sin of impurity, in this case, fornication. That was what she chose to die over rather than endure, as evidenced by her most emphatic words: “No! It is a sin!” Being abused and committing the sin of impurity are two entirely different things. Please remember St. Maria’s legacy was to deny sin, not suffering.

  8. I feel like the “About Today” for St. Maria Goretti misses the point about her death. Maria would rather have died than have Alessandro endanger his soul by abusing her. It wasn’t so much that she was heroic in resisting sexual abuse, but that she was heroic in her care for her attacker’s soul and then in her forgiveness of him, even in the midst of her agony.

  9. Thank you readers! The woman is excellent! Timing and emotion right on! All of you do a great job. The readings have more passion and depth!! Thanks!

  10. The voice that does the reading for Lauds today is not exactly pleasant- quite to the contrary. Is there a reason he has to do it?

    • I am puzzled by this one Father. I often have an issue with the readers but I’ve learned to just keep it to myself. It just causes consternation to bring it up. But I went back and listen to this one and it’s not even spoken. It Is song. Are you talking about the correct prayer?

      • I agree with you ,
        Comments about certain readers have been made in the past , and it’s easy to get involved ; but it does cause consternation . But we all have to learn .
        it doesn’t make a difference anyway , because all of the readings are pre – recorded and fixed now . I just appreciate this site so much and if I find a reader distracting , it’s easy to turn the audio off and read it myself .

  11. Thank you for your wonderful ministry!
    Yesterday after night prayer, I wrote:
    God is here,
    I am sure
    He is everywhere
    the flowers bloom in winter
    the laughing toddlers
    the deep gaze of parents on their child
    The calm sea
    The beach and blue sky
    the good
    the game
    The sun in winter
    A breeze in the heat
    The beauty
    The senior walking home
    The dog wags it’s tail
    The wheelchair dance
    Mother Teresa
    The clutches
    The volunteers
    The love
    God is here
    I can’t prove
    But I am sure
    My students smile at me
    They are sure.
    Thomas Cheung

  12. Good evening my friends in Christ. Read ;and reread the words in the Mass today. They need to be taken to heart. The trials of those who protected and gave us our faith.We too must give of our selves to protect the faith. God bless. Dcn Hank

  13. Again we are reminded what a blessing your ministry is for us. We went out to get some ice cream and stopped by the river to look at the beautiful evening sky as a coming storm approached. My husband and I both had our cell phones and were able to get the Evening Office and pray it together, right then. It was just one of many times we have been able to do such a wonderful thing “on the fly” so to speak. Thank you so much for your continuing efforts

  14. We had our Carmelite formation day today. Our table of 6 discussed our difficulties praying the hours required by our Province. All of us seem to have difficulty doing it. I told them about your App. All of them appreciate praying in community, the audio application, and no ribbons. God reward you for this gift. Linda (Paula Marie of the Sacred Heart)

    • In reply to Linds regarding learning LOTH, it’s easier if you get the 4 volumes,everything in order, less flipping back and forth.

  15. Today’s 10.6.17 Daytime prayer Hymn is an excellent choice. My hat is off to the person who suggested it. Prayers also. Please tap this source and place more of same in your scheduling. You all are accomplishing so much for us – may you be richly rewarded.
    pax – josef – Fatima PT

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