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3,597 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. We seem to have had a big increase in users this week. Just want to welcome the newcomers and thank them.. Appreciate and enjoy the additional support in prayer. – Joe

  2. My dear people of God, i will sing of God goodness and mercies for ever as long as i live! There are many unjust situations, but we know that God is suffering with us, experiencing them at our side. He does not abandon us His children! Please do remember me and my family in your prayers. Thank you all beloved in Christ.

    This is one beautiful video about how the Lord interacts with us in our Life -and we even know! The lyrics are Portuguese- but They mean- He nevers gives up on you- You are really important to Him, doesn’t matter what you are or what you were.How many times you have failed- or being sad -doesn’t matter how deep the darkness- He will forgive the past- He understands your walk through life- He won’t give up=
    There has never been a love like His.He wont give up on you-You are important to Him, He is concerned about you He will never give up-
    Enjoy and have a blessed week!!

  4. How especially beautiful are the prayers this morning ! Psalm 118 is so comforting and strengthening in difficult times . Thank God and everyone involved in keeping this site available to us .

  5. I feel a great sense of gratitude for the ministry that is presented here. It is very possible that I might not be praying the LOTH at all without this wonderful ministry. One thing I really pray that happens, is this whole royalties mess gets cleaned up so that we can all hear the wonderful hymns that are just waiting to be heard. I wish that the Lord blessed me with the funds to pay for it, because having those hymns available to match up with the prayers is akin to not only seeing flowers, but smelling them too. I hope it happens. God bless your ministry.

  6. Why are people questioning another person’s prayer day and devotion? No human knows what goes on in another human’s heart or that person’s relationship with God except Our Father God, His Son and Our Savior Jesus Christ and the Blessed Holy Spirit as He descends on us daily with grace and mercy. Please, please STOP questioning and offer your daily prayer in a way that is fit for you and let OUR FATHER GOD do the questioning and judging.

  7. to efsjhh001-
    no apologies needed-;-) no offense taken-;-)
    Thank you for your kind comments and blessing.
    Pray,pray pray- and no matter what- you’ll have Joy joy joy!!

  8. I wrote not too long ago for help and am still having the same problem. Please try to help me again. Sometimes (not always) I cannot gain access to the day’s prayers. (Sometimes, I admit, I am finally sitting down to pray Vespers and Compline and it is 1:30 a.m. the next morning, but with the various options available, I still can’t get access to those prayers. But choosing an unconventional time is not an apt description for the main trouble I am having so I don’t want to focus on that.) Just now I tried to pray Midday prayer and it took me nineteen attempts at rechoosing the date or re-choosing midday prayer, etc., and finally I got it. Most days I can get Office of Readings easily but simply cannot get into the Invitatory at all. If I were unable to gain access to everything all the time, that would be something that I think your last response would address. But I can gain access to some of the prayers some of the time and vice versa. Today I had to use my breviary for the Invitatory and Morning Prayer, but could gain access here for Readings and, as I’ve mentioned, to Midday Prayer also, but only after 19 attempts. (I counted this time to render the best description I can of what happens.) Yesterday I accessed Midday Prayer with no difficulty at all. I really can’t imagine anymore whether that means the trouble is with my computer or at your end, but I so appreciate this site that I do wish we could resolve it. Suggestions?

  9. After reading all the comments on how the prayers are recited I must say that even tho it is distracting it is a lot better than when I first started praying with DO a few years ago. I felt like I was at a stage play then. Also not to focus on just one reader, one of the male voices also should should be aware that his hesitation in some of his readings is a distraction .
    Divine Office has come a long way and I thank them for the time and effort they put in this apostolate. I just hope the readers receiving all these comments have broad enough shoulders to accept this constructive criticism in love.
    If we let anger come into this comment section, than we are doing the devils work. Criticism (if it needs to be said) should be done with love for our neighbor. Let”s pray for each other as well as for all who make this site possible. God bless, Bobbie

  10. A comment about all of the comments on reading “dramatically”. I’m sure everyone has their personal preference of exactly how they would like to hear each passage – and those preferences will inevitably differ.

    However, as one who proclaims reading as a lector, I believe there is a middle ground between simply reading a text and doing a dramatic interpretation. To read with expression is to allow the Spirit to bring the words to life through me – to convey a meaning and not just recite words.

    This is not so easy to do. (Try recording yourself reading and notice how challenging this can be!) In event, I am grateful for all who do their best to lead me in prayer here. When I find myself irritated or distracted by a manner of reading, I remind myself that the fault most likely lies within me.

    • No , MKB . The fault does not lie with you , it lies with the reader . I know you are trying to be kind , but we should also be honest . The church teaches us to read with a certain rhythm , but teaches us not to read dramatically . We should obey the churches instructions on it .
      We should also be grateful for the hard work put into it , and express our appreciation , which we have . Constructive , honest criticism , especially when it has been requested , is loving and helpful .

      • Hi moirajean,
        Thanks for your comment – but I was not simply being kind. When I become irritated and distracted by little things, the fault is in me. Why? Because typically the underlying issue is a sort of pride, a hidden thought that I could do it better – or, if not, that I know better than this person how it ought to be done.
        While the Church gives us guidelines on how to proclaim the word, it does not micromanage each and every voice that tries to serve – it could not. And we all have different voices and understanding.
        I have read that, among the very holy, there is no irritation or distraction – because they are truly humble and have their hearts fixed on God rather than themselves. (I am certainly not at that point myself but see it as something to aspire to.) This does not preclude offering suggestions but I believe the suggestion has been made and so it is time to turn our hearts back to God.

    • Gerald La vigne trning off the sound is not an option. At my age I need help in prAying of which I dedicate 2 hours every morning., I am 81 and have complained in the past on the DRAMA which I believe is a put on. NO ONE speaks that way all the time.. I thank God for those who dedicate their time and energy to this needed program. MY SUGGESTION would be to put the drama on all EXCEPT morning and evening prayer of which is most used. I have been a priest for many many years and at this age I still serve several Masses in a local parish weekly. I became a priest to serve HIS people and I will die at the altar. As a sinful man I ask GOD for forgiveness and maybe the drama is my punishment here on earth..

      • yes Dear Father-
        accept all sufferings in Christ’s name.Do it with happiness- with and honor to serve in the line of Melchizedeck-through your priesthood- our Most Adorable Lord channels His graces and blessings to your community.Do not allow a simple thing to take your mind off the Lord- offer everything- I have cancer- IM in a lot of pain, I take 50 pills daily – but I offer every pain,every tear, every thought , every hardship.
        Suffering with a smile Fr- when my hands , my face and my chest hurt I say thank you my Lord- I can still take some more- send it to me and I offered myself as His victim for His wonderful love and incredible sublime sacrifice on the Cross-
        So if you are healthier than me- and I hope you are- continue your priesthood and offer yourself every moment- for God has a great reward for us that love Him , especially the ones that He called and the ones that He blessed with painful fatal illnesses.Be a model of suffering with joy- I’m nothing Father and you should see how many come by to ask me about Jesus, and how many IM able to comfort by His Holy name in my cancer blogs- I never thought I could be spreading His Godspel- but He has blessed me abundantly with pain and suffering- He is joy of my life Father.God bless you Ill pray for you!

  11. Moirajean and others,
    First, and most important, the DO staff does a remarkable job and gives us a most wonderful gift. The vast majority of us go to the internet or app each day to pray along with the readers, either silently or out loud. When the psalms are sung or chanted, there is a definite cadence, rhythm, speed that allows those of us who wish to pray out loud with the staff to do so comfortably. When the prayers are simply read, it becomes difficult for us at home to stay in sync with the reader or to express our emotions or fervor if a reader is expressing her own emotional content through a dramatic reading of the prayer. That is why in church priests and readers read straightforwardly to enable each person to feel their own response. Dramatic reading is an art meant to elicit emotions in the audience from the actor. Liturgy, prayer are highly personal and should be left to each participants’ inner response. To turn off the sound defeats the very reason we use our devices to connect with others. It truly is a jarring sensation to be praying along with various readers and to suddenly have to stop because a dramatic reading moves the focus from me and my response to the prayer and places it squarely on the dramatic reader’s interpretation. I do not believe anyone means to insult a dramatic reader; this is simply a plea for straightforward reading that is no different than what is done in churches, abbeys and convents everywhere.

    • Yes , carol . I totally agree with you ! You are preaching to the converted . I too , listen to the audio and say the prayers out loud and find it distracting when the reader is dramatic. .
      So we are singing from the same song sheet , aren’t we . ?

    • Amen. Several members of my family have found the need to turn the volume off when the readings are dramatized. And since those readings are recorded, the same dramatic emphasis is duplicated ad infinitum, This site is well loved, but I thought I add to the thread here, both for myself and my family.

  12. Hi, for some reason the globe is not working right on my iphone app. It says it is offline even if I am on my home wifi. I enjoy seeing where people around the world are in prayer at the same time. Was wondering if this function is no longer available. Thank you.

  13. Dear brothers and sisters,
    Many years ago when the Divine Office was being recorded, I discovered a wonderful dedicated group of people, lead by Dane Falkner, and found inspiration to help out. Over all I had 33 Catholic websites add the Divine Office link to their websites.
    With the growth of technology, which I do not have any cell phone, or i Pads, or hand held devices in my elderly age, I could only watch the rapid and technological growth spreading this prayer to millions of people. Oh my contribution was minimal, and I hope benefited Dane Falkner’s wonderful development in the technological age in some small way. God bless everyone. The Lord can do wonders if we ask with a sincere and contrite heart. Let’s promote the Divine Office’s growth and support with our prayers.
    Please pray for me and my health issues. Also for the 100th Anniversary of the Feast of Fatima. May Our Lady help the world in its fallen ways. Peace and Goodness be with you always.

    • I love Divine Office in my old age it’s VERY helpful however I would like less drama. It would make it more meaningful. But I thank GOD for everything no offence please

      • Gill, as an octagenerian I can appreciate your comment. As a suggestion, why not try turning the sound off and reciting the prayers like we did back when we were using the book and could still remember the hows and whys of flipping back and forth. Turn the sound up, tho for the hymns and chants, they are inspiring. Peace and Good to you and to all.

      • I agree with you , Gill . No offence meant ; but I also think the drama , especially by one particular reader , is very distracting. We should leave the Holy Spirit to emphasise what He wants to emphasise to each individual ; but when a reader puts in their own emphasis and drama , it can take away from what the Holy Spirit is doing. I have mentioned this many times , but it doesn’t seem to be noted. However , I love this site and appreciate all of the work that is put into it , and all the readers . Thankyou all so much and God Bless you all .

      • Moira Jean, this is very well said. I think we do sometimes forget that it is the work of the Holy Spirit to interpret the Scriptures and Psalms and grant understanding to the individual who is praying. I, too, Gill find excessive drama in the readings very distracting. In my experience, the best readers are those who keep to a steady reading pace [not too fast] and who maintain a somewhat neutral tone as they read.
        Gerald, I do exactly what you do – I turn off the volume to pray the Psalms and readings [except on Sundays when it is sung and so lovely to pray along with]. That way, I can pause and reflect as I pray, but the hymns and chants on this site are wonderful and I do appreciate that those who are giving their time to this ministry are giving generously and freely to God’s work. Thank you all. May I say that I particularly love the beautiful chants by Kathleen, Rebecca and Johanna under copyright of Surgeworks and Melinda’s beautiful hymns. I have purchased both of her CDs. Thank you all and God bless, Joan

  14. Hello Fr Clifton. I live in New Zealand so I am much earlier and each morning when I log in I have to change the date as the site is still on the previous day. When I forget I always receive a note to say I am on yesterdays date and have the chance to change it . That note comes up in a light grey shade and can be overlooked. Please look out for it.

  15. Near the top on the right hand side it says “Pick a date”. I find that sometimes works when clicking ” tomorrow” on left top doesn’t.

    • @JosG, to report issues like this, I have found that if you click on the light blue button in the lower right works well. It is the one that sometimes says “Ask A Question”. Seems like it sends an email to Monica because she responds quickly when using that. Thanks for taking a moment to help make this site better.

      • Thanks for the tip. However I am not sure whether a problem is with the site or with my computer. I have an old, rebuilt laptop that I got cheap to have as a backup. I keep it in my prayer corner; use it just for Divine office. Its performance is rather flaky. The site usually works fine on my desktop in another room.l

    • I am having an issue with audio too. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I get a long blue arrow and have to click on download on another page. It plays then but on a black screen and I can’t follow along with the text! Maybe someone can look into that. I am using a tablet. It was fine several months ago.

    • Hello, when there are troubles with the audio files on the app, please send a message through the bug reports link in your app, so that we’re provided with debug information. We recently made some changes that will allow us to have more information about the issue and thus, a more efficient way to solve it. Thank you. God bless!

  16. I am a priest in India, and our day begin much earlier than yours!!!!! so whenever I try to change it to “tomorrow.” I get back to the original page of registering myself again, with the password etc , and back to the date like today 6th Jan. for us it is 7th Jan. PLEASE please, I depend on you instead of turning pages of my breviary.

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