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  1. CHLOE:- I will order the Sunday Visitor, thanks for that. I love my Church, personally have noting to forgive. I leave everything in God’s hands. As a sinner who am I to judge thanks Fr. Gill

  2. May I suggest ordering some brochures from Our Sunday Visitor:
    How to Forgive the Church.
    We are experiencing some difficult times but the Church will survive. According to Fr, Maginyat who had an out-of-body experience, the road to Hell is paved with many a priest, bishop, cardinal, and pope.

  3. Is there any way to view the web site prayers without having to see the “Recent Comments” section? I really don’t want to be subjected to this when I’m coming in to pray. Thank you.

      So,do,I but it doesn’t help the kid and seminarians being asaulted and they what I can see if not they would NEVER be ordained
      You it’s sad. Fr. Gill

      • May I suggest ordering some brochures from Our Sunday Visitor:
        How to Forgive the Church.
        We are experiencing some difficult times but the Church will survive. According to Fr, Maginyat who had an out-of-body experience, the road to Hell is paved with many a priest, bishop, cardinal, and pope.

      it doesn’t help the kid and seminarians being asaulted I can see if not they would NEVER be ordained
      You it’s sad. Fr. Gill

  4. Many things are going on in Our Churches. We first have to pray for those who have caused a problem. It seem from ROME down to the janitor in parishes abuse has occurred. Bishops were told at their last meetin in November NOT TO VOTE this came from Rome. sorry but some are leaving the Cjurch for lack of accountability. Many have STOPED donating. ( I say to that give elsewhere SUGGESTION ST. JUDe children hospital ). You money works there please join me in minty giving.
    One problem is the Homoxexual abuse in seminaries,as well as in the Clergy. VERY SAD. This must and should be the CENTRAl focus in clearing up the swamp. At the last Bishop Meeting in November they were sort running around the word HOMOSEXUAS as IF it doesn’t exist. SORRY IT DOES Bishops if does exist and it’s your cities to do,something about it. The only Bishop who faced the problem in my openion was. Bishop Strickland. GID BLESS HIM
    I could go on but you understand the problem so STORM HEAVEN wiht prayers and pray for the right thing done

    • While of course we must be extremely concerned about abuse of children, the Church needs to also address the issue of clergy sexual activity with adult women. The scope of this activity is huge…and well known via the laity’s “grapevine”. It is not just an issue of violating celibacy. “Consensual” or not, it is an abuse of power & of professional relationship, in the same way as a psychotherapist with a client. Any female parishioner is in a position of vulnerability vis-a-vis her priest, and particularly those who go to him for counseling in times of grief, marital struggles, or a crisis of faith. Just a question of time in this era of #MeToo before it explodes in the Church’s face, on top of the child & seminarian issues.

      • Lg72xx: your\ are right BUT the majority of abuse is not GIRL/ WOMEN. BUT. Young boys and semanarians. You they do target the opposite sex by those doing it so far nothing is mentioned that I have seen of females.
        This saddens me to read this garbage everyday. It must stop the Bishops were to vote on something to that effect but ROME said wait until February. ( not good )
        Personally I don’t believe it will ever go,away entirely
        ( wish it did ) but there a,ways will be someon.
        We can mine and groan but the best thing RIGHT NOW is to pray. Put it in the hands of a Loving GOD. Fr. Gill

      • Unfortunately, girls (young women 14-17) were definitely mentioned in the PA report, including within the Diocese I grew up in, Scranton. Some were even made pregnant, and in at least one case, the priest arranged for money for an abortion!

  5. I am an aging Deacon w/ diabetes and poor eye sight–this sight is a real God sent–I can adjust the font to a prayerful level–It is so gratifying after years of saying Divine Office for the people of God that more and more are finding this gift and praying it–I refer them to this sight–it so more convenient than attempting to explain how to flip pages to follow the daily psalms and prayers–thank you and God Bless..

  6. Today, October 5th, is the Feast Day of St. Faustina. Thank you GOD for this apostle of Divine Mercy. Saint Faustina, please continue to pray for us.

  7. That’s happened to me too. Scroll to the bottom of the page and see whether you’re still logged in or not. Sometimes it happens that I’m not for some reason, and I have to click the link to log myself in again, and then it works.

  8. Dear Friends, May you be well. I was reading about the proposed revisions for the Liturgy of the Hours on this site but now can’t find that page so I’ll ask my question here. Do you know if the proposed translation will be in inclusive language? I would like to see that. Peacefully, Brother Bernard

  9. Dear friends,
    I am returning to this blessed website after many years, and because of my age, find praying the LOTH here is
    like praying with all of you, and not just alone.
    When this website was being recorded with Dane and the group, it was my gift of service to go out and have 33 Catholic websites around the world to add them to their link list. It was a blessing to see so many spread the word.
    I wish for prayers to help me as my stenosis of my back
    which causes nephropathy numbness and balance in my feet in question, making falling a risk. I place everything in the Lord’s hands, and will be praying with you all in the future. I am 77 years and God has been good to me.
    He has blessed this website like I could ever imagine.
    Thank you Dane and the team.

    • Amis41 I sympathize with you pain I see pain, I have arthritis my right had all deformed the rest of. My body going fast. Recently my Dr. found Ostioperosis in my back from the middle of my back ro the middle of my head. You guessed it one more pill to take. I’m up to over 30. Your 77 well I am 83 age all it means is have your Soul ready for GOD. I am a retired Priest and still help every weekend and I get a funeral here and there plus a weekly Mass at the Church. I have a weekend following I have a beautiful Chapel in my home we reserve the Blessed sacrament year round. Years ago I legally adopted a young man who became legally my son. I now live with him he studied for the priesthood but it is on hold, he is director of 450 kids and 38 teachers in Religious Formation. Aim is that they know GOD prayers are befor the booklet. Children today need to know WHO GOD IS we don’t have the good Sisters like years ago and many parents are two busy. Real Sad. May you who read this have a good life and hopefully when I am released from PURGATORY ( wave to me on the other way by ). Hopefully see you in heaven. Fr. Gill55s

      • Peace Father Gill,
        Thank you for you blessed note. Life has been and still is good to us despite the crosses we bear. God bless you for what you are doing it is an amazing story and something wonderful to learn. The Holy Spirit is certainly with you and your family, I will pray that your adopted son will become a priest and carry on the faith you shared in his ministry. Please say a prayer for me to cope with my time left on this earth, and one thing I am doing is praying for the souls in Purgatory with the St. Gertrude Prayer and Novena, which releases 1000 and 10,000 souls respectively if done according to the guidelines. I also hand out Sacred Heart patches to folks I meet in church strangers too on the street. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be with every one, and especially now the Divine Office team and website. After so many hears of devoted work this issue arose. May the Holy Spirit with the Divine Mercy of Jesus, aid them in the prayerful work they have brought to millions. Thank you and God bless.
        Paul – amis41

  10. I am returning to this site after a prolonged absence. I see some of the hymns are on an album entitled “Divine Office” but can’t see anywhere how I can purchase such an album. Can you tell me how?

  11. Our God is amazing and has not only come near to us in the incarnation of Christ Jesus through being born as a human through the blessed Virgin Mary, but our God has drawn us near to Him through Jesus! Ephesians 2:11-22. He is our Peace with God the Father, through the indwelling Holy Spirit! All praise to the Holy Triune God!
    The music on the Divine Office has blessed me daily for a long time. is there a way to purchase the music? is there a Divine Office album or any way to purchase the works of these artists who have such gifts they use for God’s work?

  12. Thank you for this wonderful prayer site. It has really helped me in my faith journey.
    When I was still learning to pray the Office I was deciding if I should purchase the 1 vol. or the 4 Vol. One morning after mass a dear older lady came to me and asked Do you know anyone who would wants a used 4 Vol. of the divine office?
    God gave me the answer. To my dear friend in faith Jean, who can no longer read but is a strong prayer warrior. Praying for all of you!

  13. The first thing I say ( we should say ) is thank you Lord for allowing me to open my eyes this morning. That is a gift that is so unappreciated taken for granted. We must never forget Mother Mary and St. Joseph. Another thing we forget is. If you want to get to Jesus there is only one way, through MARY.
    Jesus may say NO to us, BUT he will never refuse His Mother.

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