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3,977 thoughts on “Guestbook

  1. I appreciate the Lenten message in today’s “About Today” section on the app. It’s the same one from some years ago I believe since it mentions the “Baptist boy.” However, I don’t mind hearing it again.

  2. The art this morning called to me. I enlarged the picture and saw many things not visible at first glance. Studying the work became a true meditation on lent. As we enter this special season of reflection, mercy and love, my prayers are with everyone. Let us be joyful in our prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Happy Lent to all!

  3. “New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is pushing a radical pro-abortion bill in her state while claiming to be Catholic.”

    Here’s a prayer request I would like everyone to see:

    I think we need to pray for and about all these legislators throughout the country who are condoning murder for what they consider to be women’s rights.

  4. Let us pray that this blessed website, Divine Office be sustained while it is obtaining all the necessary permissions and approvals. This is a wonderful prayer source for all
    religious and laity to pray the Liturgy Of Hours and millions have come here to pray. Ask the Blessed Virgin Mary help in this effort.
    Best wishes to Dane Falkner and all the team from an old
    friend and promoter of many Catholic websites in the past.

  5. I also want to apologize here for putting that prayer request for my son here. I guess I never noticed the Prayer Request link or I would have placed it where it belonged. Thank you for calling my attention to that in your comment, lg72xx.

    • Not to worry! It doesn’t seem like there are “rules” about what MUST go where. I think people post their prayers, requests, and comments on whatever page they happen to be on when the Spirit moves them. The only downside is that not everyone will see it, depending on where they are looking.

  6. Father Gill, I know I and many others have made comments here since Dec. 31st. I just hit the backspace here to see older comments, and I don’t see any listed after November 29th. I don’t know what happened to all the others, but if this is what you mean, people have posted many comments since then. God bless this ministry and all who are a part of it.

    I keep praying for special blessings for all of you who were praying for my son. The miracle continues. Praise God!

    • I believe that only comments actually made ON the Guestbook page appear there. Many people make Comments at the bottom of one of the Hours, or prayer requests on the Prayer Request page….which is where they can then be found.

      • Those can be accessed by the “Recent Comments” links on the left side of the page, and by the Prayer Requests link (on the top right), respectively

  7. Looking at the GUESTBOOK. this morning as I do every day I noticed NOTHING has been entered since DECEMBER 31, this I cannot understand. Where no one seems to have anything to say. Let us all make an effort to write to the DIVINE OFFICE with our hopes, dreams, to inspire others.
    What ever your life is at this moment I am certain your in need of Jesus, Mother Mary, and Good Joseph. As well, As each of us who do the DIVINE OFFICE DAILY. We need your prayers and you need ours. Praying for each other will bring us closer to,the HEAVENLY FATHER. FINALLY may we join after the D.O. In reciting the ROSARY. This can be done by going on the computer or lap top. Go to OUR LADY OF LOURDS, FRANCE where the Rosary is always said ( any suggestions ? ). Thanks Fr. Gill

    • People are more likely to comment at the bottom of the Hours readings pages, or on the Prayer Request pages, than on the Guestbook page. There are numerous recent comments in those places.

  8. The Christ Child brings renewed hope into the world. Through the grace of God, may we each live out our lives in a way that reflects our belief in the everlasting wonder of baby Jesus, born for all that we may know eternal life.

  9. As we prepare to begin a New Year, let us ask, Mary’s Baby to put His little hands on this world, to clean it of corruption and all the scandles that are going on. We especially ask St. Joseph to protect us, AND in this New Year let us pray for the President of Our Country, and all elected officials that they will rule with Peace and Justice. Finally we ask for the end of Abortion, the
    ( murder of human life ) let us all say. Amen

  10. And happy Christmas season! Happiness wishes from the diocese of Saint Petersburg remember I’m just a lay person. I do not work for them but I go to church here. But I love your website and I love your iPad app! Why is it crashing? Please answer? I’ll throw you a 30 after payday. Love Jeanne in Tampa Bay

    • Hello Jeanne, did you had reminders set on the app on your devices?

      It seems the issue is related to the reminders set up on the app, the 2019 liturgical calendar is causing it. Our developer will submit a fix for it today, tomorrow it will be reviewed by Apple and on Sunday you will be able to update the app. That update will fix this problem. If you are unable to get to the prayers via the website now, write to me at [email protected]. God bless!

  11. Again, I am brought the the page about today talking about how I should donate, no matter how many times I click on “Morning prayer” and no matter how many time I “refresh the page.”

    You have apparently never addressed this bug that I have complained about on multiple times, a few times immediately after I donate more money. I will never donate money again because you have failed to fix this problem, and you will probably turn around and say I need to restart my browser… again… or restart my computer…. again.

    Please refer this complaint this time to your board of directors, because no one ever seems to hear or act on this complaint.

    And yes this has been a problem on multiple different computers I use and multiple different browsers. It’s your website coding. Not me.

  12. In response to Fr. Gill in his December 5 post.

    Praying for you. And your words bring to mind this quote from Joseph Ratzinger from 1978 long before he was Pope:

    “If God exists, then there is no meaningless time, no time devoid of significance. Every moment has its value, even if all I can do is to endure my illness in silence. If God exists, then there is always something to hope for, even where no human voice can any longer summon me to hope. And old age and retirement are no longer the last stage of my life, a position from which all I can do is look backward: for something greater always lies ahead, and it is precisely the time of an apparent uselessness that can be the highest form of human ripening.

    Christian hope does not devalue time. On the contrary, it means that every moment of life possesses its own value; it means that we can accept the present and that we ought to live it to the full, because everything we have accepted in our heart will remain.”

    Joseph Ratzinger, Archbishop of Munich (later, Pope Benedict XVI), 1978

  13. See that little blue icon in the right hand corner of your screen? Click that and you’ll be able to send a message to Monica, though she’ll probably see what you posted here and respond anyway.

  14. How do I contact you in regard to an auto pay that will have to change since my credit card was breached, so had to cancel it yesterday. Will be in touch when it is replaced.

  15. Our Lady of Guadalupe, pour your mercy on your children piled up in Mexico at our border. They are suffering from the assumed superiority of others as Juan Diego and his people did before you intervened in their behalf.

  16. Happy Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
    O Mary conceive without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee. In all areas of our lives Blessed Mother is there to console us.

  17. FCUEVAS:- ON This Beautiful Feast of the IMMACHLATE CONCEPTION, Mary is so always part of,our daily lives.
    She not only presents us to Her SON,but, (the sinner that I am) She still did not turn away from me, but brought me to where Her Son wanted me in life. I was late coming to the Priesthoon it’s now 33 years. Without Mother Mary who I know brought me where I am today, I would still be in the world of the past.
    Give yourself Entirely to Mary, SHE is the one way street to
    Jesus. Let us pray for one another
    Peace and Blessings. Fr. Gill

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