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This is a screen-reader optimized version of our Liturgy of the Hours.

Divine Office is available with Alexa for Friday in the 34th week of Ordinary Time or St. Catherine of Alexandria, V & M

Dear community,

Those of you in the United States can now pray the Liturgy of the Hours with Alexa. It’s yet another simple and convenient way to pray the hours and we hope it will reach and serve especially the vision impaired and the blind.

Just search for in the Alexa Skills store and enable them on your Amazon account to get the Liturgy of the Hours major hours: Morning, Evening, Night Prayer and Office of Readings ready to be played back on your Alexa-enabled devices.

Once the skills are enabled, you can use Alexa’s open phrases to start the playback of the Divine Office audio podcast for today. For example, you can say:

Alexa, start today’s Morning Prayer
Alexa, start today’s Evening Prayer
Alexa, start today’s Night Prayer
Alexa, start today’s Office of readings

The Invitatory Psalm and the Divine Office About Today (Catholic Calendar) posts are also available as separate Alexa skills. You can say:

Alexa, start today’s Invitatory Psalm
Alexa open Today’s Catholic Calendar

As mentioned above, we have vision impaired and blind community members that rely on the accessibility of our work. We made the Divine Office podcast available through Alexa especially with their needs in mind and we sought and received this feedback:

“Everything is working fine as long as you stick to the instruction: “Alexa start” and then the specific hour you want to pray. This is fantastic, congratulations. Alexa’s are being used more and more as a tool in the Disability community.”
Dennis Polselli, leader of the Catholic Guild for the Blind, Diocese of Fall River, Massachusetts

You can help them and our mission by leaving a 5 star review, it will make the podcast easier to find. You can also help by sharing this announcement on you social media accounts or directly with anyone that might benefit from having another easy way to pray the hours.

God bless your effort to help!
The Divine Office Team

Liturgy of the Hours for November 25 - Friday in the 34th week of Ordinary Time or St. Catherine of Alexandria, V & M