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Divine Office New Website Design for Wednesday in the 14th week of Ordinary Time

Dear Community,

At the start of the New Year, our gift to you is a new website design with a different architecture. We meant it to be fresh and beautiful, to promote our members’ interactions with one another and to encourage and sustain our need to immerse in prayer away from daily distractions.

We have had the old website for 14 years and while some of you might have been very comfortable using it, we are sure the need for a change will become obvious once you’ll get to know the new design and what it has to offer.

The new website design was announced a few weeks back and some of you got to test it and offer valuable feedback on the experience. We thank you all for your effort!

We take this opportunity to guide you briefly through the key changes and the new features:

  • We added to the website the 3D Spinning Globe, showing how many people around the world are praying with you, this used to be an exclusive feature of the Divine Office app.
  • We worked on and improved the Comment and the Prayer Request section by adding the option to post short Intercessory Prayers and Personal Reflections directly below each prayer for the day.
  • We also added a Community Forum, it can be used to share your experience, seek for spiritual support or ask questions about our Catholic faith to the other members.
  • My Profile page was augmented to contain your personal activity on the website, either prayers or discussion topics. And if you are a Contributor to our work, you’ll also have access to your contribution records along with the option to update the contribution.
  • We added more features that before were only available in our apps: you can now switch the website colour scheme (dark/light), increase the font size, change the audio playback speed, and access a Full-Screen Prayer Room — completely focused on praying the Liturgy of the Hours.

Here is a video guide, an Introduction to the Divine Office New Design:

Remember you can write to [email protected] if you have questions or need guidance or while on the website, use the support button on the bottom-right of your screen.

The website redesign was made possible by the constant and generous support of our contributors and was months in the making. We are grateful and hope you’ll receive the change with joy and spread the news in your community. By doing so you’ll be contributing to our mission of promoting the ancient tradition of praying the Liturgy of the Hours.

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

– Divine Office Team

Liturgy of the Hours for July 10 - Wednesday in the 14th week of Ordinary Time