Office of Readings for Sunday in the 6th week of Easter

Ribbon Placement:
Liturgy of the Hours Vol. II:
Ordinary: 1045
Proper of Seasons: 871
Psalter: Sunday, Week II, 1213

Office of Readings for the 6th Sunday of Easter

God, come to my assistance.
Lord, make haste to help me.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:
as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen. Alleluia.


At the Lamb’s high feast we sing
Praise to our victorious king,
Who has washed us in the tide
Flowing from his pierced side.

Praise we him, whose love divine
Gives his sacred blood for wine,
Gives his body for the feast
Christ the victim, Christ the priest.

Where the paschal blood is poured,
Death's dark angel sheathes his sword;
Israel’s hosts triumphant go
Through the wave that drowns the foe.

Praise we now, whose blood was shed,
Paschal victim, paschal bread;
With sincerity and love
Eat we manna from above.

Mighty Victim from the sky,
Hell’s fierce powers beneath thee lie;
Thou hast conquered in the fight,
Thou hast brought us life and light;

Now no more can death appall,
Now no more the grave enthrall;
Thou hast opened Paradise,
And in thee thy saints shall rise.

Easter triumph, Easter joy,
Sin alone can this destroy;
From sin’s power do thou set free
Souls newborn, O Lord, in thee.

Hymns of glory and of praise,
Risen Lord, to thee we raise;
Holy Father, praise to thee,
with the Spirit, ever be.

𝄞"At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing" by Rebecca Hincke • • Available for Purchase • Title: At the Lamb's High Feast We Sing; Composer: Charles H. Giffen; Lyricist: Robert Campbell; Artist: Rebecca Hincke; (c) 2018 Surgeworks, Inc. • Albums that contain this Hymn: The Hymns and Chants of Divine Office, Vol. 1


Ant. 1 Alleluia, the stone was rolled back from the entrance to the tomb, alleluia.

Psalm 104
Hymn to God the Creator

To be in Christ means being a completely new creature. Everything of the old is gone, now everything is made anew (2 Corinthians 5:17).


Bless the Lord, my soul!
Lord God, how great you are,
clothed in majesty and glory,
wrapped in light as in a robe!

You stretch out the heavens like a tent.
Above the rains you build your dwelling.
You make the clouds your chariot,
and walk on the wings of the wind;
you make the winds your messengers
and flashing fire your servants.

You founded the earth on its base,
to stand firm from age to age.
You wrapped it with the ocean like a cloak:
the waters stood higher than the mountains.

At your threat they took to flight;
at the voice of your thunder they fled.
They rose over the mountains and flowed down
to the place which you had appointed.
You set the limits they might not pass
lest they return to cover the earth.

You make springs gush forth in the valleys:
they flow in between the hills.
They give drink to all the beasts of the field;
the wild-asses quench their thirst.
On their banks dwell the birds of heaven;
from the branches they sing their song.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:
as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen.

Ant. Alleluia, the stone was rolled back from the entrance to the tomb, alleluia.

Ant. 2 Alleluia, woman, who is it you are looking for? Why do you seek the living among the dead? alleluia.


From your dwelling you water the hills;
earth drinks its fill of your gift.
You make the grass grow for the cattle
and the plants to serve man’s needs,

that he may bring forth bread from the earth
and wine to cheer man’s heart;
oil, to make him glad
and bread to strengthen man’s heart.

The trees of the Lord drink their fill,
the cedars he planted on Lebanon;
there the birds build their nests:
on the tree-top the stork has her home.
The goats find a home on the mountains
and rabbits hide in the rocks.

You made the moon to mark the months;
the sun knows the time for its setting.
When you spread the darkness it is night
and all the beasts of the forest creep forth.
The young lions roar for their prey
and ask their food from God.

At the rising of the sun they steal away
and go to rest in their dens.
Man goes forth to his work,
to labor till evening falls.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:
as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen.

Ant. Alleluia, woman, who is it you are looking for? Why do you seek the living among the dead? alleluia.

Ant. 3 Alleluia, do not weep, Mary: the Lord has risen from the dead, alleluia.


How many are your works, O Lord!
In wisdom you have made them all.
The earth is full of your riches.

There is the sea, vast and wide,
with its moving swarms past counting,
living things great and small.
The ships are moving there
and the monsters you made to play with.

All of these look to you
to give them their food in due season.
You give it, they gather it up:
you open your hand, they have their fill.

You hide your face, they are dismayed;
you take back your spirit, they die,
returning to the dust from which they came.
You send forth your spirit, they are created;
and you renew the face of the earth.

May the glory of the Lord last forever!
May the Lord rejoice in his works!
He looks on the earth and it trembles;
the mountains send forth smoke at his touch.

I will sing to the Lord all my life,
make music to my God while I live.
May my thoughts be pleasing to him.
I find my joy in the Lord.
Let sinners vanish from the earth
and the wicked exist no more.

Bless the Lord, my soul.

Glory to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit:
as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever. Amen.


Father, as you made springs in valleys to form streams between mountains, so you made living streams of grace flow from the apostles, that their teaching may bring salvation to all nations. May we have a practical knowledge of their doctrine, be obedient to their commands, obtain remission of sins through their prayers, and finally receive the reward of eternal happiness.

Ant. Alleluia, do not weep, Mary: the Lord has risen from the dead, alleluia.

Sacred Silence (indicated by a bell) A moment to reflect and receive in our hearts the full resonance of the voice of the Holy Spirit and to unite our personal prayer more closely with the word of God and public voice of the Church.

My whole body rejoices, alleluia.
With all my strength I will praise my God, alleluia.


First reading
From the beginning of the first letter of the apostle John
The word of life and the light of God

This is what we proclaim to you:
what was from the beginning,
what we have heard,
what we have seen with our eyes,
what we have looked upon
and our hands have touched—
we speak of the word of life.
(This life became visible;
we have seen and bear witness to it,
and we proclaim to you the eternal life
that was present to the Father
and became visible to us.)
What we have seen and heard
we proclaim in turn to you
so that you may share life with us.
This fellowship of ours is with the Father
and with his Son, Jesus Christ.
Indeed, our purpose in writing you this
is that our joy may be complete.

Here, then, is the message
we have heard from him
and announce to you:
that God is light;
in him there is no darkness.
If we say, “We have fellowship with him,”
while continuing to walk in darkness,
we are liars and do not act in truth.
But if we walk in light, as he is in the light,
we have fellowship with one another,
and the blood of his Son Jesus cleanses us from all sin.

If we say, “We are free of the guilt of sin,”
we deceive ourselves; the truth is not to be found in us.
But if we acknowledge our sins,
he who is just can be trusted
to forgive our sins
and cleanse us from every wrong.
If we say, “We have never sinned,”
we make him a liar
and his word finds no place in us.

RESPONSORY 1 John 1:2; 5:20

This life was made visible; we have seen it and we proclaim to you the eternal life
which was with the Father and has appeared to us, alleluia.

We know that the Son of God has come and given us understanding, that we might know the true God, for we are in his Son, Jesus Christ. He is the true God and eternal life.
Which was with the Father and has appeared to us, alleluia.

Second Reading
From the commentary on the second letter to the Corinthians by Saint Cyril of Alexandria, bishop
God has reconciled us to himself through Christ and given us the ministry of reconciliation

Those who have a sure hope, guaranteed by the Spirit, that they will rise again lay hold of what lies in the future as though it were already present. They say: Outward appearances will no longer be our standard in judging other men. Our lives are all controlled by the Spirit now, and are not confined to this physical world that is subject to corruption. The light of the Only-begotten has shone on us, and we have been transformed into the Word, the source of all life. While sin was still our master, the bonds of death had a firm hold on us, but now that the righteousness of Christ has found a place in our hearts we have freed ourselves from our former condition of corruptibility.

This means that none of us lives in the flesh anymore, at least not in so far as living in the flesh means being subject to the weaknesses of the flesh, which include corruptibility. Once we thought of Christ as being in the flesh, but we do not do so any longer, says Saint Paul. By this he meant that the Word became flesh and dwelt among us; he suffered death in the flesh in order to give all men life. It was in this flesh that we knew him before, but we do so no longer. Even though he remains in the flesh, since he came to life again on the third day and is now with his Father in heaven, we know that he has passed beyond the life of the flesh; for having died once, he will never die again, death has no power over him any more. His death was a death to sin, which he died once for all; his life is life with God.

Since Christ has in this way become the source of life for us, we who follow in his footsteps must not think of ourselves as living in the flesh any longer, but as having passed beyond it. Saint Paul’s saying is absolutely true that when anyone is in Christ he becomes a completely different person: his old life is over and a new life has begun. We have been justified by our faith in Christ and the power of the curse has been broken. Christ’s coming to life again for our sake has put an end to the sovereignty of death. We have come to know the true God and to worship him in spirit and in truth, through the Son, our mediator, who sends down upon the world the Father’s blessings.

And so Saint Paul shows deep insight when he says: This is all God’s doing: it is he who has reconciled us to himself through Christ. For the mystery of the incarnation and the renewal it accomplished could not have taken place without the Father’s will. Through Christ we have gained access to the Father, for as Christ himself says, no one comes to the Father except through him. This is all God’s doing, then. It is he who has reconciled us to himself through Christ, and who has given us the ministry of reconciliation.

RESPONSORY Romans 5:11; Colossians 1:19-20

We rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ,
through whom we have gained our reconciliation, alleluia.

It pleased God that all perfection should dwell in Christ, and through him God chose to reconcile all things to himself.
Through whom we have gained our reconciliation, alleluia.


You are God: we praise you;
You are the Lord: we acclaim you;
You are the eternal Father:
All creation worships you.

To you all angels, all the powers of heaven,
Cherubim and Seraphim, sing in endless praise:
Holy, holy, holy, Lord, God of power and might,
heaven and earth are full of your glory.

The glorious company of apostles praise you.
The noble fellowship of prophets praise you.
The white-robed army of martyrs praise you.

Throughout the world the holy Church acclaims you:
Father, of majesty unbounded,
your true and only Son, worthy of all worship,
and the Holy Spirit, advocate and guide.

You, Christ, are the King of glory,
the eternal Son of the Father.

When you became man to set us free
you did not spurn the Virgin’s womb.

You overcame the sting of death,
and opened the kingdom of heaven to all believers.

You are seated at God’s right hand in glory.
We believe that you will come, and be our judge.

Come then, Lord, and help your people,
bought with the price of your own blood,
and bring us with your saints
to glory everlasting.

Save your people, Lord, and bless your inheritance.
Govern and uphold them now and always.

Day by day we bless you.
We praise your name for ever.

Keep us today, Lord, from all sin.
Have mercy on us, Lord, have mercy.

Lord, show us your love and mercy,
for we have put our trust in you.

In you, Lord, is our hope:
And we shall never hope in vain.


almighty God,
that we may celebrate
with heartfelt devotion these days of joy,
which we keep in honor of the risen Lord,
and that, what we relive in remembrance,
we may always hold to in what we do.
Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God, for ever and ever.

ACCLAMATION (at least in the communal celebration)

Let us praise the Lord.
And give him thanks.

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  1. Act of Consecration to the Holy Trinity
    Mother Marie-Adèle Garnier

    We adore you, Holy Trinity,
    Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
    We empty ourselves before Your Majesty.
    We believe in You, we hope in You, we love You,
    O God so good.

    We thank You for all the graces
    which You have lavished on us
    and we implore from Your mercy
    pardon for our sins and our ingratitude.

    Adorable Trinity, one only God in three persons,
    anew we give ourselves wholly to You
    through the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

    In union with the intentions
    for which the Divine Victim offers Himself
    in the sacrifice on the altar,

    We renew the offering of ourselves to You
    as a victim of adoration, love and praise,
    thanksgiving, atonement and entreaty,
    for the Holy Father, the Church
    and for the worldwide fulfilment
    of the plans of the Heart of Jesus,
    so full of love and mercy.

    We make a special offering to You,
    through the Hearts of Jesus and Mary,
    of the prayer, work and suffering of this day,
    for these intentions -the end of communism and all its

    Upheld by Your grace, O God,
    We will try to glorify You in all things
    and we abandon ourselves with all our hearts
    to Your Holy Will. AMEN.

  2. Lord Jesus our savior, thank you for the gift of this new day and for the gift of our lives. Thank you for protection over the period of the night. As the new day begins, grant us the grace to live and move in your presence and be concious of that and enable us to act accordingly. Lord, grant us that peace which the world cannot give. Amen.

  3. Almighty God, We bless you for our lives, we give you praise for your abundant mercy and grace we receive. We thank you for your faithfulness even though we are not that faithful to you.

    Lord Jesus, we ask you to give us all around peace in our mind, body, soul and spirit. We want you to heal and remove everything that is causing stress, grief, and sorrow in our lives.

    Please guide our path through life and make our enemies be at peace with us. Let your peace reign in our family, at our place of work, businesses and everything we lay our hands on.

    Let your angels of peace go ahead of us when we go out and stay by our side when we return.

    In Jesus’ name,

    – Author Unknown

  4. Let us now entrust our country and ourselves once again to the Virgin Mary’s care: Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church, you are the fairest fruit of God’s redeeming love; you sing of the Father’s mercy and accompany us with a mother’s love. In this time of pandemic we come to you, our sign of sure hope and comfort. Today we renew the act of consecration and entrustment carried out by those who have gone before us. –

    Written by the USSCB

  5. Lord we thank and praise you for the gift of our mothers. Bless them all and grant eternal rest to all departed. Amen.

  6. Thank you for the gift of the Sacrament of Reconciliation .
    Churches continues to offer it in this difficult time of the pandemic.Healing,Peace and Joy is received.


  8. St Theresa please say a pray for the friends I’ve loss in the past month to cancer. Some are taken fast and another lives for 40 plus years after surgery! GOD BLESS family and friends.

  9. For those who feel their sins too great for forgiveness, take comfort from the Word: “From the depths I call to you, Yahweh, Lord, hear my cry. Listen attentively to the sound of my pleading! If you kept a record of our sins, Lord, who could stand their ground? But with you is forgiveness, that you may be revered. I rely, my whole being relies, Yahweh, on your promise. My whole being hopes in the Lord, more than watchmen for daybreak; more than watchmen for daybreak let Israel hope in Yahweh. For with Yahweh is faithful love, with him generous ransom; and he will ransom Israel from all its sins.” (Psalm 130)

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