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Happy Birthday Divine Office! for St. Joseph, Husband of BVM, HM


On the Feast day of the Transfiguration of the Lord, celebrates 14 years of existence!


The seed for this work was planted even earlier, in 2006, when our first Catholic website and podcast series went live. We started recording the Liturgy of the Hours with a few volunteers, their work and devotion survived the passage of time and the many obstacles we had to overcome.

Skipping forward many years, today, Divine Office just announced the availability of its award-winning, USCCB approved Liturgy of the Hours Audio on Spotify and Alexa and is in the final stages of a total makeover of its website. We’ll add functionality and a way for our prayer community members to interact more.

We take the opportunity to express a deeply felt gratitude and appreciation for all our donors, they make this ancient prayer of the Church available for those that can not afford to donate.

Thank you! Together, let us praise God for the many blessings that continue to nourish our faith and enhance our community!

Divine Office Team

Liturgy of the Hours for March 19 - St. Joseph, Husband of BVM, HM