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Dane on May 22nd, 2016 | 91 comments

Dear Community Members with Musical Talent,

We have an opportunity to dramatically improve the quality of Divine Office by improving our music. In our efforts to procure permissions for all of our music we are finding that there is a wealth of beautiful music in the public domain, but few recordings exist. Its really no surprise that a Church over 2000 years old would have masterpieces in the public domain. These beautiful hymns presents an opportunity to bring back lost treasures.

Most of these public domain hymns are relatively simple as they were intended for worship by religious communities, not choirs. If you are that person or you know of someone or group such as a high school, college, church choir, etc. that can record music then please help us out.  We may also be able to show you how to make this into a fundraiser for your organization, just ask us about it.

Any liturgical hymns suitable for the Liturgy of the Hours where we have permission to use the music text and recordings is welcome, but here are a few favorites. Please contact us at [email protected] or using one of our

We maintain a list of hymns suitable for the Liturgy of the Hours and in the public domain here

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91 thoughts on “Please help us with music

  1. Thanks be to God. Today, Love ascended into heaven, yet Love remains with us here on earth. We celebrate not a departure of Love from us, but the New Body of Christ here on earth: The Church!
    Thank you for providing this service. I especially appreciate knowing that since I cannot always be with my religious community in prayer, I can join with others virtually on line. This is truly a work of grace.

  2. If you were able to offer some of the music for sale it would help you, the singer and the people who would like to purchase it. I’m always trying to track the singers but can’t find how to purchase?

  3. I have very recently begun listening to the Liturgy of the Hour. It is so very beautiful. Thank you very much for this 365-a-year ministry. May all those involved in this work of love be greatly blest. I hope I’m not out of line in saying this but is it possible to feature more of Rebecca Hincke, either singing solo or with someone else? The other singer’s excessive trills can be quite distracting. Please disregard if this is offensive. Thank you.

  4. I have two comments. Firstly the hymn for Night Prayer on December 11, 2017 was not sufficient in that the singer’s words (Word of God) were unintelligable. Her diction / pronunciation was unacceptable because in every liturgical music class / seminar I have taken, pronunciation of the Word of God is of utmost importance. If people do not understand the Word of God how can it be applied to their lives? How can it be disseminated? I apologize for having to speak so strongly. Her singing also sounded stylistic in a modern trendy sense (e.g.The Voice). I am praying for your music situation. Melinda Kerrigan Voss is exquisite. Secondly the woman who was one of the Psalm readers for this same night has a wonderful and moving voice. You have many gifted people on your staff. May God reward you abundantly.+

  5. I just want to say how utterly beautiful the hymn is tonight for
    EvenIng prayer. The words are simple and very prayerful. I was able to understand every word. When you used to play recordings of big choirs, I could rarely understand them nor feel inspired to pray as a result. Who is this lovely lady that sings acapella with such a beautiful voice? Keep up the great job you are doing with the music. The pieces that are sung in harmony are also spectacular. Thank you so much!

  6. My husband, Dcn Steve, has been having trouble with the podcast playing more than about 30 sec. Any suggestions? He has had a stroke which affected his reading and speech and he relies on the podcast to help him track the prayers. God bless you richly for all you do.

    • Thanks, Monica. Problem happens on HP laptop Windows. 10 Microsoft Edge browser and Fire tablet with Silk browser. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.

      • I looked for some info that might be of help:
        On that page I linked there is this note: Some websites may not load or one of the following messages may appear: This website needs Internet Explorer or This website uses technology that will work best in Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge does not support websites that use Active X and does not allow the use of plug-ins. Use Internet Explorer 11 to view websites that require these features. If you use these types of sites frequently, you may want to change the default browser. For more information, see Changing the default browser in the document.

        You should try changing the default browser. There are instructions there on how to do that.
        I’m sorry I can’t do more.

        God bless!

      • Monica, your suggestion was helpful. Changing the browser seems to have remedied our podcast glitch. Thank you. Deacon Steve is gratefully praying with you once again.

  7. Dear Monica,
    I may not be sharing anything new to you but I have a cousin and his wife play at the (Hosted by Mercy Conference and Retreat Center St. Louis Mo. (at the Sisters of Mercy convent…. Twenty-nine composers of Catholic liturgical music had joined together and perform each others music, … Forum fundraising concert, which will include songs by local St. Louis composers John Foley, S.J., Christian Cosas, and Orin … Frontenac, MO 63131.)
    My Cousin, Michael Montgomery Rogers Ar., University Ar. music teacher and his Cuban wife and Catholic composer at the forum in St. Louis Mo. as well may be delighted in helping you! Her email is [email protected]
    I wonder by chance if some of these composers would donate some of their songs to play for your “Divine Office”
    The other thing I love and participated in and maybe others have, heard the Benedictine Sisters in Duluth Mn, Bismark N. Dakota and Fort Smith AR chant the office? It is absolutely Divine. Some Benedictine women communities do, some don’t, maybe it would be refreshing for your wonderful, appreciated gift you have given us in this ministry.. Thank you Monica.
    Sandra M

    • Hello Sandra, thank you for your kind intention to help. I’ll give your message to Dane, our producer, he is actively involved in getting new music for Divine Office. God bless your kindness!

  8. Is it possible to buy the album Divine Office from which the hymn used during the Office of Readings for Sunday Aug. 15–On This Day the Day of Days

  9. We have Pacific Standard Time and when I want to pray the previous date’s Evening Prayer but clicking Yesterday, then Evening Prayer takes me back to the Welcome screen!

    • Hello Joyce, this is not from any fault of our own. It is your browser that is caching the "welcome" page in place of the correct page. It should be enough to press shift-reload (CTRL+R for Windows) on any given page to force the browser to load everything from the server instead of using the copy stored on your local computer. If that doesn’t work, please try this:

      A simple search with google for how to empty browser cache for, let’s say, Safari on iPhone, will get you the instructions you need if that link I sent is not useful.

  10. Lord,
    I think you are accepting of people’s complaints. I think what annoys You are the judgmental people who criticize others under the guise of prayer!

  11. Lord:
    Give these ministers that bring us such a wonderful website the fortitude and strength they need to endure complainers and whiners every day and to attract more generous and happy givers especially the ones that are considerate and non demanding.AMEN
    The less we pray the more we complain,huh?
    Think about it…

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