Make Prayer your New Year’s Resolution

Monica on December 30th, 2015 | 10 comments

Happy New Year!

Make Prayer your New Year’s Resolution! Make your spiritual growth and the nurturing of your faith the goals of the new year. The driving force towards any objective should always be God our Father. Honoring Him in mind and body, renouncing our pride and vanity, praying to Him for wisdom in all regards and not becoming daunted with occasional failures.

If Prayer it’s already a New Year’s resolution or if it’s a striving, a desire to make it a way of life, join community of prayer. We ask those of you already members to spread the word and help others find their way, to all Divine Office, through God’s grace, has to offer.

For 10 years now, we have offered aid in praying daily the Liturgy of the Hours through our free podcast and website as well as our mobile apps.

May God’s blessings and grace be with you
and your family this New Year
The Team at Divine Office

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10 thoughts on “Make Prayer your New Year’s Resolution

  1. I most gratefully thank you and send the very best wishes of peace and serene events in the Mother of God.
    May this prayer join us.

    O intense Light of my God
    Come to my aid
    Teach me how to speak
    Help me to keep silent
    Direct my steps along
    Stop me to stand by You
    So that each step
    Taken or help back
    Everything may be
    According to God’s perfect Will.
    All your warm rays,
    O Light divine
    Grant me the perfection of Saints.

  2. yes always remember liturgy is first and foremost PRAYER and not a performance. Lord teach me to Pray always through You, with You, and in You. in union with the Holy Spirit, and Your entire Mystical Body, to give glory and honor to our Father, through out each day. Amen.
    Mary Beth

  3. Thank you Lord and to every one at Divine and our prayer community; we will go from strength to strength in the year ahead, a happy New Year everyone!

    • The notice of an upcoming webnar by one of our elder brothers in faith, Rabbi Dovid Orlofsky. inspired me to write the following for my column in our KofC council bulletin:

      Rabbi Orlofsky reported “I was on a flight sitting next to a middle aged, Israeli business man. He told me that he was on his way to India to meet his wife who’s already in the Ashram where they’re going to be studying Buddhism and meditation. I said to him, “Why?”. And he said, “You know, you reach a point in your life where just going out to eat and seeing shows is just not enough anymore. You want spirituality in your life.”
      This led me to say, “You know, you’re Israeli… Did you ever consider Judaism?” So he laughed and responded, “What does Judaism have to do with spirituality? Judaism is about doing Mitzvot.”
      And at that point I realized therein lies the problem… We do mitzvot. We shake a Lulav. We eat a Matza. We go through the steps and learn how to do this and how to do that, BUT, where’s the meaning in it all?”

      The same applies to us. We say the rosary, but we need to pray the rosary; not just rattle off the prayers, but meditate on the mysteries and how they apply to us. We go to mass, but we need to join and pray the mass. We need to spend time with God; listening to God. We can bring ourselves into the presence of God. It is particularly effective to do so in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament; especially when It is exposed for adoration. Then Christ is visibly present to us in a place without distractions.

  4. Thank you for this simple New Year’s Resolution. We will help spread about this to our network of contacts both here and overseas as well. God Bless! Happy Prosperous New Year 2017 ahead of us.

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