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5 thoughts on “melinda-kirigin-voss

  1. A beautifully blessed voice from a beautiful servant of God through a musical ministry. Thank you, Melinda, in sharing your gift with others, especially me. Your musical ministry greatly enhances my pilgrimage toward our blessed Trinitarian God. Peace be with you.

  2. A wonderful way to get close to the Lord. by listening to the songs singed by this awesome voice, truly a gift from the Lord Congratulations Melinda

  3. Inspired by the song “Be Not afraid” and by other songs rendered by Melinda K.V. May Easter blessings be showered on you for all the inspiration your singing brings to us throughout the Divine Office year.
    Greetings from Mumbai, India.

  4. “Per Crucem” song has brought my husband and I to tears this morning. May Our Lord blessings shower upon you and all those in your company as you have blessed us all with your angelic voices. Thank you for your ministry to the Divine Office community and beyond. Blessed from El Paso, TX

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