Merry Ninth Day of Christmas

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Merry Ninth Day of Christmas!

The gift on the Ninth Day of Christmas is Nine Ladies Dancing!
Those nine ladies represent the Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit!

Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Generosity, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self-Control.

We pray today that you will be able to share these gifts.

Also on the Ninth Day of Christmas we celebrate the lives of St. Basil the Great and St. Gregory Nazianzus (Nazianzen) both Bishops in the Catholic Church.

St. Basil was a man of vast learning and constant activity, genuine eloquence and immense charity. This earned for him the title of “Great” during his life and Doctor of the Church after his death. Basil was one of the giants of the early Church He was learned, accomplished in statesmanship, a man of great personal holiness, and one of the great orators of Christianity. He is the Patron Saint of hospital administrators.

Basil and Gregory were born in Asia Minor in the year 330. This area is modern-day Turkey. Basil’s grandmother, father, mother, two brothers and a sister are all saints. Gregory’s parents are St. Nonna and St. Gregory the Elder. Basil and Gregory met and became great friends at school in Athens, Greece. Basil became a well-known teacher. One day his sister, St. Macrina, suggested that he become a monk. He listened to her advice, moved to the wilderness and there started his first monastery. The rule he gave his monks was very wise.Both Basil and Gregory became priests and then bishops. While he was Bishop of Constantinople, Gregory converted many people with his wonderful preaching. This nearly cost him his life. A young man planned to murder him. He repented at the last moment and begged Gregory’s forgiveness. Gregory did forgive him and won him with his gentle goodness.

Many of Gregory’s speeches, letters and poems were published. His writings are still important today. Many writers have based their works on his. Gregory’s friend Basil had a very kind and generous heart.

He always found time to help the poor. He even invited people who were poor themselves to help those worse off. “Give your last loaf to the beggar at your door,” he urged, “and trust in God’s goodness.” He gave away his inheritance and opened a soup kitchen where he could often be seen wearing an apron and feeding the hungry.

What a good message that we should use our wisdom, knowledge and time to help the people around us.
Merry Ninth Day of Christmas
We love you all!

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11 thoughts on “Merry Ninth Day of Christmas

  1. In the footnote for Fruit of the Spirit placed in the Revised Standard Ignacian Bible, Love is replaced with Charity; Goodness is added before Gentleness; Modesty is after Faithfulness; and last but not least, Chastity is added for a total of Twelve Fruit of the Spirit.
    These missing virtues are vital for our personal sanctity. Due to Romans 7:8 “…, sin, finding an opportunity in the commandment, produced in me every kind of covetousness…,” a proliferation of vile tendencies influence our human will. But, “…Apart from the law sin is dead.” Exposure to the virtuous, those who perfectly submit to the Divine Will daily in celebration of the Seven Sacraments generates the concupiscence for initiation into the same life in the Spirit. Total surrender of human will through daily prayer and renewal of Baptismal vows, sustains our life with Christ in love, then we can be fruitful and multiply.

  2. Wishing everyone at Divine Office a very happy new year filled with many blessings. Reading the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit reminds us all what a fantastic job you do in promoting our faith and spreading Gods word. Thank you Patrick

  3. Thank you for continuing the life and joy of Christmas in your teachings. The ancient traditions of our Church keep us in tune with God and close to our Savior.

  4. Thank you so much for the merry days of Christmass… Where can I read all of the days? I only became aware today that you had written them… I see the 8 days for yesterday, 9 for today, and 10 for tomorrow… God Bless your ministry

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