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Erika ProvinzanoSeveral psalms, hymns and canticles in our audio Liturgy of the Hours have been set to music, arranged, performed and recorded by Erika Provinzano for the Divine Office community. We think God brought Erika into our lives for his great work.

The new project that Erika Provinzano is working on for Divine is to set psalms to music. This project requires substantial effort and significant resources of time and materials. Let’s offer her our support with a small donation, for the service she is providing to our community: this will enable her to cover the expenses that she is facing to keep alive and operating this project.

Born in Rome, Italy January 31, 1981 Erika Provinzano grew up in a Catholic family. She shows a strong interest in any art form since the very first years of her life. She plays her first instrument (diamonio) at age of 3, and thanks to her father she starts to play the guitar at 5. She attended a music-oriented school where she studied the flute for 3 years. Her passion is the piano, which she plays but she never studied.

She graduated in 1998 in Arts. In these years she was prey to a growing depression and rebellion. She abandons God and will remain far from the church for 9 years. However God does not distance himself from her.

In 2004, the Lord Jesus manifested in her life and her heart converts. The conversion is so radical, that from that day Erika devotes her entire life to evangelization, with her husband and their small daughter Elisa.

To preach the gospel becomes for her the only thing that is worth suffering and sweat for. She met the love of God in Christ the Lord, and earnestly wishes that every other person desperate and alone as she felt once may have the same opportunity.

With her hands, her voice, and the instruments that God has given her the ability to play, Erika works with a heart renewed by the Holy Spirit for the edification of the Kingdom of God. A full testimony of her conversion is available on her blog.

NOW Available on iTunes and Amazon MP3

“The Coming of our God”
, an album collecting Advent Hymns and Canticles set to music by Erika Provinzano is finally available on iTunes and Amazon MP3!

The album contains the following tracks:
– The Coming of Our God
– On Jordan’s Bank
_ Creator of the Stars of Night
– Father Lord of Earth and Heaven
– Te Deum

Listen to previews and purchase now on iTunes


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  1. I usually cannot listen to the whole podcast due to time (praying before I start my day making nurse practitioner housecalls to senior citizens) but I love the site and especially love the hymns, many of which I grew up singing in the Presbyterian Church. (which hymns we got from the Episcopalians and which they got from the Catholics). in addition to revitalizing the prayer life of many of us in the Church you also are spreading and evangelizing with these GREAT traditional hymns that have nearly been forgotten in the Novus Ordo after Vatican II. Thank you!

  2. Although I have been praying the prayers of divine office since Nov.23rd.I signed up today,I don’t know what to say except God Bless Erika and all who need to find the Lord. Thank the lord.jim

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