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Finally, brothers, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored, as happened among you, 2 Thessalonians 3:1 [1]

We created this space so you can have a place to add your own prayers, intercessions and prayer requests.

May the Lord answer your prayers
and give you peace.
Numbers 6:26 [2]

[1] 2 Thessalonians 3:1 BibleGateway
[2] Numbers 6:26 BibleGateway

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458 Prayers/Requests

  1. Please pray for my daughter Meghan who is expecting twins and having a difficult pregnancy. Please pray for the health and safety of Meghan and the precious twin babies. Also, please pray for my grandson Luke who is 17 and struggling. In Jesus holy name.

  2. Hello everyone,

    please pray for my aunt Sara. She is my dad’s sister. She said that she has been experiencing weakness and soreness in all four limbs for about 4 weeks now. She has gone to the doctor for tests but they have not found anything yet. Please pray that the medical professionals will have the wisdom from God to know what tests to try and that they also may obtain a correct diagnosis and know the proper method for treatment and that it may be done quickly if it be God’s will. God bless you and your family in Jesus through Mary! Thank you for all your prayers know that you are making a difference through God’s grace and Mary’s help

    Remember Jesus loves you and your family and so do I!

  3. Hi everyone,
    I am asking for prayers for Mr. Steve Cheney who had a heart attack recently .They brought him back three times and he is currently in the ICU. He is at Abbott Northwestern Hospital. Please pray that the medical professionals will have the wisdom to properly care for his life with dignity. Also please pray that they may also adequately care for the family and receive comfort and peace from the Lord. Please also pray for his complete recovery if it is God’s will. May God bless you and your family in Jesus through Mary!
    Remember Jesus loves you and so do I!

  4. Need
    A job (employer to hire person with disabilities) and pay that’s commensurate with my KSAs, experience & education
    Transportation (unable to walk distances required in order to us public transit (bus).
    Need new mobility device (the one I have is rusting–from trying to walk in snow, rain, ice, over the years to get to work, etc.).
    A home (my temporary living arrangements is coming to an end).
    Relief from mountains of debt; including student loans (not eligible for forgiveness)
    Health insurance & food assistance (keep getting denied because I’m not pregnant, or have dependent children)
    Medical care
    Prescription meds
    Deliverance from years of chronic pain & several medical conditions & disabilities.
    Strength to keep pressing on & not give up

    • I am so sorry about your situation. I though I had it bad until I read your prayer request. I live in Florida but it sounds you are far from me. I wish I could do something, Im old but if you were near I could visit you and see if I could help. Prayers of course.

  5. Please pray for a beautiful soul who passed away today. Her name Dorothy, little Italian lady who had much suffering in her life and bore it with great courage and faith. An inspiration tho many,very devoted to St .Padre Pio. May she rest in heavenly peace.

  6. Please pray for my dear friend who is stuck in the Ukraine and wants to come back home. Please pray that he comes back to the U.s. a soon. We know God can work miracles.

  7. For safe travel and protection for my son Gregory, his wife Renee and daughter Virginia who will be travelling by ferry from Alert Bay, British Columbia to Vancouver tomorrow. They were attending a potlatch ( like a PowWow). Please pray for safety and protection. God Bless and thank you!⛴⛴

  8. I pray for my son Mark to heal fast from his surgery. I pray for the pains and acks on my husband’s feet. For my daughter’ Stephanie healing of her symptoms. For protection of my daughter Sarah marriage. For your protection of my grandkids. For my daughter Valerie Alvarez to find happiness in you and fulfillment as a mother with her two children. For my mother and my sister to forgive each other. For my niece Mona and Priscilla and Matthew to return to see your love. Amen

  9. For safe travel and protection for my son Greg and his wife Renee, daughter Virginia visiting Vancouver and then going to Alert Bay by ferry on Vancouver Island for a powwow.⛴

  10. For the requests posted to this site and for my family and me as we adjust to our new life together in North Carolina that our merciful, almighty God make his will known to us, and we may respond whole heartedly. THANK YOU for your faithfulness to prayer.

  11. I am grateful for this site and community that’s been apart of my journey from unemployment to surrendering to the Holy Spirit in cooperating with God’s wilI. I encourage all those who haven’t donated for a while to do so, as instead of going out this afternoon for lunch, I felt the need to donate again but also to pray for all the souls in purgatory who you need our prayers, perhaps even for those former members of our divine office community. With Brotherly love and prayers, -Jason-

  12. Please pray for my wife and unborn child. We just received some new from the doctor and its not good for the baby. Please pray for strength and comfort for my wife. And health for my unborn son. In JESUS name.

    • May God send the Holy Spirit to give you and your wife strenght and courage to confront whatever the outcome. My daughter is also about to give birth and eventhough she is not facing any unsettling news I worry and pray for the 2 of them. God bless the 3 of you , Amen.

  13. Please pray for my son, Jorge. He is not doing well emotionally and financially. He separated from his wife this year and has not done well since then. He gets upsets when I tell him that I pray for him and when I say “God bless you”. May God’s will be done, but that he looks to Him for peace.

  14. Please pray for my cousin Lymda, who had surgery a Thursday to remove lung cancer. She fell away from the church very young and most recently turned to Wicca. Pray that got touches her heart before it’s too late.

  15. Please pray for my friend Rose who is in the hospital with blood clots in her legs and lungs and may have cancer and that she has priest give her sacrament of the sick. Thank you!

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