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Finally, brothers, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may speed ahead and be honored, as happened among you, 2 Thessalonians 3:1 [1]

We created this space so you can have a place to add your own prayers, intercessions and prayer requests.

May the Lord answer your prayers
and give you peace.
Numbers 6:26 [2]

[1] 2 Thessalonians 3:1 BibleGateway
[2] Numbers 6:26 BibleGateway

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501 Prayers/Requests

  1. Saint Thomas More,

    Please intercede to God, Jesus Christ for us. I believed you heard my petitions. Thank you Saint Thomas More.

  2. Dear Jesus, my God. Thank you for the gift of life and thank you for every breath I draw. I know that you hear everyone’s prayers, with you all things are possible. Please answer them.

    Brothers and sisters please pray for me a sinner, that I will have the grace to always follow Jesus and turn away from sin. Amen

  3. I also like to add and correct to my first prayer requested that I mean to say that I believed that God, Sacred Heart of Jesus that You know what is going on in each of our lives. Even through I do not know what to ask, but I just have to Trust You that You will Bless us with whatever that is best for us. I Trust that You will continue protecting us. Thank you God. Amen

  4. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I know You what is going in my heart, my soul and my mind. I trust that you know. I do not know what to ask for my loved ones, for the people in my life, for my alcoholic husband, for our financial debt, for our shortcomings, for the prayers requests that posted on here and ….and on. But all I can do is trust You, because at the end of the day You are the only one God, Jesus Christ who love, who gives us grace, strengthen, hope, peace and most of all dying on the cross for our sin. Thank you God for Your undying love for us and for continued rescuing from the worldly sin and from our own self. Amen

  5. May the Lord give strength and knowledge to every family that they may learn to love each other more as Christ loves us
    I pray to the Lord our God

  6. Dear Brothers and SIsters, Please pray that my father Albert has good results from his chest xray and bloodwork. He is on Diaylsis and has been very weak. I ask that the doctors and medical staff are able to help him but need divine intervention for healing and good health. Also, pray for my mother Eleanor who has cancer and finished her radiation treatments and is siffering frm high bloos pressure. Please pray for healing and good health. Thank you and God Bless You All!

  7. Please keep my grandmother-in-law in your prayers. She has terminal metastatic cancer. She raised my husband, so please keep him in your prayers as well.

  8. For the end of the Coronovirus known a Covid 19. Forgiveness of the sins of this nation. Guidance of all elected and appointed government officials at all levels of government: Federal, State and Local. Heal the economy . Heal the social discourse, heal this naiton in all areas. Help us Lord. thank you. We ask in Jesus name , Amen.

  9. Saint Barnabas,

    Please intercede to The Father, The Son and to The Holy Spirit for us to be perseverance in love for God and for other’s especially the ones that abuse and taking advantage of our kindness. Please ask God to help us to be filled with the Holy Spirit and Faith. Thank you Saint Barnabas and thank you God. Amen

  10. My husband is in very critical condition after a liver transplant. Please pray for a miracle that he will be restored to complete health to the glory of God.

  11. For the protection and guidance for my family, extended family and for all elected and appointed Govt. officials at all levels of Govt: Federal, Sate and local, that each may be guided and open to the Holy Spirit and may not be deceived by Satan.We ask in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth Amen. Thank You .

  12. Healing for this Nation. To heal the riffs within society and to rid it of the scourges and evil trying to destroy this nation. To open the hearts and minds of all the citizens and peopke of these United States to the truth and healing and to shun the evil that’s rearing its ugly head. Jesus heal this nation, forgive & free this nation, and this nation will be and is healed indeed in your name Lord Jesus.In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth . Amen Thank you Father , Son and Holy Spirit.

  13. My husband Ray Kunkel and I have been separated since Nov 4th, 2018, after I caught him cheating with another woman, who he is currently living with, after 34 years of marriage. I am devastated, and although my life with him has been very difficult, I love him very much, and forgive him and this woman he’s with. I know this is a very tall order to ask, since my husband is not religious at all, but he is baptised Catholic, he’s an alcoholic and smokes pot and grows it, and has depression and anxiety, and many eccentric behaviours, and many character flaws, but these behaviours grew in time. I know i’m not perfect and i’ve been trying to better and make up for those things myself with prayer, but i would like very much for me and my husband to reconcile and once more be husband and wife and be madly in love with each other again, please pray very very hard for his complete conversion to our Catholic faith, because with God in his life, things will make sense, and he’ll have hope, and the tools he needs to stay strong and understand my love and our marriage vows , plus the complete healing of his health, including depression, anxiety, behaviour issues, alcohol and drug use, and any demonic activity holding him back to come out of this darkness he’s in, and come back to life in Christ Jesus!! And any demonic activity in our marriage and family, may God bind them all and remove them in Christ Jesus, through His Precious Blood, and anything else he needs, and the courage and strength to understand that what he’s doing is wrong and to leave this woman Lenore Bushell, and never be unfaithful to me again, and finds my love back in his heart and wills to love me again and come back and restore our marriage and family. See, this is quite the tall order, but as my husband, i promised through good times and bad, well, this couldn’t be any worse, and as crazy as it sounds, I will not wash my hands of him, and just like Jesus, thought we were loving enough to die for us, my husband is also special enough and I love him enough to die for, and want him back so badly, even though i’m at peace and sometimes afraid of going back, since it wasn’t easy, nevertheless, I want his salvation and want him back as my husband, and I’m trying to stay strong and pray and do all I can, but I ask for your help too, please include my intentions, and I pray that everything I ask is in God’s Will and that nothing I ask will be an obstacle to my salvation. People think i’m crazy to forgive and want him back, and sometimes i even question myself, since it’s been so long, everyone tells me he won’t come back, but i hope against all hope and wait for God’s promise, Please also pray for me that i remain strong in our faith and in everything in my life, My husband’s name is Raymond and my name is Ivana, and the woman he is living with is Lenore, I included the names, so you know who to pray for, plus please pray for our daughters Candice who has a lot of issues herself and is currently not speaking to me, it’s been over a year, and has a lot of the same issues as my husband, depression, anxiety and attitude issues, and pray for my daughter Bianca, who is living in sin with her boyfriend and they had a son, Cameron, who is a real joy to me, but please pray they make their relationship right in God’s eyes and that they will be a good example to their son and raise him to love and serve the Lord and be a light and blessing to everyone in his life. And lastly, seeing in the times we’re in, please pray that united as a family, we will remain strong in our faith in these turbulent times coming, and that the Holy Trinity will be with us, Our Lady and Saint Joseph, Our Guardian Angels, and all the Angels and Saints to help and protect us in all the dangers coming, and I pray preserve us as a remnant and live Holy lives and to help everyone around us that we can, and to remain strong, I pray for the conversion of all poor sinners, and that they chose to believe and accept Jesus in their lives and live accordingly and be protected too. Please pray for all the rest of the intentions in my heart, God Bless your kindness,

    Ivana Kunkel

    • Dear Ivana, your prayer request is so heartfelt and touching, I’m crying for you and your broken family. Lord Jesus have mercy on you! May God convert Raymond’s heart and bring him back to you in penance and reconciliation. May He heal your relationship with Candice and inspire Bianca and her boyfriend to finally receive the sacrament of matrimony. May He bring all your family members, and even Lenore, to the Truth that would set them free from all their afflictions, to Christ Jesus and His Church. May God give you these gifts of His grace, seeing as He does your act of grace and forgiveness towards your wayward husband. May Jesus help you be strong and of good courage, Ivana, as your faith is tested in this crucible. Let us keep praying for your miracles, Ivana, for God is truly gracious and merciful! Amen.
      On a personal note, I promise that when I am able to finally go back to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, I will light a candle and pray for you at the Tomb of our Lord, who had shed His blood to bring healing to our broken souls. Blessings from Jerusalem, the Holy City.
      United in prayer, sister.

      • Oh God of mercy hear our prayers. I praise Your Holy Name. Thank you God, Jesus Christ Our Lord, Amen.

    • Please be assured Ivana of my continued prayers for the restoration of your marriage and the salvation of your husband, the woman you said he is involved wirh and your entire family. My wife and I are currently visiting our sister-in-law in our old and near-future home of Miami and visiting our Lord in the Eucharist frequently at St. Raymond’s Church, (He is exposed in the door of the Adoration Chapel and believers adore Him from the outside!). I will pray to Jesus for your intentions through the intercession of St. Raymond and Our Lady of Guadalupe. I encourage you to keep praying the Liturgy of the Hours, such a beautiful way to enter into a daily encounter with our Lord!

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