Updated regarding 501(c)(3) status, music, and permissions

Dane on May 27th, 2016 | 76 comments

Dear Community,

A week ago we began the time, money, and resource intensive process to transfer the Divine Office Ministry into a Nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. We (me and legal experts) have completed our filing paperwork and it will be signed this weekend and submitted early next week. Once submitted, the process is expected to take a few months leading to our expected approval of 501(c)(3) status. I expect all contributions made this year will be tax deductible, but that is only my uneducated opinion.

In the past week I had a good discussion with the permissions office of GIA where we discussed licensing 42 hymns. GIA has one of the widest selections of hymns, as well as their recordings, of any hymn publisher. Royalties will be costly, but manageable. There are additional benefits to working with GIA for they manage permissions within the USA for the Grail psalms (current and upcoming translations).

While we look towards a possibility of licensing from GIA, we strongly desire to buildup our own catalogue of hymns. This is not only to save on royalty costs, but to bring back translations from the original Latin. Doing so would elevate the Divine Office. Furthermore, having our own catalogue of hymns could be used to financially support this ministry as it also reduces our cost for royalties so it becomes a win in quality and cost.

If you haven’t visited our Hymns Needed link from the right side of our website then you may find it interesting. It is evolving as members of our community research and discover wonderful resources.

Many of the hymns you will be hearing for the next few weeks are substitutes until we can bring in what we have been working on or that have come from our community. Please be patient, but do let us know your feelings.

Remember, we must close our doors to new members very soon. We have been graciously allowed to remain open to new members, but we are only remaining open now because we found that a sizable group of you were able to access without logging in. This would have been very unfortunate if we had closed off the site to only registered folks without you knowing you hadn’t registered. So, we are very close. Please make sure you have registered and successfully logged in. Don’t worry that you lose a password because you will always be able to recover your password or get our help to regain your access. Send those requests to [email protected]

I also wish to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have vision impairments or disabilities for getting in touch with us. Please continue to do so by sending us an email at [email protected] When you contact us let us know how we can serve your needs better. We know that there is no other way for many of you to pray the Liturgy of the Hours and so you become the most important souls we serve.

Lastly and most importantly, we are very grateful for being called to serve a community as wonderful as all of you. We are grateful that even through my naivety and missteps that threatened this ministry that those controlling vital permissions have granted us time to bring our house into order. We ask all of you to continue to pray that we receive the guidance and support needed to make this work endure and that you pray for intercession that those who hold the keys to our future will grant us all needed permissions and support this great work for God, our Divinium Officum.

In Christ,
Dane Falkner
Divine Office producer and servant to God

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76 thoughts on “Updated regarding 501(c)(3) status, music, and permissions

  1. Greetings and many blessings to all!

    I’m an aspiring Deacon and truly love all the work you do. This is my first time actually posting to any topic on DivineOffice.org. I’m a scholar and the concern over music got me to thinking, have you considered discussing the “Fair use” option with legal counsel? Also, before you go asking, the answer is “no I’m not a lawyer,” though I did go to Law School, and, I completed a program in Copyright Law. It was all for fun, I don’t practice it, that said, I think the Girl Scouts ran into similar issues back in the mid-1990s, and, well, they appear to have come out on top… other groups do. Mainly, there might be some educational and religious “fair use” exceptions for the hymns among us members; not to mention the theoretical justification for a non-profit religious community such as ours. I’m no expert in hymn music, just a thought.

    Many, many, blessings to all,
    Ryan Kelly

  2. Dear Mayda G,
    Do you really think God (or anyone who loves and follows God)makes a distinction between “regular” people and “religious”? That you make this distinction tells a lot!

    • I believe that this subject is getting out of hand. Iike to make comments and read comments and I welcome them. But for some people to peach to us about how we pray and do not agree with them. I few days ago I just made the two comments about the same songs and the wrong page number. I do not like others say that if you don’t like it find another website. It is wrong to state that because we don’t agree go some where else and to preach and telling me about my faults. This person does not know me. I am a Religious Brother,I am not any better than any one, I have my own human faults. I think that the people at Divine Office should read the comments before they are posted to the public. I like this site and we use it for our community prayer very often and I use it when I am praying alone.I find very little wrong with it. I am just hoping that we can get along.I think it is wrong for someone to say that we may find the music better in Purgatory.

      • Dear Brother,

        I am going to use your post to say I agree with you that this topic is getting out of hand. While we encourage open discussion and want to know how to better serve our community there is a point at which it begins to hurt people. I feel we are at that point. I hope everyone will understand, but we will be deleting posts that are directed at another community member we feel may be hurtful. Everyone is welcome to continue to post constructive criticism of Divine Office, but please direct your satisfaction or dissatisfaction my direction, not at others. Also, be very specific in your constructive criticism so that we can address it if necessary.

        We at Divine Office love you all. Please be kind to each other 🙂

    • Yes, Carol, I would have to agree with you. Mayda G., I must charitably say that I pray you will one day discover what a rich and well formed spirituality many “regulars” enjoy. Was I insulted by your comment? I must truthfully say that I was. It tends to separate “regulars” from “religious” and so the unity of Holy Mother Church is not well served. You are, however, forgiven, my sister. I am sure you meant well.

  3. The Israelites infuriated God because of their lack of gratitude. However, one does not have to like every song on this site. But, please, don’t hurt others with criticisms. If the music to a song is distracting, either turn it down or mute it and read the words.

    I am so grateful to all of the people who contribute music to this site. Sometimes, I just turn the music down low and meditate on the words to the song. That helps be prepared to hear the words of Scripture.

  4. To Vincent and LOUISE you wrote to me_
    Are you so much better? Stop preaching to people that do not agree with you Yes,We do have the right to complain and make comments.but NOT to preach. Why not look at yourself .=”” this was your response to my post-.This is my response to you:
    I m your servant, I’m the last one , the one with out value.I am nothing , and as He said I will strive to be the last.I will serve Him and I will serve you-
    Your response to my post was not offensive to me. I live to serve Christ, I’m always pleased to serve Him.
    I live in Peace and joy being nothing.As I bow down He will raise me up/God bless you.I will pray for you and your anger issues.But no I won’t stop preaching-I preach with my life, my mouth, my ministry and my constant offering of pain for all sinners-my life is prayer, a testimony of a consecrated life to the Divine Heart of Jesus and immaculate Heart of Mary.I can’t and won’t stop preaching- I preach as today’s gps[el preached- bear one another, love one another, be united- don’t sow anger and discontent here- Look at your words-see how full of hatred they are!!! Make love the center of your life Make Jesus the center of your life and you will never get tired of His word, never allow your mouth to show your soul’s disposition to sin.Preach love instead!!!Don’t allow the enemy to make you proud and conceited- be humble as Jesus was.
    Glory to the Sacred Name of Jesus-for ever,Thank you Holy Father for your many blessings, for this beautiful day I spent in your Church, for the new friends I made, for the relief of my pain today, and for allowing me to serve you and my brothers and sisters , I love you Lord Jesus- you are my most beloved treasure, the One my heart desires every moment- I bless you, glorify you and give you thanks for the miracle of the Eucharist.Thank you for your Presence among us Lord Jesus Christ, see how small we are, full of defects and stained with sin and forgive us, Lord of Power.
    Immaculae Heart of Mary, most beautiful Mistic Rose, delight of the Trinity, pray for us.Amen

  5. With every right there is a matching responsibility. The “right to complain” on this web site should be carefully matched with trying to be part of the solution – not part of the problem. Good suggestions are always welcome.

  6. I think you should share whatever hymns the Lord leads you to share.

    Don’t worry if a large group of users don’t like a particular hymn, there will be plenty silent users who do like it.

    That’s just my five ¢.

    Gods speed and the peace of Christ be with us all, and thank you for the great work you do for both us and the Lord.

  7. How are you doing on getting the music updated? Lately it’s been single voice every morning. There must be something between “Holy Holy Holy” and chants every day. I find myself skipping the music. Not good.

    I appreciate your hard work, thank you for all you do.

    • Brothers and Sisters:
      The constant complaints on these boards about music makes me think: are you here for the music? If that’s so -why don’t go out and buy your preferred music?
      I mean- {if muxoc is so important to you- and this website is struggling to supply adequate music and you are still unhappy- first; offer your pain to God, second go buy music you like. and feel better!
      I pay monthly for this service – so more people have the chance to enjoy it- if I were unhappy I would go pay elsewhere.Why don’t you do the same? If you pay for it- well- go somewhere else and if you don’t well- stop acting like two year olds.You are allowing the enemy to sow discord, anger and resentment in this site,you don’t see the plank in your own eyes?
      Don’t be deceive that you are better religious when your mouth is do full of complaints. or you think you deserve better for some reason- it’s easy to be deceive into thinking you have a right to say this or that- it is the way many sins come to our lives- by the way of mouth, pride, vanity, plain meanness, .A true religious won’t bother others with their personal preferences, rather take them into their heart and offer them as Holy Mary would, Aren’t you here to better your souls?Don’t you ask for patience, discernment, every day? Is this constant complaining about everything the only thing that the Spirit gives you?
      I sincerely hope that most of these superfluous comments come from regular people and not religious.
      They don’t know better.Pride lives in complaints not HUMILITY. You are not here to pray then: if you are so easily bothered by music you are not here to pray- you are tools of demons,enter here just to show discontent.Don’t be deceived, the door to Heaven is narrow- a big ego won’t go through…
      The way to Heaven is Jesus Christ-no king of music will take you into the kingdom-humility, meekness and offering to the Father our struggles and pains are the things that will make us be more than His Holy Son.
      Would Jesus be here complaining about music?How He is tired of listening to solo and prefers organ?No He wouldn’t!!!!!But Satan would’he would sow discord, ungratitude, pride, resentment,between users of this site-just to laugh at God.And you,the ones that call yourselves religious, fall into it, and think you have rights.I don’t want to be like you.You are like Pharisees:who would go out and pray in public so people would see you.Keep complaining if you wish,instead of an opportunity to expiate your own faults, continue to grow in ego,I suppose you will find the music in purgatory much better-since all these petty sins keep adding stains to the soul too hard to recognize.So the I, I, I, that’s in you…it’s not the it is He who lives in me”.Peace, in Christ Jesus.

      • MAYDA-Amen to everything you said: The bible tells us that
        the evil one is the enemy. We should pray for one another.
        I like the music the way it is. I can understand the words and learn different songs.

      • MAYDA-Amen to everything you said: The bible tells us that
        the evil one is the enemy. We should pray for one another.
        I like the music the way it is. I can understand the words and learn different songs.

      • Are you so much better? Stop preaching to people that do not agree with you Yes,We do have the right to complain and make comments.but NOT to preach. Why not look at yourself .

      • Sorry to read of all this conflict. From my understanding, the board is dealing with copyright issues for the music and seeking permissions, Not so easy and it takes time. I suggest that we all “christianize” ourselves — like kick back, read and pray the Gospel, stop this train of communication already

      • “I am especially pleased that we are now using the hymns intended for the Divine Office by our early Latin Church Fathers.”

        Thank You, Thank You, Thank You !

  8. Dear Friends,

    Can you tell me why I have How Great Thou Art on my iPhone for morning Prayer 9/1 and my husband has O Lord Our God Who Made the Day on his Kindle.

  9. I like the chants. I would prefer that you do not bring back the heavy organ / choirs – they are impossible to understand and do not enhance my prayer experience. A single singer singing or chanting is preferable. Thank you.

      • I agree with people who are distracted by the constant single-voice solos for hymns. I, for one, would like to hear much more organ-and-choir pieces. I am not such a fan of Taizé and other contemporary hits, but I love classic hymnody almost as much as Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony.

    • I agree that a single voice, either with simple music (piano, guitar, etc.) Is much easier to follow. Choirs accompanied by organs are impossible to understand. I usually listen to your hymn, then pause so I can recite or sing one of the proper hymns, then resume the podcast.
      I also love it when the invitatory, psalms and canticles are chanted. I am usually able to join in after one or two strophies.
      I pray for your continued success and improvement.
      Peace and Good, Larry Papineau

  10. Hi: I’ve been using this website and your app for years, praying especially the Office of Readings. I’ve always know it was important to me, but when I thought, for a few panicky, sweaty minutes, that I wouldn’t be able to migrate your app to my new phone, I realized how much you and your ministry mean to me. It’s the eve of my patron’s feast day and I took this as a particular sign that I should support you materially as well as spiritually. May God richly bless all of you at DO, and all your patrons and users.

  11. I have recently purchased the “Hymnal for the Hours” by Fr. Samuel F. Weber. It is a collection of all the proper hymns for each of the hours using the original chant melodies, but translated into English. I am learning these and would like to record them. If you got permission to use this book I would gladly share my efforts with you. These are the actual hymns composed for the liturgy of the hours and used for centuries.

    • Fr. Samuel has granted us permission to use his Hymnal for the Hours so we would really appreciate using your recordings. There are some recordings that still have copyrights aside from Fr. Samuel so we won’t be able to use those particular hymns, but the rest would be wonderful.

  12. How would l send my one time contribution? l really very thankful for your ministry of the Liturgy of the Hour. Very convenient. God bless!

  13. Hi,
    This is an amazing ministry. Thank you for all your hard work.
    I bought the app from Itunes for my Iphone a few months ago and need to reinstall it. Is this something you can help me with?
    God bless,

  14. I am a little confused. I am registered and I had paid for the divine office app last year, I use it every day, but I had to uninstall it because it kept giving me error messages. I can find the app nowhere to reinstall. Is that due to these changes, and are we to access it going forward for a time through the Web log in. I do not want to be blocked out of this app, it is crucial to my horarium daily.

    • Hi Arogal.
      If you go to the “my apps” section of the play store, then select “all apps”, you should find Divine Office on the list. You can click on it and download it from there.

  15. Please accept my apologies – I just checked the Morning Prayer page again, and VOILA!! the audio link has appeared. Thank you very much for your help.

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