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Monica on April 30th, 2016 | 58 comments

Dear community,

We have implemented today a new registrations and login system, it had glitches that we now solved. All of you who tried to register or log in today unsuccessfully, please TRY AGAIN.

If you can’t get your password reset email then please send your requested password to support (at) And please use a password with numbers, symbols, and upper and lower case. There are good reasons to use secure strong passwords everywhere.

Please know, we are doing the very best to assist you through this process and have you as members of Divine Office community.

Thank you for your patience and understating,
May God be gracious and bless us all,

Divine Office Team

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58 thoughts on “Registration issues are solved

  1. I can log in from this browser and links2, but I’m have trouble logging in from other browsers, like:

    * w3m for Emacs
    * lynx
    * w3m

    I’m happy, that I can now use links2, but if there is a way to get in from “w3m for Emacs”, it would be nice.

    At any rate,
    Thank you!

    • Hello Agatha, the daily log in is not of any fault of our own. You have to allow cookies for the website. I gathered some info for you. Please read below:

      "Allow cookies

      To set whether Safari blocks cookies in iOS 8 or later, tap Settings > Safari > Block Cookies and choose one of the following: Always Block, Allow from Current Websites Only, Allow from Websites I Visit, or Always Allow. In iOS 7 or earlier, choose Never, From third parties and advertisers, or Always.

      A cookie is a piece of data that a website puts on your device. Using cookies, the website can remember you when you visit again, and the webpage can be customized for you based on information you might have provided. Some pages might not work unless you accept cookies. For instance:

      You’re unable to log in to a website or webpage using your correct username and password.
      You see a message on a webpage that cookies are required, or that your browser’s cookie functionality is turned off.
      You try to use a feature on a website, but it doesn’t work as expected."

      ALSO a simple google search on how to allow cookies if you use another browser than Safari will give you the instructions you need.

      God bless!

  2. Good morning, my question is… I have the mobile app on my two tablets.. But can’t find it in the App Store, in order to download on my iPhone 6s could you help… Deacon Rich Fahy. God Bless

  3. I am very thankful with your service. I am an old registered. According with your instructions I registered again. No problem to open the page in this computer. But I can`t do it in my mobile as before. I am a missionary in Colombia and travel a lot, and it is very useful to have the Divine Office in my cel phone.
    Whe I try to register in my mobile, the system respond, the use name and password is already used. Could you,please help me? What can I do? Thank you indeed. May God Bless you.
    José Luis Sandoval R: [email protected]. Cel +57 3212087893

  4. Monica,

    I was blocked on my Iphone 5 on May 21st i.e. couldn’t get in with Iphone, It had been ok after I followed new profile reqs. and password requirements. I set new password per instructions and it is ok with laptop but still can’t access with Iphone using new password…can you help?? Deacon John Dimas

  5. I registered on my iPad. All is good so far…so good.
    However, during the day, sometimes I pray when I am out…and then I need to use my phone…
    Now, if I am already registered, shouldn’t it work with my phone too!!! It’s all the same email…I only have one email!!!
    I also use the phone at my Carmelite meeting …since it helps me, due to my disability. The Divine makes it less difficult for me with my disability…I had neck surgery, and go to PAIN mAnagement monthly…so this Divine is wonderful for me!!!
    Was it just a glitch, that it was not recognizing my info! It said I put the wrong email..when I used my phone. I registered on my iPad…but, wouldn’t it be good for both??? Both the same emails, etc.
    Thank you so much for your help and for thos wonderful program!!!
    May God bless you all!!

    • Could it be that I have not logged out on my iPad…and that is why I cannot open the Divine Office,org on my phone?
      Thanks for any response or assistance you can give me.
      So grateful to be part of Divine
      Thank you again…for all your dedication and hard work!

  6. [email protected] on said:

    I am not sure how to register. i am a mobile app user. Is just logging in the registration process?

    • In the right margin there is a list of resources available. If you click on the last one (The Journey -Daily Meditation) it will take you to a site with a picture and then the days of the week. Click on the appropriate day, and a short meditation related to the readings will appear. The link to the readings is available there (just make sure you get the right date-sometimes the date is wrong …. if it’s wrong you can change it). The daily reflection video is also available here and that’s sometimes very profound. Again, you have to choose the date.

      Otherwise, you could just click on the Daily Mass Readings which is the second resource listed in the right margin.

      Hope this information helps you.

      • When I click on the “Daily Mass Readings” link in the side column, I get an *access forbidden* message. I am registered/logged in, so I’m not sure what’s triggering that?

      • The link was broken. The website vanished. The link now takes you to the USCCB Mass readings.

  7. I’ve been rediscovering your website after a period of absence. . .I’m delighted that you seem to have resolved the glitches with the registration process!

    FYI. While praying the Morning Prayer for May 17, the Podcast stalled ~ verse 2. Is this unique to my computer or a more generalized technical issue?

    God bless you for what you do every day, Monica!

    • I have found this happens once or twice a day (I try to do each of the “hours”. If you re-start it often plays without a hitch, I make that choice if I am not very far into the prayer. If I am almost done when the audio goes out, I just finish reading on my own. I have thought of inquiring about this as well, so I am glad someone else mentioned it and it’s not just my PC.

  8. Dear Monica, I did not understand what was expected from me when I saw the provision to log out. I do not want to be logged out. But what is that for? I am glad nothing has changed, I still can say my daily prayers, even so I am logged out. I am so grateful for this site and it is nice to be greeted with my name when I open it.
    Are the numbers of people in prayer correct? God bless You
    Felicitas Rothlander

    • @Felicitas Rothlander I’m glad you have no need for the Log out button! About the number of people in prayer, it gets updated rarely, I’m afraid, so the information is not always accurate. But we will find a better way to make those updates. God bless!

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