Relentless for a cure. LLS Charitable Giving Campaign.

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Behold, angles came and began to minister to Him – Matthew 4:11

Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

The Gospels tell us that Jesus was thrust into the wilderness at the beginning of his public ministry. For 40 days, Jesus confronted hardship and loneliness, encountering true relief from the angels the Father sent to care for him. In our Lenten journeys, we ponder the hardship and loneliness that we encounter in our wildernesses. Grief, financial trouble, and physical pain are among the challenges we face in this life, challenges that Jesus and God’s holy angels have promised to confront with us.

We never walk in the wilderness alone.

I am writing to you on behalf of my son, Nicholas Falkner, in an effort to help his young voice be heard. He has taken on the challenge to raise funds for the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society, an effort to aid their work to fight blood cancer. His appeal to you is here: Relentless for a cure along with a donation form, on the left side of that page. Cancer has reduced patients’ voices to whispers, hopelessness and despair are their companions. We can bring compassion, charity and hope.

The Lymphoma & Leukemia Society supports our neighbors enduring the wildernesses of leukemia, lymphoma, or myeloma. Like angels ministering in the wilderness, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society underwrites research, treatments, and support services on behalf of individuals battling blood cancers as well as the loved ones walking with patients. Since inception, LLS has made provided $1.3 billion in grants, and nearly $330 million in financial assistance for treatments. Every contribution to LLS makes a difference. As you can see below, both a small and a large donation helps in some incremental, specific way:

$10 helps an LLS-funded researcher grow cells in a lab for a week, furthering our understandings of cancer therapies.
$40 helps an LLS-funded researcher grow cells in a lab for a month, furthering our understandings of cancer therapies.
$75 covers the cost of one tissue typing test, matching a bone marrow donor with a recipient.
$300 provides one week of therapy for individual and families dealing with the challenges of blood cancer treatment.
$750 funds targeted, whole-exome sequencing for 1 patient, helping researchers understand common gene mutations found in blood cancers.
$2,000 funds an LLS research fellow for 2 weeks.

Jesus emerged from the wilderness inspired to bring good news to the hungry, hurting, and outcast. Amid your Lenten journey with Jesus, consider stepping back into the wilderness to comfort and support those battling blood cancers. Your financial contributions, small and large, inspire our neighbors battling cancer to fight on toward health.

The ministry of, through my voice, thanks you for your support through our own battles, we feel blessed to act as a channel capable of bringing worthy charitable causes to your attention.

We also take this opportunity to invite all our community members, users of the Divine Office app for mobile devices, who never had an opportunity to get access to the resources of our website, to write to us, Send Mail to [email protected] and request an account.

Peace be with you always,
Dane Falkner
God’s servant, founder and producer of Divine Office

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One thought on “Relentless for a cure. LLS Charitable Giving Campaign.

  1. Listen children of Israel, to Gamaliel,
    “Leave these men alone if it’s of human origin it will fail;
    but if it’s from God, you won’t be able to stop them;
    and you may find yourself fighting against God. (Acts 5:34-39). To the tune of “On Time God”)

    Let me guess. You have relied on your own intelligience? The text is on Divine Providence is it not? You are familiar with the materials in which you solicit on a daily basis and still …

    Contact the USCCB for further clarification; and spirtual advisement. Not just any child is involved, but that of a fully iniatiated, spirit filled member of the Church not to mention the spiritual status of the child!

    The purpose of any endeavour is to know God, to love God, and to serve God that we may fully repent of all our sins, be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, and receive the Holy Spirit.(Acts 2:38) in order to fulfill the Great Commission: Go out among the nations; teach; baptize in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

    Thanks Be to God!
    We love you, bye bye.

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