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1 Anonymous
2 C. Collignon
3 Carl Creech
4 Marian Movement Of Priests
5 Rose Russell
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7 Joseph A. Kramis
8 Clare Rehme
9 Pamela Klein
10 Deacon Roy Sadowski
11 Gail Holmberg
12 Terry Neary
13 Adele Sabater
14 Eileen And Steve Delia
15 Tom Heyer Jr.
16 Salem Riconscente
17 Mark Dafoe
18 Charles Kuehl
19 Janet Maldanado
20 Fer Blas
21 Matthew Zuanich
22 Catherine J Murphy
23 Aep Ed Wall
24 Len Mendes
25 Sally Nason
26 St. John Bosco Church
27 Mary Westenhaver
28 Steve Herbert
29 Sister Elizabeth Roach
30 Kevin H Seymour
31 Gina Rhuma-felix
32 Linda Wsignan
33 Notre Dame
34 Cecilia Lugtu
35 Delia Hernandez
36 Sister Of Christian Doctor
37 Dennis Monty
38 Thomas Murphy
39 Bethany Brandt
40 Becky A. Eibenstiener
41 Mary Ambrose
42 George Schroeder
43 Frank C Mcgrath
44 Wes Lamb
45 Collignon C. John
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47 Gene Baltes
48 Loyd Melntiro
49 Mr. Yaeger
50 Gary Sokolow

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