Each end every contribution makes a difference in helping us advancing our mission to bring more people in prayer together, always and everywhere.

We wish yo thank each of you, and to especially recognize the most generous contributors on this simple web page, as a sign of our appreciation for your continued support

1 Dan And Jean Abeyta
2 Steve Herbert
3 Pam Pruitt
4 Miki Janosi
5 David & Karen Hjelstrom
6 James Walsh
7 Mary Westenhaver
8 Jane Hall
9 Matt Dunham
10 Rick Mutchler
11 James White
12 Jeffrey Job
13 Betty Lee
14 Henry Solorzano
15 Blaine Comfort
16 Moualee Thao
17 Deacon James Stagg
18 Richard Sprague
19 Lisa Fortini-campbell
20 Anonymous
21 Anne Van Der Linden
22 Our Lady Of The Valley
23 Anonymous
24 Peter Harrington
25 Freedom Home Healthcare
26 Anonymous
27 Debbie Malarcher
28 Anonymous
29 Bethany Brandt
30 Chloe Giampaolo
31 Karen Cangialosi
32 Modesta Rubio Lara
33 Kathy Ozmun
34 Ossie Lewis
35 Kelly Kohlmetz
36 Barbara Sardella
37 Lou J Apa
38 Linda Kapucinski
39 Tom Gryzbek
40 Dan Coe
41 James Mcdonald
42 Daniel Schaaf
43 Paul F. Flynn
44 Jeffry Spain
45 Phil Lancaster
46 Richard Earls
47 Jane Bradley
48 Paulette Kahne
49 Joseph Schell
50 George Archibald

Thank You to all our community members who sent a contribution…

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