Merry Second Day of Christmas

Monica on December 26th, 2015 | 12 comments

We loved celebrating the First Day of Christmas! Now the work of Christmas really begins!

The Second Day of Christmas ~ two turtle doves!
Turtle doves are a symbol of great love, particularly the sacramental love between a husband and a wife.
Turtle doves are believed to stay with their partner for life – a strong symbolic connection to marriage vows.
When Jesus Christ was born, the turtle doves were offered as a symbol of love, respect and adoration for God.

Boxing Day or St. Stephen’s Day is celebrated in many places on December 26th.
Many British families distribute money to the poor that they have collected in little clay boxes throughout the year.
St. Stephen is the Patron Saint of deacons, bricklayers, headaches and the country Hungary!

Merry Second Day of Christmas!
We love you!

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12 thoughts on “Merry Second Day of Christmas

  1. Happy Second Day of Christmas!! Love, Peace, and my Prayers to all of you … please pray for my husband, Connie who is undergoing surgery as we speak … God continue to bless all of you who serve in this wonderful Ministry.

  2. Merry second day of Christmas.
    May we all remember that our actions are a witness and can touch those we don’t even know;
    “They threw him out of the city, and began to stone him. The witnesses laid down their cloaks at the feet of a young man named Saul”
    I can’t help but believe this was the beginning of the Holy Spirit’s working in soon to be Paul’s life.

  3. Being a deacon, a bricklayer, and having had headaches from being a principal for three years (I’m retired from that now), I certainly appreciate this note about St. Stephen. It’s like I just hit a trifecta with a new prayer partner in St. Stephen. God Bless and Merry Second Day of Christmas!
    Deacon Mike

  4. I feel guilty I didn’t make it to Midnight Mass this year. I just was not feeling good. I will make it New Year’s Eve and Epiphany.

    I am sorry. I do not like missing Mass on Christmas.

    I’ll never forget one of the first Christmas’ as part of Choir, I started out Night of Silence / Silent Night with the first verse of Night of Silence. One 4pm Christmas Vigil, I sang two verses of O Holy Night. It was wonderful. Maybe the Lord will see that I do it this next year in 2017.

  5. We are celebrating Christmas today! We had a sick grandchild yesterday, so the little grandchildren and their parents will be with us today for a Christmas dinner and opening of gifts! God is so good! The kids got together yesterday at our son’s home, and we took care of a grandchild while his mommy worked as a CNA… it was a peaceful day, and needed because I sang with the choir for three Masses. Today is the big home celebration for us. Joy to all!

    • Hi Lupe, On the right side of the webpage click on the link Pick A Date then you will be able to chose the one you need.
      I Pray this helps ans may GOD Bless you through the intercession of Mary, Joseph and all the Saints.
      Peace and Love in Christ Jesus!!!
      Your Friend Lucas Jacobson

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