Pro-Life Rosary Prayer Intentions

Monica on January 20th, 2016 | 29 comments

Dear community,

Coming soon, January 22 is the Day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of Unborn Children. Praying the Liturgy of the Hours, you can always just pause the recording during the intercessions on Morning or Evening Prayer and add a personal intention. But we are also proposing something a bit different, hoping to inspire your prayer life:

Pro-Life Rosary Prayer Intentions

The Joyful Mysteries
The Annunciation:
For parents facing an unexpected pregnancy, that they lovingly accept the precious life God has entrusted to their care.

The Visitation:
That the family and friends of expectant parents might reach out and support them as they prepare to meet their child face to face.

The Nativity:
That the love of the Blessed Mother and the Christ Child may be a source of strength for every expectant mother, especially mothers living in poverty, and that they both will be surrounded by joy and love.

The Presentation:
That fathers of young children will model St. Joseph in devoutly practicing their faith, so that they lead their children to God by their words and example.

The Finding of Jesus in the Temple:
For all children who have been lost and forgotten, that they may be led to a place where they are treasured, protected and loved.

The Luminous Mysteries
The Baptism of Jesus in the River Jordan:
That all baptized Christians will be open to the Holy Spirit and bear witness to the sanctity of life.

The Wedding Feast at Cana:
For all husbands and wives, that they treasure the priceless gift of married love by generously accepting children through procreation and adoption.

The Proclamation of the Kingdom of God:
That those who pray and work for greater respect for human life will be guided by the Beatitudes and reveal the face of Christ to others.

The Transfiguration:
That our world will be transfigured by the witness of faithful Christians so that all may understand the priceless value of every human being.

The Institution of the Eucharist:
That through our worthy reception of the Eucharist and frequent Eucharistic Adoration, Jesus will teach us to love sacrificially the least and neediest among us.

The Sorrowful Mysteries
The Agony in the Garden:
For all who are suffering from abandonment or neglect, that compassionate individuals will come forward to offer them comfort and aid.

The Scourging at the Pillar:
That the victims of violence, torture and slavery will be delivered from their suffering, find healing and know that God is close to them.

The Crowning with Thorns:
That the persecution of Christians will end in a new era of tolerance and respect for the religious freedom and conscience rights of all.

The Carrying of the Cross:
For all who labor under burdens that seem too great to bear—due to illness, age, poverty, cruelty or injustice—that our prayers and aid will lighten their crosses.

The Crucifixion:
For an end to the death penalty and for the release of all prisoners of conscience and all who have been wrongfully convicted.

The Glorious Mysteries
The Resurrection:
For all who have lost loved ones, and especially for parents of a child who was miscarried, aborted or stillborn, that they will find peace in the promise of the Resurrection.

The Ascension:
For all who struggle with addictions, that through Christ’s triumph and ascent into glory, they may triumph over their temptations, and gain strength and peace.

The Coming of the Holy Spirit:
That the Holy Spirit will open the minds and hearts of those who now reject the Gospel of Life and allow them to be convinced of the truth and goodness of all that the Church professes concerning human life.

The Assumption of Mary:
For mothers who have died at the hands of abortion providers, that they may experience reconciliation and together with their children know God’s peace.

The Coronation of Mary:
For all mothers, that they might come to know the wonder of their vocation.

This and more on USCCB website

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29 thoughts on “Pro-Life Rosary Prayer Intentions

  1. I use, even though I am a Calvinist Protestant, (John Calvin DID owe a tremendous debt to Augustine of Hippo.). I like how you have applied the mysteries of the Rosary to the issue of concern for the preborn vulnerable. I think that even we who do not agree with the veneration of Mary can see a lot of merit in contemplating the mysteries – joyful, luminous, sorrowful, and glorious. BTW, I recommend the film “Gosnell” for its portrayal of the practice of abortion, although even pro-choicers might be baffled by the figure of Dr. Kermit Gosnell.

    • The Rosary is the prayer of the Gospels and exactly what Our present world needs to overcome the the evils of abortion ,assisted suicide or euthanasia..
      The Rosary is more than veneration to Our Blessed mother it is a prayer that honors her son our Lord Jesus Christ as we contemplate the sacred mysteries of his life ,passion ,crucixion, death and resurrection.
      Deacon Joseph

  2. Thank you for the Pro Life Rosay, it will be so easy now to just open it up & say the Rosary. I ‘ve been saying my Divine Office for over 30 years & this site has given me so much joy. To be able to just click on it & have it said with someone is extra special. Thank you & God bless your ministry & provide the funds necessary to keep it going. Pax et Bonum. Dolores,OFS

  3. Dear Divine Office

    Thank you for providing these Prayer Intentions to us.
    Thank You God for Your Great Mercy to women who
    Have had abortions and are living with the guilt … my
    Confessor said to give my baby a name ….

  4. Lord God Jesus Christ we ask you to intercede for all of humanity and make each one of us realize, through the Holy Spirit, the Sanctity of Life. You are alive in every human being, and the death – body, mind or soul – of ANY one of us should be of CONCERN to the entire world community. Let us pray that we can work together for this!

    Let all of us do our part for Divine Intervention!

  5. Kindly pray for me and my family as I begin my retirement as
    a deacon. Please pray with me that our Lord Jesus calls me to continued service, strengthening and envigorating my commitment to prayer. One of the great treasures in our Judeo-Christian tradition is the realization that Life is a Sacred and Precious Gift from God. The Scriptures proclaim this loudly to the world and whisper it tenderly to the Heart.

  6. Bless you for your ministry . Please post an address that I can donate a check to. Don’t like to use credit cards. I had the address but have misplaced it.
    May God continue to bless you all!

    • Baryr, so happy you have found Catholicism, the Truth! I believe war comes under second Sorrowful Mystery, “scourging at the pillar”, when it addresses victims of violence. God bless your faith with courage!

  7. Let us all remember to pray for all of these wonderful people who make tbis website available for us. Every morning when we open it up say one prayer so they will be blessed by each one of us.

  8. In this website, are you going to have a recording of the entire rosary (all four mysteries) prayed in group sometime in the future – so that we too can join you reciting it anytime?

  9. Thank you for providing this information. In Guam, the island used to be 95% Roman Catholic and were practicing in Sunday mass attendance, devotions during the week, and devotions to patron saints celebrated at each village. Today, approximately 75% of abortions are Chamorro women. We pray for life at a gathering but attendance does not reflect the cultural faith in days past. These intentions will assist us to really pray for mercy and forgiveness of these related sins against life as God blessed us with.

    • Priscilla, thanks for the information regarding abortions in Guam. I did not know about it. It is my understanding that our government takes care of the Guamanians from ‘cradle to grave’. Just wondering if we are paying for their abortions as well.
      We were there 1969-1971, lived in Dededo and then moved to base housing at Anderson AFB.

  10. I would like to thank you for all your efforts to keep this ministry alive. I pray that you succeed as it is surely in conformity with God’s will. I am sure that many Christians use this well prepared and always up-todate programme. I pray that all obstacles will be overcome and the ministry continues “business as usual” – your sacrifice is not forgotten. God Bless

  11. I would also love to get a copy of this Rosary for life. Please let me know if it is available. Would be great for use during Lent.
    Love, peace and Blessings,
    Rev. Mr. J. Pasqauella

  12. Hello Cynthia and Cathy,
    Thank you for praying with us! The material belongs to USCCB website and can be used, as we did, for community prayer and worship.

    God bless,

  13. Hi. I’d love to reprint these beautiful Pro Life Rosary Intentions for our Cum Christo (Cursillo) online newsletter, THE DOVE (I am the editor). Would you please give me permission?

  14. What a beautiful gift to the importance of life! May I copy and use this Rosary for Life at our Church, as I am the respect life representative for Immaculate Conception Church in Lacon, IL. I am not sure if you have my information at hand, my e-mail is: [email protected] Thank you so much and thank you for your ministry, God Bless, Cathy

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